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Ideal Integrations – Combining cutting edge innovations with a creative and skilled team of engineers to deliver customized technology solutions


Network designing and Cloud computing is the next generation of data storage, software, and IT infrastructure management. With cloud computing, you can quickly increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. This makes the technology more cost-efficient than other options.

Ideal Integrations is one such a regional IT solutions organization serving the Pittsburgh market past from 15 years. The company was founded on the idea that the only thing that should be cookie-cutter in this world is the cookies. The team of passionate technology experts tests and customizes each solution before recommending it to their clients. Embracing the IT industry, the specific challenges facing business, and understanding the goals allows the firm to deliver completely customized solutions for their client organization. The company wants to align themselves to be valued, strategic partner by their customers. Its solutions include storage, virtualization, network design, and monitoring, fiber connectivity, security, and cloud offerings.   Integrity is one of the core values of Ideal Integrations. The company believes that giving back to our community is a part of that professional integrity. As a company, Ideal Integrations sponsor many events and fundraisers benefiting regional groups. They are also always looking for new ways to integrate into this area and support the community that has always supported them.

Partnering with the best IT organizations

Ideal Integrations work closely with industry leaders to deliver the best product to their clients. Ideal Integrations partners have to pass a rigorous testing program by the firm's engineers' team to ensure their products meet the Ideal Integrations standards. By becoming the client first, Ideal Integrations gain a first-hand understanding of how components will impact our clients.

Ideal Solutions provided by Ideal Integrations

At Ideal Integrations, they believe that there is not a single IT infrastructure solution for every client. The firm understands and appreciates that all businesses are unique, even if they operate within similar industries.

Cloud Computing: Ideal Integrations has design and cloud hosting services that provide reliable and fast internet bandwidth, Ethernet connectivity, and power.  The public cloud solutions remove complex maintenance and high facility costs or augment your existing private cloud infrastructure with our hybrid cloud solutions. They provide traditional colocation solutions to host physical equipment and legacy applications in a managed and monitored data center. Cloud technology gives you access to more powerful IT solutions that provide your company with a competitive edge without requiring a significant amount of time or monetary investment.

Infrastructure Maintenance & Monitoring: Network maintenance and monitoring are essential to your IT infrastructure and your business' productivity. As part of the design and implementation of a complete IT infrastructure solution, Ideal Integrations provides maintenance, monitoring, and repair of your systems.  It proactively works with its customers to find and correct small issues before they become significant problems. The real-time monitoring package alerts any potential failures or concerns and can automatically fix specific issues.

Ideal Integrations quickly evaluates your issues and offer targeted solutions to meet your specific IT needs. The engineers will be keeping an eye out for you and ensuring that all components of your internal infrastructure are working optimally. Ideal Integrations technology provides one with access to more powerful IT solutions that give a company a competitive edge without requiring substantial investments of time and money.

Virtual Infrastructure: A virtual infrastructure reduces costs and allows your systems to respond faster. Virtualization provides benefits such as server consolidation, disaster recovery, business continuity, and a test environment. The technology creates a layer of abstraction between the computing, storage, and networking of your company's hardware and software.

Fiber Connectivity: Ideal Integrations high-speed fiber offers a cost-effective, efficient way to connect your organization to the internet. The customization available when using fiber to connect helps you maximize revenue and address daily business challenges.

Network Implementations: Ideal Integrations creates and maintains the proper IT network implementations for business. The firm approaches network design by first capturing a full picture of business' needs and wants and then building a fully functioning, customized, secure, and long-lasting network environment that combines hardware with design within budget. Plus, the engineers work behind the scenes, so there is little disruption to r day-to-day business productivity.

Community Involvement: Integrity is one of the core values of Ideal Integrations. The firm believes that giving back to the community is a part of professional integrity. As a company, they sponsor many events and fundraisers benefiting regional groups. It always looks up for new ways to integrate into this area and support the community that has always supported them.

Mee the leader behind the triumph of Ideal Integrations

Michael Stratos is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ideal Integrations. With over 25 years of computer infrastructure and security experience, Mr. Michael is more than an average CEO; he is invested in every aspect of Ideal Integrations and acts as a sales engineer.

"We find effective solutions to your business challenges through strategy, technology, and decades of business savvy."