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Helping you Transform and Modernize your Business through it Financial Services: ieDigital


A Flexible Platform for the Changing Shape of Money

Every good business transformation begins with knowing who to work with. ieDigital does this with humility. The company thrives on learning and adapting to change, which provides it with insight and inspiration to create digital solutions for financial services providers. The firm’s digital platform, coupled with its technical expertise and deep industry knowledge, has allowed the company to leverage emerging technologies to create solutions that help shape the success of its clients. Through its efforts, it seeks to change financial services. ieDigital is a visionary, because it continually looks to the future, seeking out business challenges and opportunities.

From Local to Global

After reaching a certain point where heritage plays a large part in who you are as a business, and how you operate and develop relationships. At the very core of ieDigital, there is a passion and belief in the power and potential of technology, and the company has been actively involved in this sector for many years, making technology simpler to use, safer to use, and smarter for all of its customers, especially in financial services.

It began in a small office in London when a handful of passionate, dedicated people formed a company called Intelligent Environments. From the outset, the objective was to embrace simplicity, see through the eyes of the customer, and push the boundaries of innovation.

The focus of the business revolved around domotics, otherwise known as home automation. When the 1990s arrived, ieDigital laid the groundwork for becoming a specialist provider of digital software. The company’s objectives are to - stay simple, stay focused on the customer, and stay innovative.

ieDigital’s team of talented, passionate innovators has grown to more than a hundred people, and its HQ in London is now a big sister to a new office in Brisbane, Australia.

How the Company is Different

Many years have passed since that handful of early entrepreneurs founded the company, and the firm is pleased to have been actively involved with innovation over the years.

ieDigital is the world’s first developer of an internet of things banking platform, the creator of the world’s first emoji passcode, the first online credit card solution in the UK market, the first transactional mobile banking solution in the UK (with Orange and Barclaycard), and developer of the first smartwatch banking app. The company’s love of innovation, its love of simplicity in the face of increasing digital complexity, and the love of the people will forever stay.

ieDigital’s Solutions

The banking industry is facing some of its most profound challenges, and success lies in recognizing the opportunities that lay ahead.

It’s a time of incredible change, with advances in technology dictating the present and future of how people interact with their finances.

ieDigital’s Interact digital platform enables its customers to react to rapidly evolving market challenges, regardless of whether you’re a retail or commercial bank, a credit union, an insurance provider or a debt recovery organization. By supporting your business transformation, its financial software solutions will help you increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk.

Software Architecture

The Interact Platform comprises Business Features, Services and Frameworks.

The Business Features provide end-user functionality, with Features designed to deliver a superb experience to your customers and employees. Business Features run on the Interact Platform. The Services provide the standard utilities that are used by all Features; code Frameworks provide reusable functions within a Feature.

Each Business Feature includes Web, Mobile and Integration Templates that are used to configure the Business Feature to a client’s specific requirements. All Services and Features interoperate through standard APIs.

The web and mobile templates are white-labelled; they can be configured with your brand and customer experience designs. The templates can also be extended to meet your unique business requirements. You can also choose to develop your own Business Features to run on the Platform.

The Modular Approach

ieDigital thinks one can be a more efficient, productive and relevant business if one reinvent the way one approaches modern financial services.

In order to be truly useful and innovative as a customer-centric organization, it makes more sense to be a sum of parts rather than a large, integrated business that perhaps focuses on markets that are no longer beneficial.

The company has built Interact to augment the modular approach so that you can focus on building each service with the customer journey firmly in mind. With a modular approach, you can simplify processes and scale your innovation goals to create user experiences that will delight and engage your customers.

The Head of the Company

Jerry Young, CEO:

Jerry Young joined ieDigital as CEO at the end of 2017, bringing more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services and software sectors.

“We are now shaping the future with smarter solutions for financial services and by meeting our customers’ needs.”