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Innovating the IaaS market place with its desktop to data center solutions: ANEXIO

thesiliconreview-anthony-pompliano-ceo-anexio-2017Traditionally, organizations met their growing IT needs by investing in more capital equipment. Today, the competitive market keeps on demanding improvements in quality of service despite the growing numbers of users and applications. At the same time, the challenging economic environment has increased pressure on IT departments to minimize expenses. The convergence of those trends with other advances of the last several years has made it possible to take infrastructure outsourcing to a new level. Building on the foundation of managed services such as colocation, networking, storage, disaster recovery, virtual desktops and managed voice, Infrastructure as a Service has emerged as an easily deployed service that enables companies to flexibly and cost-effectively anticipate and evolve with their customers’ rapidly changing business requirements. 

And one such company that is transforming the IT industry with Desktop to Data Center solutions is ANEXIO, led by President and CEO Tony Pompliano ANEXIO solutions are designed specifically for customers seeking a smooth transition from legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

Tony Pompliano background

Tony Pompliano is the president and CEO of ANEXIO, the leading “Desktop to Data Center” infrastructure-as-a-service company. Pompliano has more than three decades of experience as a leader in the IT industry. He is an expert in cloud and data center technology management, mergers and acquisitions and ramping revenue at early stage companies. Tony has a proven track record of increasing revenue faster than industry rates, expanding EBITDA and growing market share for technology companies.

ANEXIO Acquisitions

ANEXIO has made five acquisitions in four years. The company has a three-year compounded annual growth rate of 127 percent. Each acquisition has been profitable day one and has expanded ANEXIO’s customer base, market reach and technology footprint. 


ANEXIO is transforming the IT industry with Desktop to Data Center solutions designed specifically for customers seeking a smooth transition from legacy IT environments to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. The company’s Mission Critical Infrastructure strategy is anchored by eight Tier III SOC-2 certified data centers, an IT solutions center and a nationwide IP Network. ANEXIO’s offerings include colocation, networking, Cloud services, storage, disaster recovery, Managed IT and Managed VoIP. Every ANEXIO product and service is backed up by United States-based customer support. 

The idea behind ANEXIO

Tony got the idea to start ANEXIO as the result of studying how to better serve the emerging IT needs of mid-market customers. He saw the technology transformation that was occurring as companies moved from premise-based solutions to a data center or cloud solution. ANEXIO has found mid-market success by being very efficient, very customer responsive and by offering Managed IT Services that customers value. 

CEO Inspiration

Tony loves what he does. The massive IT upheaval occurring in the industry today has inspired him to build a company that helps mid-market companies safely transition from their legacy IT environment to a more efficient and secure hybrid infrastructure. Customer satisfaction fuels everything that ANEXIO does. 

ANEXIO Market Focus

ANEXIO is focused on the mid-market enterprise space. These are firms that are sophisticated technology users. They typically have a CIO and/or a CTO and they use technology not only to keep the lights on, but also to generate revenue and service their own customers. 

The ANEXIO Success Formula

The company is successful because they constantly listen to their customers. They are laser focused on quickly solving customer IT challenges with their portfolio of purpose-built solutions. ANEXIO’s customer-first strategy enabled them to achieve their 2017 revenue goal four months early. Internally, the company maintains a dashboard of performance metrics that have enabled them to grow profitably, while remaining very agile and efficient. 

ANEXIO Growth Strategy

ANEXIO is driven to be the leading provider of mission critical Managed IT Services, offering a complete “Desktop to Data Center” product portfolio to mid-market customers. The company will continue to grow through acquisitions, but only when the transaction is profitable and accretive day one. Direct and channel sales play a key role in ANEXIO’s growth. They recently announced a new ANEXIO Advantage Channel Partner program which rewards partners who extend ANEXIO’s reach into the marketplace. For a limited time, all ANEXIO ADVANTAGE partners will receive 100 percent of first month revenue on all deals they close, two-years or longer, in addition to their standard monthly commission. 

Corporate insights

Tony believes that ANEXIO’s people are the company’s biggest asset. He hires people who know how to deliver the best customer experience possible. People at ANEXIO thrive in the company’s hyper-scale, supersonic IT environment. Tony finds and hires people who excel in a constantly changing landscape. The ability to multi-task is key. He knows how to establish and reinforce ANEXIO’s culture, hire the right people at the right time, measure everything, celebrate the wins and learn from the losses. 

Initial Challenges

Tony says that new challenges are a constant part of every business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or a 100-year-old industry leader, every company has their own challenges. For early stage companies, the advice Tony gives is: “Only sell what your customers want to buy. Invest all of your time on understanding your customer’s business challenges and then create solutions that solve those pain points.” 

New Process that’s helped ANEXIO scale

Tony created a Customer Deal Desk at ANEXIO for all deals larger than a certain baseline revenue threshold. Each Deal Desk opportunity is quickly reviewed by all company executives so that each area of the business can stay as close as possible to customers, better understand their IT challenges and provide fresh insights as to how ANEXIO can help them. The Deal Desk process allows all ANEXIO executives to see and understand customer buying behavior in a real time manner. 

Company Product Portfolio

ANEXIO is constantly rolling out new desktop to data center products and services for their customers. Wrapped around their solutions portfolio are ANEXIO’s proprietary managed services bundles with industry-leading operating procedures and US-based customer service that separate ANEXIO from the competition. Customers can learn the latest about ANEXIO’s products and services by visiting their website:

ANEXIO’s future

More customer wins, more acquisitions and more momentum are in ANEXIO’s future. ANEXIO is just getting warmed up. They are only in chapter one of an exciting story. Employees show up to work determined to help customers make a smooth transition from their current IT environment to a more efficient Hybrid Cloud infrastructure. ANEXIO is playing in a large and growing market and they will continue to listen to their customers and provide them with the mission critical products and services they require. This is definitely an exciting time for ANEXIO.


Anthony Pompliano, ANEXIO President and CEO

“Every morning I wake up excited to get to the office. I start the day by listening to customers and I end the day by listening to customers. Customers are the lifeblood of ANEXIO. In between my customer conversations I host working sessions with ANEXIO employees, I talk with our technology partners, I meet with investors and then I’m constantly reading to stay current on everything going on in our industry. It gets so busy and I’m having so much fun, that sometimes I forget to eat lunch.” 

"ANEXIO’s goal is to be the quickest and most customer focused desktop to data center company on the planet. We combine decades of experience with continuous innovation to serve customers around the corner or around the world."