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Katerra – Transforming construction through revolutionary technologies and addressing industry’s most entrenched challenges


Construction is one of the longest-standing industries, yet it has struggled to get good, simple technology on site. The industry has long been hindered by outdated workflows and disjointed communications, making projects inefficient. This is where the importance of new software becomes crucial in driving quality and productivity through the industry. When it comes to productivity, project managers know that implementing the right software can help facilitate a more efficient jobsite. However, productivity can only be increased if the site team uses the software, which is why it's important that the software is simple and that your team is trained to get the most out of it.

Katerra is one such firm that exists to help transform construction through technology, every process, and every product. Its technology-driven efficiencies and insights have driven extraordinary productivity gains in the global economy over several decades. The firm is doing the same for building design and construction, applying many of these established tools and inventing others to address entrenched challenges. The firm is developing new solutions the right way, solutions that ramp industry productivity, drastically reduces construction's carbon footprint, and provides relief for housing shortage and affordability.

Revolutionary services furnished by Katerra

Building Platforms: When building components are not designed to be repeated, every standard element needs to be redrawn with each subsequent project, leading to cascading effects of unpredictability and inefficiency for project schedules and budgets. It is a new combination of manufacturing efficiency and design freedom for the built environment. Katerra Building Platforms take the risk out of construction by applying repeatable manufacturing principles to entire buildings.

Katerra buildings are made from manufactured assemblies and components, including wall and floor panels, casework, bathroom and kitchen kits, and more.  By designing for manufacturing and assembly, the firm can maximize speed and reduce costs, while maintaining the ability to configure the final product for a wide range of design expressions. The buildings are a vehicle for new value creation at every scale of the building product, every step of the development process, from conceptual design to engineering, supply chain, off-site manufacturing, and final assembly in the field.

Structural Systems: Precision-designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed by Katerra's integrated team, its structural components represent the leading edge of building technology. Katerra structural components are available for both residential and commercial applications. Each product is made with the highest quality materials and built to meet every client and project schedule's needs. Each product is made with the highest quality materials and built to meet every client and project schedule's needs. With less waste, fewer errors, and faster onsite assembly, component-based construction is proven to deliver economic, time-saving, and environmental benefits.

Katerra Mass Timber: Katerra is a full-breadth mass timber partner, equipped to support developers, specifiers, and builder clients with the full range of mass timber solutions. Mass timber supports the great design, efficient construction, comfortable living, and environmental responsibility, all while providing phenomenal long-term investment returns for building developers and owners—no matter the project stage or specification needs, equipped to add value to mass timber projects. Learn more about how Katerra's mass timber expertise and unmatched manufacturing capacity can support your next project.

KOVA Commercial: As the nature of work and the workforce composition changes, physical workspaces will need to flex and change along with them. KOVA Modular Office Solutions are designed to take the complexity, cost, and waste out of interior office construction. Each product in the line is part of a thoughtfully designed, cohesive collection, purpose-built to bring beauty and functional spaces to life.

Katerra Apollo: Apollo is an operating platform designed to provide teams with persistent, trusted data and support for better, faster, and more coordinated building projects. First wave Apollo applications are focused on strengthening site selection and analysis, streamlined material selection, and end-to-end construction management. With an underlying architecture built on data that spans the full building life cycle, the Apollo suite of tools will expand further.

The Mastermind behind the supremacy of Katerra

Paal Kibsgaard is the Chief Executive Officer of Katerra, overseeing the company's global strategy and operations. Before Katerra, he held various global senior management positions at Schlumberger Limited, including chairman and CEO; COO; president of the Reservoir Characterization Group; vice president of engineering, manufacturing and sustaining; and vice president of human resources.

Earlier in his Schlumberger career, Mr. Paal was a geomarket manager for the Caspian region after holding various field positions in sales and marketing and customer support. A petroleum engineer with a master's degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology began his career in 1992 working for ExxonMobil. He was named the best CEO in Oilfield Services and Equipment by Institutional Investor Magazine for four consecutive years from 2016 to 2019.

"Katerra is a new kind of company in the building industry, delivering a comprehensive suite of products and services for our clients."