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Committed of deliver the best cloud infrastructure service experience in the industry: HostedBizz


Integrated technology solutions for manufacturing are designed to improve business performance from the shop floor to the bottom line. These integrated technologies can deliver a wide range of benefits while minimizing system integrations and software customization complexities. Increased competition, especially from low-cost overseas manufacturers, makes cost reduction an essential requirement for today's manufacturers. Integrated manufacturing systems that provide enhanced cost control and visibility for all business processes can improve productivity. An integrated system will include ERP and CRM capabilities that can improve customer interactions and speed up sales processes.

HostedBizz is a Canadian-based and Canadian-hosted integrated technology solutions provider for small and medium-sized businesses. Its suite of hosted, business-critical, IT applications, and managed services remove the technical challenges and reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and application ownership. The company's services easily scale with your organizational needs from hosted applications and services from virtual servers and desktops to hosted email and mobile marketing applications. It hosts these applications within Canadian data centers to comply with Canadian privacy laws. HostedBizz removes technology management's burden and reduces the cost of ownership to a predictable monthly expense, turning your technology costs into investments.

Path-breaking solutions and services offered by HostedBizz

HBS3 Object Storage: HBS3 provides organizations with the ability to break through the capacity barrier and extend their data protection and archiving strategies to the HostedBizz All Canadian Cloud. Leveraging HBS3 Object Storage for the off-site backup and archival requirements removes the burden and cost of managing on-premise storage infrastructure (disk or tape). None required as HostedBizz fully manages this. Future-Proofing – S3 objects are an industry standard, accessed via standard HTTPS interfaces allow simple migration of data in and out of the HBS3 Object environment.

Disaster Recovery: HostedBizz accommodates backups every 15 minutes, and individual data changes are captured in real-time. With HostedBizz, you can retrieve or recover data from any virtual, physical, or bare metal server. Its backup solutions automatically create a backup, including system states, applications, files, and folders to the cloud and fully restore your server within seconds. Its backup solutions are retrievable via your online portal. Stop worrying about data loss – start focusing on your business. With HostedBizz, backups automatically occur based on backup policies, without ongoing administration. You can set automated backups multiple times per day with a secure and compliant server and desktop backups. It is optimized for desktop and laptop computer protection. It offers a simple one-click client install to support Windows and macOS machines.

Hosted Anti-Spam: It comes with double antivirus protection, including Bit Defender and Clam AV engines with both inbound and outbound mail is scanned for viruses. Content Control can be managed by an administrator or at the user level. LDAP, Dynamic, and aliases file recipient verification with SASL authentication and advanced features for outbound mail scanning and routing is available. IP protection control with Real-time scanning of all inbound emails to detect header anomalies, spoofing, and suspect email body content is available. As well as harboring viruses, inbound email can contain links to exploited websites and websites built to conduct phishing campaigns. HostedBizz Anti-Spam blocks thousands of viruses daily, preventing this malware from reaching the end-user.

Professional Services: HostedBizz consulting provides expertise in designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud IT solutions. Its customized services address your requirements for reliability, security, performance, scalability, and flexibility so you can be free from the hassle of IT. The firm takes care of planning and provisioning for physical and virtual server migrations and disaster recovery. It allows for secure data seeding and transfer of data to online backup. Co-location migration planning is built-in when required. The company also designs best-in-class solutions and help migrate your business onto its enterprise-grade cloud while you focus on the activities integral to your business success. The customized services address your requirements for reliability, security, performance, scalability, and flexibility. It also helps customers see ROI from their Cloud investment.

Meet the pre-eminent leader

Paul Butcher is the Co-founder of HostedBizz. He has over 30 years of experience in various leadership roles in Hi-Technology. He held the post of President and Chief Operating Officer of Mitel Networks Corporation from 2001 to 2011. Mitel was the largest Canadian IPO for a decade when the company went public in 2010. Mr. Paul also served as President at Maplesoft Group, an IT integrator, and has held numerous advisory and board positions. More recently, Paul co-founded HostedBizz, a cloud IT Company. Paul is a graduate of Reading College of Technology in the U.K.

“We are a Cloud Provider built on the commitment of delivering the best cloud infrastructure service experience in the industry.”