October Monthly Special 2022

Factor 8 – An Award-winning representative and manager training built exclusively for virtual sales teams


Managers play one of the most vital, and difficult, roles in an organization. While C-level leaders shape the vision for an organization, managers are the ones that move the organization toward that common vision. They ensure the work gets done, coaching a team with varied personalities and skills to the same end goal, be it happier customers, a product that works a stronger bottom line or all of the above. If that sounds challenging, it’s because it is. Beyond the required technical competencies of their unique positions, managers routinely have to handle budgets, motivate employees, manage conflicts, answer to superiors and deliver results. Yet many managers receive outdated, inadequate training that does little to prepare them for the job — others may receive no training at all. For an enterprise-level organization, proper training and development for employees in management can make all the difference when it comes to your people and even your bottom line.

Factor 8 is one such sales rep and manager training company focused 100 percent on helping sales teams sell in a virtual world. They are a team of expert sales leaders who quit the daily grind so they could spend their time developing people – the favorite part of the job. Together the company has solved the big problem: Sales Reps and Managers are not gaining the skills they need to quickly feel confident and successful long-term. That means they ramp slowly and leave quickly. Factor 8 has made the calls, done the demos, managed the teams, and forecasted the deals. The company has a better way to ensure teams hit higher revenue goals faster.

Virtual Sales Rep Training

Most training on the market today addresses a narrow window of selling: what to do when you’re face-to-face with the decision maker. They need help finding that decision maker, getting them on the phone, and keeping them engaged. Not to mention voicemails, emails, and closing for the next call. Reps don’t become good managers through a one-time workshop. Management training and development is best viewed as a long-term, strategic tool that directly contributes to the health of a company. In the same way your industry or business is always evolving, so are the learning needs of your managers. To keep skills up-to-date and relevant, reps should have access to continuous development programs, such as workforce education, that they can leverage alongside ongoing training. Factor 8 collects baseline sales data and listens to calls to create your custom workshop and integrate the voice of your customer.

The Sales Bar: Award-Winning Custom Curriculum

Pull a seat up at The Sales Bar and get sales skills on tap. Factor 8’s award-winning custom digital sales training curriculum for BDRs, AE’s, Account Managers, and Sales Managers online and available 24/7 on-demand. They are the only online subscription phone sales training that’s focused exclusively on Virtual Sales skills. The company is known for getting new reps to quota faster and giving tenured reps new phone selling skills that get same-day results — like 50% more meetings booked, 13 returned voicemails in two days, and nearly double the sales talk time. They are also known for their Manager Training that teaches them real, tactical job skills like coaching sales calls, running pipeline meetings, conducting sales 1:1’s, and driving sales performance. Factor 8 has created custom sales courses online for every role: BDR/SDR’s, AE’s, Account Managers, Acquisition, Cross Sell/Up Sell, Inbound. Reps learn critical skills like how to get the DM on the phone and how to get to the “yes” faster. The Sales Bar is interactive training that teaches reps and managers on-the-job, tactical skills that move the needle FAST. Reps get access to call recordings that show them what customer engagement sounds like, how to close, and how to overcome brush offs. They also have access to scripts that they can customize and print out. Managers get tons of cheat sheets and quick-hit learning to be the coach they want to be.

Lauren Bailey | Founder & President

A twenty-year veteran of the Inside Sales industry, Lauren has worked as both the Director of Sales and Director of Training while traveling the world to launch Inside Sales teams. Lauren has worked with in-house and outsourced sales teams selling outbound, inbound, via chat, direct, field-teamed, & channel. Her primary industry experience is in IT, Software, and Distribution. Corporate experience & clients include SAP, Sony, Waste Management, Ingram Micro, Grainger, Microsoft & Google. Lauren founded Factor 8 in 2007 and now also Founder of #GirlsClub, an organization committed to getting more women in Sales Management and Leadership.

"We’ve made the calls, done the demos, managed the teams, and forecasted the deals. We get you. We have a better way to ensure teams hit higher revenue goals faster. It’s all we do, and we love it."