50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2021

Figure – Transforming Financial Services through Blockchain Technology


The rapid progress of Blockchain technology is showing no signs of slowing down. In the past few decades, many things that seemed impossible have turned out to be false, such as high transaction fees, double spending, net fraud, retrieving lost data, etc. But, now all this can be avoided with the help of Blockchain Technology. Companies are taking notice of these business benefits and embracing blockchain technology for its wide-reaching possibilities. From manufacturing to healthcare to supply chain and beyond, blockchain has much to offer. Blockchain is certainly exciting and has the potential to transform how many businesses operate, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for every scenario.

Figure is a financial technology company with the mission of leveraging blockchain, AI, and advanced analytics to unlock new access points for consumer credit products that can transform the financial lives of its customers. The company provides home equity release solutions, including home equity lines of credit, home improvement loans and home buy-lease back offerings for retirement. Concurrently, it is building a blockchain protocol for the origination, custody, trading, and securitization of whole loans and other assets.

Revolutionary Blockchain Services Offered for Financial Sector

Home Equity Line: Figure’s application is fast, easy, and all online. No in-person appraisal needed. Get approved in five minutes, all from the comfort of home. Lock in a lower rate with the option to redraw up to 100%. Enjoy no prepayment penalties with optional discounts and origination opportunities to lower your payments (for those who qualify based on credit profile and state where property is located). Borrow up to $250,000 with one-time origination fee. Figure offers the fastest way to turn your home equity into cash for what matters now.

Digital Fund Services: The first end-to-end blockchain solution that combines tools for digital fundraising and ongoing fund management with a primary marketplace for raising capital and a secondary marketplace for trading fund interests. Figure uses blockchain to streamline and digitize processes and reduce time and money spent on services from “trusted helpers.” The Digital Fund Services offering is a comprehensive suite of solutions for non-investment related functions, connected to a marketplace for digitally issued fund interests that offer new avenues for discovery and distribution. Only Figure offers a full suite of services connected to a primary marketplace for capital raising and a secondary marketplace for trading fund interests.

Figure Marketplace: It is a digital financial ecosystem built for the future, available today. Issuers and investors can trade historically illiquid assets - bilaterally, in real-time, and without counterparty or settlement risk. Figure Marketplace connects sellers of private digital assets with a network of institutional and retail investors. Accredited investors can access unique investment opportunities and deal flow. Figure Marketplace supports a full range of digitally issued assets, from loans to fund interests to equity of private companies. Discover, issue, buy, and sell private assets digitally through an easy-to-use blockchain enabled interface.

Asset Management: Accredited investors can access alternative investments managed by a team with a history of outperformance. It is powered by an innovative and transparent blockchain platform.  Figure Asset Management leverages its position in the Provenance blockchain ecosystem for insights and opportunities that drive its unique investment offerings. These funds are offered to accredited investors on Provenance marketplace. Accredited investors can access unique investment opportunities such as private funds, private equity, and more. Explore available funds and set up an Investor Passport for seamless access to future investments.

The Leader Upfront

Mike Cagney, co-founder, serves as the Chief Executive officer of Figure. He is a serial entrepreneur and a macro economist and likes building companies – particularly in financial services. Mr. Cagney is responsible for Figure's consumer products, blockchain strategy and execution, equity capital, and debt capital markets.

“Our mission is to build products that offer unprecedented speed, innovation, and ease, powered by blockchain technology.”