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Inovalon – Empowering data-driven healthcare by providing world-class cloud-based platforms


The healthcare industry's widespread digitization efforts are reshaping one of the world's largest sectors. This transformation is enabling to use of ever-improving data-driven evidence to help doctors to make more precise diagnoses, more personalized treatment plans, and researchers better understand medical outcomes within complex patient populations. Given the scale and complexity of the data required to achieve these goals, advanced data visualization tools can play a critical role.

Inovalon is one such firm that is a leading provider of cloud-based platforms empowering data-driven healthcare. The industry-leading capabilities of the Inovalon ONE® platform empower its clients and partners to succeed by leveraging extensive industry connectivity, massive primary-source real-world datasets, sophisticated analytics, and powerful cloud-based technologies to improve the outcomes and economics of healthcare. From payers and providers to life sciences organizations and pharmacy solution providers, virtually anyone who participates in the healthcare ecosystem can benefit from the Company's powerful platform capabilities.

The Inovalon ONE® Platform

Inovalon brings to the healthcare landscape unmatched capabilities that empower its clients and partners to succeed. The Inovalon ONE® Platform is an integrated cloud-based platform of nearly 100 individual proprietary technology toolsets and deep data assets able to be rapidly configured to empower the operationalization of large-scale, data-driven healthcare initiatives. Each proprietary technology toolset, referred to as a Module, is informed by the data of billions of medical events within Inovalon's proprietary datasets. Combinations of Modules are configured to empower highly differentiated solutions for client needs quickly and in a highly scalable fashion. The flexibility of the Platform's modular design enables clients to integrate the Platform capabilities with their internal capabilities or other third-party solutions.

The Platform brings a highly extensible, national-scale capability to interconnect with the healthcare ecosystem on a massive scale, aggregate, and analyze data in petabyte volumes. It arrives at sophisticated insights in real-time, and drive meaningful impact wherever it is analytically identified best to intervene and intuitively visualize data and information to inform business strategy and execution.

Path-breaking solutions offered by Inovalon

Natural Language Processing Solutions: Access to patient-specific data by patients and healthcare organizations alike is the key to improving health outcomes. Still, with 75% of clinical data found in unstructured form and more than 100 million clinical record reviews performed each year in the United States, it can be challenging to get the data you need for a particular patient at a given time. Inovalon's natural language processing solution accelerates and automates the clinical record review process, delivering rapid insight into clinical quality, risk, disease outcomes, and costs.

Inovalon's Natural Language Processing as a Service (NLPaaS™) leverages the Inovalon ONE® Platform with highly adaptive machine learning capabilities helps data to transform into highly valuable, structured data, which are then analyzed at massive scale in fractions of a second. The natural language processing solution significantly decreases review time, enabling risk score-relevant condition detection four times faster than traditional methods.

Data-Driven, Population Health Analytics: Inovalon's population health analytics provide real-time insights into patients and their risk level relative to broader populations, allowing providers and payers to focus on key population health outcomes. The Company's solution integrates various data streams, including social determinants of health, claims, clinical, and census data to help clients more accurately design a population-centric care program, with the ability to stratify by specific quality measurement outcomes.

Hospital Census Prediction Solution: Inovalon has developed a Hospital Census Prediction solution, utilizing the MORE2 Registry®. The solution forecasts patient load based on time series analysis with minimal information, providing insight into what future value will be and the next distribution. Providers can use the solution to dramatically decrease overall operational costs, improving the efficiency of the workforce.

Meet the formidable leader

Keith R. Dunleavy, M.D., is the Chairman of the Board and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Inovalon. Dr. Dunleavy has served as Inovalon's Chief Executive Officer since his organization of the Company's predecessor companies in 1998, as Chairman of the board of directors since the creation of the board in 2006, and as the President from the Company's foundation until May of 2014. Dr. Dunleavy is responsible for the overall execution of the Company's business plan, strategic relationships, and the identification and realization of company product strategy and vision.

Dr. Dunleavy received a bachelor's degree in biology modified with engineering with high honors from Dartmouth College. His studies and work focused upon the neurosciences, computer sciences, and electrical engineering with his honors thesis focused on the computer simulation of artificial human cerebellar functional units. Dr. Dunleavy earned his doctorate in medicine from Harvard Medical School.

"We believe in the power of data, informing actionable insights, driving meaningful impact, and making healthcare better."