10 Fastest Growing SAP Solution Providers 2019

IT Professional Services Consultancy Specialized in Solving Customer Business Challenges: Vision33


Vision33 Inc. is a global IT professional services consultancy that solves customer business challenges through the promise of technology and the value it delivers. It partners with growing and large organizations in both the public and private sectors to understand their vision and help them attain it with the right blend of strategy, consulting, and technology. Vision33 has unmatched experience delivering solutions to support every core business function. Its work spans all major industries. Vision33 employs over 400 results-driven people globally to provide world-class experience through its office locations across North America and Europe.Its global services team has a depth of experience working within both the public and private sectors (with focus on many sub-industries) worldwide. 

Vision33 was founded with a clear vision of how technology solutions and professional services can transform growing organizations. The company’s growth and success owe to a successful SAP Solutions, eGovernment practice, and IT professional services in the private and public sector. Vision33 offers an end-to-end partnership that provides access to world-class resources at a local level throughout North America and Europe. Vision33 is consistently recognized by the industry for its notable growth and dedication to helping customers achieve success.

Why Vision33

Vision33 provides customers with highly skilled consultants available anytime, anywhere for clients’ SAP Solutions projects, eGovernment projects or for IT professional services. Its team is unique in its ability to leverage technology solutions as a foundation for organizations as well as extending the system to meet specific customer needs through custom development. 

Vision33 has exceptionally high training standards for employees; with regular Vision33 training boot camps, methodology, and knowledge-sharing committees, its consultants all over share best practices and work together to deliver a consistent customer experience.

Equally, Vision33 is committed to customer success. Vision33 has offers a renowned customer support program. Vision33 provides the right balance of software, world-class consulting, and support services to help its customers better manage their organization. 

In addition to its SAP Solutions, eGovernment and IT Professional Services, Vision33 also is the owner of Atlantic DataSystems, an Atlantic Canadian ERP partner for growing businesses.

SAP Solutions

SAP Business One: Vision33’s customers glowingly describe Vision33 as ‘business process implementers’ that help them connect every process from inventory to accounting to control costs and scale efficiently. It also hasthe deep industry experience to make recommendations where the company sees processes could be realigned to save clients time, money, and headaches.

Vision33 lives and breathes SAP Business One. It is the only solution that Vision33 provides to its customers and the solution it has used internally to grow its own global organization. It believes that this is the single software solution clients need to gain customers, grow revenue, improve productivity, and stay competitive.

SAP Analytics Cloud: SAP Analytics Cloud incorporates machine learning technology and embedded artificial intelligence help clients discover deep insights, simplify access to critical information, and empower informed decision making for all.

By creating stories/scenarios specific to business or industry, clients can unlock the answers and options to solve issues and grow clients’ business. 

Industry Solutions: Since starting in the 1970s, SAP has developed deep experience across a range of industries; it makes sense that the company's goal with SAP Business One is to provide the best solution for as many business types as possible. But no software developer can create the depth of product that works well for every type of business, so SAP’s large enterprise products are designed for customization. SAP Business One has deep functionality ideal for vertically enhanced integration with software from partnered software solution providers (SSPs). SAP Business One is both adaptable and easy to integrate with.

SAP released the initial software development kit (SDK) for SAP Business One in 2004 and expands the integration points with every new product release while also making the integration tools easier to use.

Meet the Leader

Tony Whalen, President: Tony is the President and Founder of Vision33. Vision33 is a leading global IT professional services consultancy with offices throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Tony brings more than 25 years of technology industry leadership, software, and executive management expertise. His laser focus on customers, technology innovation, global team building, and delivery has led to exceptional and consistent company growth worldwide. As CEO, he has successfully built an international IT organization over the last 25 years that consistently delivers value and results by aligning technology with business goals and objectives.

“We believe in providing real value to our customers and making sure they have the right solution to meet their specific business goals.”