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Trusted Caregivers Providing Seniors and Families with Exceptional In-Home Care: Home Helpers® Home Care


While aging is inevitable, more than 70% of seniors have not planned how they want to live as they age, according to the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. The challenge of planning for the unknown is a common barrier. The other – the unwillingness to consider how much health will determine independence.

As more than 10,000 people per day turn 65, this next generation of seniors has consistently challenged the status quo and are looking for better options for the later years than were available for their parents.

The desire to live independently, not rely on adult children, and the prosperity many in this generation experienced is redefining how and where we age. As a result, the most sought option now is in-home care. This option allows one to age in the comfort of their own home and can be a more affordable long-term solution when compared to restrictive assisted living environments. In recent years, we can notice home care providers have continued to evolve and expand to meet the growing needs of seniors. In the case of Home Helpers® Home Care, this has meant expanding their offering to meet the needs across the aging continuum, from early-on to later stages. Their comprehensive care program has created exceptional success, including personal care and companionship, medication adherence and reminders, assistance with daily activities of life and nutrition, and meal planning.

There are many service providers in this space, both domestically and globally, but Home Helpers® Home Care stands out from the rest. “What makes Home Helpers® Home Care unique is our ability to create a care plan that meets the client’s needs today and can change and evolve as needs change. Our Caregivers provide care as simple as a couple of hours a week of companionship – and more extensive support from bathing, housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation. We even offer technology solutions to help with medication reminders or emergency response. Adapting to the new demands of seniors has created an opportunity for Home Helpers to work with people on both sides of the care continuum, shared CEO & President Emma Dickison.

Seniors aren’t the only ones for whom Home Helpers provides care. Those recuperating from illness or surgery, new and expectant mothers, and people with chronic conditions all benefit from the independence Home Helpers can help clients retain. The company’s mission is to be the most trusted provider of home care services that allow aging loved ones to live a more independent life in their home for as long as safely possible. Founded in 1997, Home Helpers is headquartered in Blue Ash, Ohio.

In a conversation with Emma Dickison, CEO & President of Home Helpers® Home Care, we learn more about the essential business of caring.

Q. If assisted living is so expensive, how can in-home care be a cost-efficient model – when care now you’re bringing care to someone’s home?

Actually, in-home care is one of the most affordable care options compared to facility-based care. Additionally, it provides care in a one-to-one care setting, which is the safest environment, especially in this pandemic environment. Services are paid through a variety of means. These can include private pay, long-term care insurance, Medicare Advantage, Veterans Aid, and Attendance benefits. Some services are funded through the state for individuals with unique qualifications.

Q. The needs and level of dependence of an older adult vary so much. How can one resource support such a great degree of customization?

You’re right. What each person needs is genuinely unique. That’s why we perform a free in-home care assessment for anyone who thinks in-home care might be an option for them. This assessment helps us determine what the client can do on their own, where they would benefit from assistance, and develop a unique care plan that can adapt as situations change. We want our clients to do as much as they can safely, then we can bridge their capabilities with services to keep them independent and safe.

Q. How do you train Home Helpers’ Agency Owners to provide Exceptional Care?

All new agency owners go through a rigorous training program occurring in-the-field and in our headquarters. Through Home Helpers’ comprehensive training program, we develop our agencies’ owners’ abilities in each of the business’s core areas – Finance, Operations, Marketing and Recruiting, Recognizing and Retaining Exceptional Staff. After owners “graduate,” they continue their education through the support of our onboarding team and our Home Helpers University Curriculum. In the first two years of their operations, owners continue with personalized support and coaching from our onboarding team. As their business continues to grow, they benefit from both having a dedicated Performance Coach to help them optimize their business and, through our Growth Group program, facilitating owners to help each other manage their growth.

Q. There are many heartfelt stores of Caregivers and their patients developing solid friendships. What is your view on the movement toward building a culture that combines both caregiving and companionship?

It is only natural that clients and Caregivers form close bonds. I believe it stems from the dignity that our Caregivers can give our clients in addition to their expertise. As a part of the family’s care team, our Caregivers earn the respect of the whole family, and the entire family realizes the benefits of their care. These relationships with clients and families are some of the most cherished aspects of our Caregivers careers.

Q. How customizable are your services? What factors impact the cost of your care?

Home Helpers’ Care Plans are individualized based on each client’s needs and are reviewed frequently to ensure the client is safe and supported. If care needs change, we adjust the care plan accordingly. The most significant factor in the cost is how much support a client needs. However, round-the-clock care at home can still be more affordable than residential programs. So, take the time to meet with our agencies and learn how we can help. Always share any worries or budgetary concerns with our agencies so they can give you the best support as you make your decision.

Q. How do you market your services?

We utilize several channels to market our services. Locally relationships with referral partners are imperative. This includes healthcare professionals and trusted advisors – like wealth managers and estate planning professionals. Nationally, lead generation digital marketing and a lead capturing website are cornerstones of our flagship brand. Public relations and social media help share more about Home Helpers nationally.

Q. How does Home Helpers continue to innovate in the Home Care Industry?

We just launched our new Cared-4 Comprehensive Care Program in late 2020. It provides a broader continuum of care in the home and unlike anything else offered in the industry. It combines traditional in-home caregiving with technology monitoring solutions, wellness check calls, meals, and nutrition support. By providing this comprehensive offering, we can keep clients safely independent at home for even longer now!

Q. What does the future hold? Are exciting things on the way?

Yes! Many tailwinds continue to propel our strong growth. At Home Helper® Home Care, we will continue to innovate – launching new services that enable our clients’ independence.

Meet the leader behind the success of Home Helpers® Home Care

Emma Dickison is the CEO & President of Home Helpers® Home Care. Dickison’s experience has propelled iconic franchise brand including Blockbuster, Sylvan Learn and Home Helpers® Home Care to the top of their respective industries. Under her leadership, Home Helpers has realized more than 14 years of record-breaking growth. She has been recognized with numerous awards for leadership, innovation and service, most recently as one of the Top 20 Women Influencing Franchising. She is a Certified Franchise Executive and a Certified Senior Advisor.

“At Home Helpers® Home Care the industry’s most comprehensive care program. This ensures your loved one is always cared for. With 24/7 emergency response, meal and nutrition planning, wellness and reminder calls, and of course, exceptional care.”