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Invoca’s active conversation intelligence platform enables revenue teams to create better buying experiences, drive more leads, and increase revenue


Business Intelligence is a combination of strategies and best-in-class technologies that provide the most important information about the business and consumers to enterprises. It allows enterprises to store raw data, process it, and avail selected information while saving time and energy. Besides, it is also helping enterprises to get more informed, and assists in making the process of decision making efficient. We present to you Invoca, whose Active Conversation Intelligence platform enables marketing, eCommerce, sales, and customer experience teams to understand and immediately act on the information consumers share via conversations. Through deep integrations with leading technology platforms, revenue teams can turn conversation data into automated action to enhance every digital touchpoint and human interaction, leading to better experiences, more conversions, and higher revenue.

Invoca is trusted by top brands like AutoNation, Dish Network, Mayo Clinic, Mutual of Omaha, and Truist. Invoca has raised $116M from leading venture capitalists including Accel, Upfront Ventures, H.I.G. Growth Partners, Morgan Stanley, and Salesforce Ventures.

Signal AI, just for you!

Signal AI gives you an unprecedented view into conversation data from high-intent consumers — such as purchases made or promotion inquiries. Quickly gain new insights from tens of thousands of conversations and take action on them in real time to drive more revenue-generating calls, boost conversion rates, and optimize the buying experience.

Compared to conventional call analytics tools, Signal AI provides deeper insight into the unique conversations happening between a businesses’ buyers and agents — often uncovering conversation patterns and behaviors that you didn’t know existed — with consumer-level data that can be made actionable across platforms like Google, Salesforce, and Facebook in real time.

How it works

STEP 1: Signal AI analyzes your previous calls and automatically groups conversations into topics based on similarities in speech patterns.

STEP 2: Identify the call topics and outcomes you want to track using a custom-generated predictive model.
Identify the call outcomes you want to measure.

STEP 3: Predictive models are applied against live calls to detect conversation topics and outcomes in real-time.

STEP 4: Automatically push these conversions to your preferred platforms, so you can optimize spend, improve experiences, and drive more revenue.

Invoca for marketing

Maximize your marketing investments: Gain a multiplier on your marketing performance by connecting every consumer conversation to the digital journey.

Measure true marketing performance: Attribute purchases and other conversions happening over the phone back to your digital campaigns to gain visibility into your true acquisition costs.

Drive more sales with Invoca

Invoca helps tie conversations to individual web sessions to identify exact points where customers exit digital and reach out for human assistance. It isolates specific conversations and tap into conversation intelligence to uncover the motivations for picking up the phone.

The firm also makes data-driven improvements to your digital experiences to improve conversion rates and minimize calls for routine purchases.

“We deliver exceptional customer experiences and boost revenue with visibility into the digital-to-conversation customer journey.”

Your data is safe in the hands of Invoca

Invoca, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring you have a positive experience on its website and when you use its products and services. Invoca owns and operates a proprietary call intelligence technology platform. Invoca provides networks, advertisers, agencies, publishers, and other businesses, with marketing automation services using unique phone numbers combined with database management.

Meet Gregg Johnson, CEO

Gregg is a seasoned digital marketing and SaaS leader, with over fifteen years of extensive experience bringing products to market in emerging categories, leading large teams, and working with the world’s best enterprise brands. Most recently, Gregg led Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s social marketing product line, where he integrated $1 billion of M&A investments into the Salesforce product portfolio.

Prior to that he drove product strategy and development for Salesforce Chatter, helping define the nascent category of enterprise social networking and rolling out one of Salesforce's most successful products. Earlier in his career, Gregg was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group and worked in sales, marketing and product roles at several startups.

He graduated from Stanford University and holds a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.

“Invoca’s active conversation intelligence platform enables companies to understand and immediately act on the information consumers share via conversations.”