10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2017

Leading the cloud infrastructure market with its cloud computing innovations:

thesiliconreview-mark-amarant-ceo-whoa-com-17Growing businesses have to deal with complex IT requirements. With the ongoing advancements and innovations in business lines and products, there is a greater necessity of efficient computing to store, retrieve and access data when needed. As application volumes grow in response to a fast-changing economic, regulatory, and business environment, the issue of complexity is becoming acute for many organizations. This holds them from responding to competitive pressures due to lack of resources and taking advantage of market shifts. Therefore, companies are increasingly adopting cloud technology to move their workloads and applications to the cloud. Cloud services allow businesses to continually adapt their technology needs to their business without the costs required for an onsite datacenter. provides such Cloud Strategies required for optimizing IT environments. It helps to manage and monitor clients’ virtualized environment in the cloud, and implement best practices all while considering the budget and setting the right priorities for the cloud strategy. is a next generation, ISO 27001-certified, secure cloud solutions provider. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class solutions and services to meet the mission-critical requirements of its customers, which is deployed on the industry’s finest hardware and software technology partners such as Palo Alto Networks, NetApp, VMware, Citrix, ScienceLogic, Cisco and Microsoft. Its next-generations cloud offers the highest levels of security and compliance, rapid performance, and the ease of scale that enables your business to keep up with demand. “We provide ‘White Glove’ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Security as a Service (SECaaS) and a host of Managed Services. We are here to provide the solutions that allow your company to thrive utilizing the Secure cloud.” 

Commitment to deliver secure cloud services with integrated security

Security as a state of mind was the company’s focus from day 1. It became ISO 27001 compliant in 2013, and followed with HIPAA compliance and PCI 3.1 certification after completing its triangle of data centers across the country. Its first product was Secure Cloud for business, and it was launched prior to adding the user portal transparency tools that they would build over the next few years. After the launch, the company realized early on that they had to be in multiple datacenters and offer bicoastal redundancy to have clients feel secure about moving their data in the cloud.

CEO Mark says, “Our Cyber Secure Cloud Platform TM is the only cloud that combines an enterprise-grade architecture featuring multiple Tier IV data centers and a security configuration with intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services.”’s multi-layered approach to security begins with the physical security of clients’ data, and is why it deploys its cybersecurity, compliant, cloud exclusively in Tier IV Data Centers that are distributed across the United States for geo-redundancy and enforce the most stringent security policies available of any data center option. Currently, WHOA resides in three locations across the country; Switch LV Las Vegas, NV., NAP of the Americas in Miami, FL., and Equinix in Ashburn VA.

Threat Observation PlatformTM protects data critical for business operations

The idea of WHOA’s “Threat Observation PlatformTM began when a client in California didn’t realize the 7 layers of security that was being provided to his company. After pulling a monthly report displaying the actual attacks on his VM’s, they were inspired to show cyber security in real time and make it a tangible product. By using various technologies such as VLAN, VXLAN and SAN vServer segmentation, securely isolates customers’ workloads. Having its own isolated firewall the company enables the clients to manage and secure their infrastructure both internally and externally from threats that may arise on the Internet. “Threat Observation PlatformTM gives customer real time data as it identifies and blocks threats at the perimeter.” 

Compliance and security solutions for specific needs’s Public and Private Cloud infrastructure comes with the ISO 27001 certification, which is a widely recognized and valued certification and is the only auditable international standard which defines the requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). ISO 27001 allows the information security function inside Finance, IT and Operations organizations (FITOPs) to be proactive in developing, deploying, managing, and maintaining an information security program while ensuring business continuity across the company. Providing Customers ISO 27001 certification helps manage and protect valuable information assets.

Visibility into all aspects of the Infrastructure and cybersecurity is a game changer for its Channel partners. Its TOPs platform allows its channel partners to view incoming threats in real time as they are blocked. The ability to see this in real time, across multiple datacenters is a unique market differentiator. Channel Partners can open trouble tickets in 4 clicks or less either on desktop or iOS mobile device to serve their customer needs. “Simply stated, we make it easy to do business with”, states the CEO. Its short term goal is 50M in annual revenue with a triple digit growth rate. Its enterprise grade and ISO 27001, PCI, and HIPAA Compliant platform anticipates strong channel and organic growth with 1-2 acquisitions per year added to the mix as it owns its entire saleable cloud stack.

Let’s meet the leader behind, CEO Mark Amarant

An industry veteran of over 25 years, Mr. Amarant has been involved in all areas of communications, having founded, operated, and sold several successful companies. He served as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of STS Telecom, a Florida-based VoIP provider, from 1994 to 2011. At STS, he developed innovations in customer service, billing, credit, collections, sales, and marketing and achieved high growth in STS’ core cloud infrastructure and leveraged relationships with Value-added Resellers (VAR) who successfully sold STS’ services to commercial businesses.

"We are not just your cloud services provider. We are committed to being an extension of your team, your company and a go-to trusted partner. Our experts are here for you when you need us."