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Green & Green Estates Incorporated: Helping Homeowners Struggling with the Consequences of a Foreclosure


"Green & Green Estates also help individuals out of debt." 

Daniel Green grew up under circumstances where most people would have simply given up. Homeless at 20, the life ahead looked grim. But that did not stop him. Daniel worked three part-time jobs, slept little to support himself, and put himself through college. He had his eureka moment when he met with a lawyer who introduced him to the issue of foreclosures. Daniel felt that there was an opportunity to be explored which could help the homeless and less privileged.

He founded Green & Green Estates Incorporated to get homeowners back their rightfully owed money. Operating out of South Carolina, Green & Green Estates audits government agencies throughout the country, digging through their public records in search of lost, missing, and unclaimed funds belonging to private citizens. The company has helped people claim hundreds of thousands of dollars so far from the government.

"If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them! Since after a certain period of time elapses, the government may get to keep your funds, it's always best to have professionals on your side," said Daniel Green, Founder and CEO of Green & Green Estates. We recently interviewed him to know more about the company's focus areas and future. Read on for the excerpts from the interview.

Q. What are your focus areas?

Our focus areas are foreclosures and overages. Knowing the cause of foreclosures, we decided to work with these areas of real estate because this is the main problem inside our country. Knowing that we will not be able to solve this issue and that we can only do as much as allowed within the regulations of real estate, our company Green & Green Estates Incorporated said if we can’t solve the issue, we can surely profit from it.

With what we have done so far in the real estate industry, we became more and more a ness of actuality for not just the United States of America, but for the world. As you know, we are a global company doing global business. I know I said we are focusing on foreclosures and overages but we have much more skills and business knowledge. Our corporation can do any kind of real estate business and pursue adventures because that’s the way we set our articles of incorporation when we decided to form Green & Green Estates Incorporated.

We can also help individuals stop foreclosure – meaning, if you are going through a pre-foreclosure, we have the right paperwork to help you get out of pre-foreclosure. You would have to move all of your belongings and move out. But the good thing about our company is that we usually help the owner move to a safe haven – a new place to stay.

We can also provide help in cleaning up the property for $200-$400 depending on how bad the cleanup is. We can do it all here at Green & Green Estates Incorporated. We are here to help and serve others while maintaining our motto 'IF YOU SEE FIT, WE GO GET.'

Q. How skilled is your team at Green & Green Estates? And how do they bring value to the company?

Green & Green Estates Incorporated has a team of college graduates – from master's degree holders down to associate degrees. And not just in the field of real estate but in many different fields because we understand that our clients have needs and we want to cover every aspect of what we are presenting.

Independence is our daily order of operation. How do we do it? We try to keep our clients data updated. We know that if our clients do not know about this opportunity, then they have missed out due to the lack of knowledge on our government.  This makes them more dependent on the government, which can, on the long run, create social unrest and sow seeds between the haves and have-nots. Leaving us wondering about that contribution called 'taxes'.

Green & Green Estates also help individuals out of debt. Meaning we buy debt. We consider ourselves as a small banker. Fixing credit is another option for our company. We love to help individuals. Identify the problem and we come up with the solution – even if we have to reach and connect with someone outside of the office. Our responsibility is to seize the process and determine the ins and outs to help individuals to become a better citizen.

Q. What do you think are the biggest challenges your industry will face in the next five years? And how do you plan to counter those challenges?

The biggest challenge that we will face in the next five years will be a data surge and a lack of help due to our massive foreclosure crisis. The pandemic is our friend and we understand the situation of wanting to solve it. Not to say – lack of help due to employees, but more so a niche where it’s not that much competition. We are growing in our motto and we can expand with our company as the economy gives up. What we need for our company is to win big, bigger, and have better paydays.

Q. About the future, where do you see Green & Green a couple of years from now?

I see Green & Green Estates Incorporated as one of the biggest data storing companies in the near future. I’m saying bigger than Facebook (shall I say Meta). We are also looking forward to growing our own business (New Found Money) and a big data company which has the potential of power, opportunities, and racing functionalities of a state-of-mind and hurricane alleys.

In this world, data brings power. Power brings money. Money brings more opportunities. We are not called Green & Green for nothing. It is because we believe that there is green, no matter what side of the company you need help from. Loans are one of our best business opportunities because as you know, everyone falls short of a little green in savings.

About the Leader

Daniel Green, Founder and CEO  Daniel has emerged from the clutches of homeless shelter to become one the most respected entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.  An incredibly driven individual, he leads a great team of money professionals who helping Americans get their money back from the government.

"Loans are one of our best business opportunities because as you know, everyone falls short of a little green in savings."