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GlobeNet: A Leader in Deployment of New Technology in Subsea Industry

Starting its operations in the year 2003, GlobeNet, a wholesale telecommunications company has carved a niche in providing secure and reliable, low latency data services over a dual ring-protected fiber-optic submarine cable system serving North and South America and becoming independent Int’l carrier’s carrier.

It offers a variety of international data capabilities suitable for carriers and service providers looking to expand their own network infrastructure or support their retail or enterprise customers’ network requirements. In these years GlobeNet owns and operates the submarine cable network that spans more than 23,500 kilometers and measures network availability in excess of 99.99%.

GlobeNet has successfully stamped excellence in subsea industry as a leader in deployment of technology by working closely with their vendors as partners to optimize their network assets. Technologies such as NFV (network functions virtualization) provide an avenue for GlobeNet to continue its offering of infrastructure, combined with connectivity to provide complete solutions to service providers, resulting in CapEx & OpEx savings and in general a better overall service. Advance’s in 100G coherent DWDM technology have breathed new life to their subsea system and enabled GlobeNet to significantly increase the system design capacity.

GlobeNet is an Enabler
An independent Int’l carrier’s carrier, GlobeNet owns and operates the lowest latency and most resilient fiber optic submarine cable system serving the Americas. Building lasting partnerships based on a history of trust, service delivery, and highest quality service allows them to include some of the most relevant carriers, service providers, and OTTs as marquee customers. Owing which their value proposition lies in the reliability of network, which is consistently over 99.99 %, the highest resiliency in the market, Speed of execution: lowest time to deliver in the market, Very experienced technical support staff that can be leveraged by customers, Lowest latency to the financial markets (There is no shorter latency route than GlobeNet’s offering from the New York exchanges to Sao Paulo’s Bovespa).

Through their network, GlobeNet bring their customers and their end users to relevant content. They partner as well with large OTTs as an infrastructure provider, allowing them to leverage expertise in the submarine cable industry.

Carving A Niche
GlobeNet has grown their market shares in all regions they serve, and have not lost any of their marquee customers in 10 years of operations. They are proud of their customer base, representing some of the most relevant Global carriers, all of the largest carriers in our countries of operations and major OTTs.

Client Testimonial
“A leading transport and IP services provider catering specifically to the financial industry, Hudson Fiber Network (HFN) has a need to ‘go beyond the lowest latency,’ and provide the fastest data transmission speeds available today. By selecting GlobeNet as our partner, HFN is able to bring forth these capabilities to customers on a larger, more global scale. GlobeNet’s low and ultra-low latency routes providing service from New York to Brazil allow us to augment our network with the fastest, most reliable connections available between North and South America.”
– Brett Diamond, President of Hudson Fiber Network

Target Customers

  • Service Providers
  • Content Providers
  • CDN’S
  • Financial Institutions

Target Areas

  • Carriers
  • Service Providers
  • Content Providers
  • Video Transport Customers
  • Latency-Sensitive Financial Industry Customrs

The Roadblocks and Challenges Ahead
As an infrastructure provider, Globenet intends to continue to grow, expand their footprint, own infrastructure, and product portfolio to address the changing market demands.

Fortunately, they have built their business by embracing and promoting long-lasting partnership relationships with their customers and 3rd party service providers, thus mitigating some of the risks associated with change.

Vision Ahead
GlobeNet has a vision of acquiring every opportunity market provides, by keeping their focus in the infrastructure niche, exploring diverse verticals (i.e. IP related technologies, services). SDN and Network Function virtualization enabled services, such “Network as a service”, “Bandwidth on demand” are other areas of interest as it will enable them to diversify their offering while staying true to “enabler” identity.

Reach and Independency:
After its acquisition by Brasil Telecom (“Oi”) from 360Americas (360Networks) in 2003, GlobeNet subsea cable system has grown its network reach, capacity, and service offerings to address market demand in Brazil, Bermuda, Colombia, the USA, and Venezuela, establishing itself as a leader in their region. In late 2013, GlobeNet became a totally independent Int’l operator and a portfolio company BTG Pactual, Brazil’s leading investment bank.

Services Offered :

  • International Private Line (IPL) E1/T1, DS3, STM-1 – STM-64
  • Carrier Ethernet 2 Mbps – 10 Gbps,
  • Wavelength Services 10 Gbps
  • IP Transit 50 Mbps – 10 Gbps
  • Additional services include Colocation at Cable Landing Stations and Local Loops

Knowing The Master’s

Erick W. Contag, COO
The Chief Operating Officer, Erick W. Contag brings more than twenty years of sales, marketing, business development, strategy and corporate management expertise to GlobeNet. A degree holder in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tulsa, U.S. and an Executive Engineering Management certification from Instituto de Estudio de Superiores de Administracion (IESA), Contag’s responsibilities include strategic management of the company’s business operations and expansion into new regions. Prior to this position, he has held executive positions in the U.S. and Latin America including founder, President and CEO of DataViz, a leading systems integration firm, CSO/CTO of Simbacom, a wireless service provider, and VP of Engineering for Protokol Sistemas, a leading network Integration firm. In 2011, Contag was awarded the Global Telecoms Business Power 100 Award, an honor bestowed upon the most powerful 100 executives in the telecom industry.

Luiz Alonso, Director of Engineering & Operations
GlobeNet, brings more than twenty-three years of experience in telecommunications engineering, having worked extensively in fixed and mobile communications, transmission, data communications and network management systems. Alonso has worked for several divisions of Oi (formerly Brasil Telecom) since 1990, holding various technical management roles and leading numerous engineering and technical teams. An alumnus of Universidad Federal do Parana, Brazil in Electrical Engineering, Alonso also holds Graduate degrees including a Masters in Project Management from George Washington University and an MBA from Fundacao Getulio Vargas, Brazil. In addition, Alonso completed the Global Telecommunications Management Program at the Thunderbird American Graduate School of International Management.