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Facing problem with unauthorized access to your data? Lock it today with Amitego’s VISULOX Solution Suite designed just for you

Committed to provide flexible, customized and customer oriented solutions to its clients either by itself or by partnering with other companies, Amitego, founded in 2010 is constantly working on its R&D and servicing to equip its customers with the latest innovative infrastructure and technology of the present day.

Amitego’s VISULOX solution suite is the most complete and updated Access Management and Control solution that is available in the market today. It is widely used by customers worldwide across all industries and domain. The VISULOX suite is developed by mitego Engineering GmbH in Germany. The first version was delivered in 2003.

With offices in Europe and Latin America, the company believes that the Customer is supreme for them and provides solutions that can be easily incorporated to any existing infrastructure of the client’s company – without any changes on servers or clients. Its solutions provide strong security and has an added advantage of documentation of all activities of privileged users.

Amitego’s VISULOX suite is preferred by clients from multiple industries who have the dire need of controlling and documenting any kind of remote access or invasion into their private data. Amitego started very successful with the telecommunication industry as the first vertical using VISULOX, which has continued using it over the last decade or possibly more than that. Actually, the company caters to financial institutes, manufacturing, administration and various service providers.

What sets Amitego apart from its counterparts
Success is always achieved by passing through a lot of turmoil, and as the saying goes “nothing comes without challenges”, the same philosophy works for Amitego as well. The biggest challenge faced by the company is that its clients are not at all aware of the risks involved when data is accessed from remote privileged user. Secure connections like VPN do not increase the level of security of their data access, but only leads to fully hidden limitless access to everything. In such circumstances, it takes great patience and struggle to make clients understand this vital point before it happens to them.

As already said Amitego is focused on looking into the individual needs of its customers and that helps them to develop new functions with every changing day and keep themselves updated with the ongoing trends.

The users or customers are handled in a customized way depending on their actual roles and needs and each and every user interaction is centrally recorded which cannot be bypassed in any way. The access of a user can also be treated differently as it wholly depends upon the present location of the user or where he/she is based. An integrated token less 2 Factor authentications makes the management of third party token or smartcard handling administration obsolete, and for more sensitive and intricate actions a software-based enforced 4 eyes principle access is offered. Only when two persons are active and present in their individual locations, the working of the session is made possible. There is total control over any kind of copy pasting or data transfer and breach. Any kind of interaction can be easily detected and understood. It is completely comprehensible.

Future plans
Until 2010, Amitego was known as Toolbox Solutions GmbH (2003 TO 2010). Post this era, the company split up into Amitego AG (Sales and Service) and Amitego Engineering (Development) and the presence of the company was further expanded globally by establishing local presence and development of partner networks.

Today, Amitego is looking to expand its partner network even further; the main agenda being, to provide solutions and services to local customers via these quality partners. Its team is continuously innovating on its product development part and enables customers to take their level of security a step ahead. The company that is already based in Germany, Switzerland and Latin America with own companies as well as its partners is aiming to build and own subs in the US and the gulf region.

The company is guided by its CEO & Founder, Gerd Simon, an ex-officer with the German navy contributing eight years of service to his nation. He has also been a development engineer for Optical Networks at Siemens besides having worked at several other organizations such as Sun Microsystems in Switzerland and Symantec in Central Europe.