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HEALTH FOR ALL ( Offering a cloud based healthcare information delivery platform


“Only a life lived in service to others is worth living” – Albert Einstein

Health is an important asset for human beings. Living a healthy disease free lifedepends on one’s lifestyle, the preventive check-ups, availability of skilled medical professionals & hospitals.

To achieve the goal of a healthy world, Health for All (‘’) has launched a Digital Healthcare ecosystem which enables healthcare providers & patients to engage with each other for medical services, improve healthcare service delivery & cost efficiencies. It offers greater control to patients over their health using the digital health wallet. The platform is the brainchild of HFA Solutions Pvt Ltd, a company based out of Mumbai. HFA has been in the market since 2014 and is in expansion phase currently.

In Conversation with Ravi Shanker Ghosh, CEO

How did the idea about HFA originate?
In 2010, I was making umpteen numbers of visits to specialists, hospitals and labs across multiple cities for one of my family members. That offered me great insights on the challenges faced by the healthcare industry from the end user perspective. Also, Anil (Co- Founder) was part of several IT projects on automation and had ample experience in public health. Our combined insights helped us in putting the Health For All framework for an integrated digital ecosystem which connects
providers & patients.

Our mission is to make healthcare more accessible, better and cheaper for patients through our digital platform.

How is HFA solving real world problems?
In India, over 40% of healthcare providers are focussed in urban areas. This is creating an imbalance in the patient-bed-specialist ratio and also in tier II, III & IV towns. Low automation reduces their capacity to deliver faster, reliable & qualitative service to a large population. That is where HFA is helping Hospitals, Diagnostics, Doctors and other care providers in expanding their horizon and availability to a large population.

Radiologists are able to access X-Ray, Scans & other reports to confer a diagnosis for a remote patient without compromising on his daily routine. A Pathologist can share critical test reports or results over Smartphones for early intervention of clinicians at the right time.

Similarly, HFA helps a specialist doctor to view a patient’s medical history online, offer his expert opinion & generate reports thus serving a larger population.

Hospitals are able to improve their capacity utilizations by improving their online presence, managing their OPD & IPD admissions & billing. Their regulatory practices have improved after using HFA’s Patient Health Records.

A patient has a complete platform at his disposal right from choosing the best possible preventive health plan, creating his own health profile, managing his family health to accessing credentials of multiple healthcare providers.

What are the core offerings for your customers?
We have two types of customers. One of them is the Healthcare Provider segment which is the B2B segment and the other is Patients who use these services which is the B2C segment. HFA has products & services for both these segments.

HFA Digital Lab serves all mid-size & small labs in expanding their services to multi-collection or processing centres. It is an end to end product offering – right from test registration, interfacing of lab machines to two step authentication & report generation. All processes of lab operations are taken care by the Digital Lab. It provides owners with better insights on capacity utilizations, error rates, and state of finances thereby offering economies of scale without compromising on service quality to its users.

The Digital Hospital enables hospitals & clinics to create their digital profiles. The profiles enable them to inform users about available facilities, consulting doctors and specialties. Users can book appointments whereas the staff can control admissions in a better way by keeping track of them, raise reminders to doctors & patients, and manage billing & collection. It has got an inbuilt document management system for storage and digitization of patient’s medical records. Consultants can also view Patient Medical records & access their patient’s clinical history. They can refer other consultants & connect with labs & pharmacies through a simple click.

Digital Health Walletcan be used across all HFA networked hospitals, clinics & laboratories. Using this wallet, users can create personal and family members’ health profiles, book appointments, add past medical records in a digitized way and continue getting updates from providers. Patients can book tests online and ask for sample collection from their homes. They can set a reminder service for next check-up visits, Vaccinations, alerts on Medication, etc. They can select a health check-up plan that would suit their needs & budget.

Using Health-Marketplace services, users can get preventive health check-up plans of their choices & needs. Free medical guidance & knowledge will be meted out to them via medical consultants. They can also opt for sample collection at home or avail certain consultation services. A Corporate benefits from these services by getting a consolidated view of their employees’ health across multiple parameters.

You mentioned corporate, how can corporate benefit from HFA?
We provide an end to end health platform which offers multiple benefits to corporate customers. HR’s will have complete health check-up & profiles of employees prepared with the support of our networked labs & hospitals. The biggest value addition is the benefits enjoyed by employees. The digitized health records will be available throughout their lifetime and therefore they can enjoy various privileges in case of any future health check-ups or tests conducted at labs.

We recently executed health check-up and digital profile creation for 20,000 employees for a large government organization. The project was executed successfully within a span of 45 days in multiple locations with the help of our partners.

Tell us about your Clientele. Why will they choose HFA over its competitors?
Our customers are small & mid-size providers who are ready to take the next leap with HFA Digital Way in improving their productivity, efficiency and marketing abilities. These customers are as great as specialists in pathological or radiological or hospital workings. However, they need support in the digital world wherein they are able to extend their goal of serving more with the same zeal. So far, more than 500 B2B customers are using our platform & services.

Three things that sum up why we are better than our competitors –

  1.  The functional & business aspects of our solutions serve the complete needs of our customers.
  2.  Our flexible business models enable our customers to reduce cost pressures as well as improve revenues.
  3. Our team is dedicated to personalized support, ownership & accountability.

In short, we are a one stop platform for all the digital healthcare related needs of our customers.

Can you highlight some of the achievements of HFA?
Our platform is used to generate & deliver more than 7500+ test reports every day and is managing more than 5000 patient registrations on a daily basis.

More than 35,000 patient users are actively using the platform for monitoring their health condition on day to day basis.

Can you give us an insight on HFA’s current growth and funding?
HFA is growing very exponentially in the B2B segment and boasts of a profound customer base. In the current Financial Year, we have achieved 100% of half yearly targets and look forward to reach two crores in revenues.
We are currently borrowing funds from directors as well as using debt as a way to fund our requirements. To achieve our next milestones, we are actively seeking equity investors wherein the investment will be used for marketing & expansion plans to other cities.

What have you planned for company’s future?
Our vision is to create a health record repository that will help users throughout their life cycle. As having tested its success in the Mumbai market, we are expanding the company’s services into 10 major cities and metros and achieve a customer base of around 100K as health wallet users within this Financial Year. We are launching an app version of the platform as well as expanding its bouquet of services by adding more features for our stakeholders.

Knowing the Key Executives


Ravi Shanker Ghosh, Co- Founder & CEO
Ravi comes with a core experience across the Start-up environment in Singapore and other geographies. He is responsible for Retail Strategy, Product, Technology & Delivery.


Anil Kale, Co-Founder
Anil comes with diverse exposure across Industry domains & International Markets for last 22 years. At HFA, he is responsible for Business Planning, Sales & Operations.

“We provide Healthcare Information Delivery of the Right Person at the Right Time, and to the Right Person”