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“From design and development to marketing/PR and post-launch support, you have a partner in us”: Blue Label Labs

thesiliconreview-bobby-gill-cto-&-jordan-gurrieri-coo-blue-label-labs-18“We are experts in designing engaging experiences and creating a seamless mobile commerce experience.”

Headquartered in New York, NY, Blue Label Labs was founded in 2009. A 36-person mobile, tablet, watch, TV and AR/VR app design, development and marketing agency based in New York City and Seattle, Blue Label has Over the last 6 years partnered with entrepreneurs, enterprises, and digital/full-service agencies to build over 100 iOS and Android-based apps.

Platform Portfolio

Android App Development

Developing an app for Android can be a daunting task given the breadth of devices and versions, luckily Blue Label Labs has been building Android apps since 2010. The firm has experience delivering a wide variety of apps across Samsung, HTC, and Nexus tablets and phones. Its app design and development teams are experts in creating eye-catching apps that leverage Google’s Material design aesthetic and is responsive to a wide array of screen sizes. Further, Blue Label understands how to craft an Android app such that it runs flawlessly across different versions of the Android SDK and across device manufacturers. 

iOS App Development

Blue Label Labs is a world-class mobile iOS app design and development agency. Having launched over 100 apps across Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Watch devices, the company is experts at unlocking the power of the Apple platform to enable a wide range of mobile experiences. From immersive touch games such as Word Hack and Orbit Path to mobile banking apps such as LoanBuilder to educational tools like Pico Pocothat help children learn the piano, Blue Label has the technical expertise to bring almost any idea to life on iOS.

Hybrid App Development

While developing a mobile app has come to be seen as a choice between Apple or Google, Blue Label has the capability to deliver cross-platform hybrid apps that run on all mobile platforms. While there are a lot of ideas that require native apps to be built for iOS and Android, Blue Label Labs looks for ways to leverage hybrid app frameworks such as Cordova, React Native and Xamarin when appropriate to make investing in cross-platform capabilities easier.

Blue Label Labs: A One Stops Solution

Video Streaming

Blue Label Labs has extensive experience in creating scalable mobile video networks that leverage user-generated video streams. In 2015, it created Throwstream a social network that lets users create and share video stories with their friends. In 2016, Blue Label partnered with Sploops to launch its mobile app that serves as a streaming video forum for sports fans across the world. Both of these solutions were built on Blue Label Core, its proprietary mobile video streaming platform.

Leveraging cloud technologies such as Amazon’s CloudFront and S3, Blue Label Core enables the easy creation of videos on mobile devices along with lightning fast uploads to the cloud. Furthermore, our platform is able to deliver streaming video experiences to users of our apps seamlessly with little delay and at scale.

Internet of Things

Blue Label Labs is at the forefront of developing new app experiences that leverage current and upcoming IoT enabled devices. In 2015, the company worked with the Bogota International Airport to enable turn-by-turn indoor navigation for visitors to the airport leveraging iBeacon technology.

Virtual Reality

Blue Label is committed to the development of its Virtual Reality practice and is currently creating a set of soon to be released apps built on Google’s Cardboard SDK. The firm is actively looking for opportunities to further develop its VR capabilities and is very interested in partnering with firms that are looking to bring their VR concepts to life.

Clientele Testimonies

“Blue Label Labs understands the mobile industry. They are reliable, meet deadlines, and a friendly group to work with. I gave them my vision for the app, and they developed and designed a beautiful app. I feel like I have a partner, not just a team for hire.”

- Dr. Amos Grunebaum, Founder of BabyMed, Chief of Labor and Delivery at the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center

“Blue Label Labs is a top notch company. They set all of our expectations for the project and met every milestone on-time, as promised.”

- Joseph M. Rukas, CTO at Conner Strong & Buckelew 

“As someone new to the mobile industry, Blue Label Labs was very professional and proactive in guiding us through the development process. We previously worked with another company that wasn’t trustworthy and ended up not knowing how to build mobile apps at all. We will be working with Blue Label Labs as we update our app.”

- Charly Wa, Co-Founder of Skycheckin

The Founding Duo

Bobby Gill, Co-Founder, and CTO: Prior to founding Blue Label Labs, Bobby was a Program Manager at Microsoft within the Servers & Tools division. Together with co-founder Jordan Gurrieri, Bobby co-authored “Appsters: A beginner’s guide to app entrepreneurship”.

At Blue Label Labs, Bobby’s role as CTO entails providing strategic and technical oversight for all apps we produce. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer Science and completed his MBA at Columbia Business School.

Jordan Gurrieri, Co-Founder, and COO: Prior to co-founding Blue Label Labs, Jordan worked in a variety of business process, systems engineer and product management roles within Microsoft. He worked on products like the Hotmail (Outlook), Messenger (Skype) and SkyDrive (OneDrive) mobile and cloud apps.

As COO of Blue Label Labs, Jordan leads all of the strategy, design, product management and operational processes required to deliver highly polished apps on-time and within budget. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer & Electrical Engineering.

“We are a recognized expert and industry leader in Mobile, Tablet, Watch, TV & AR/VR App Design, Development and Marketing.”