50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

Leesa: A Better Place to Sleep

thesiliconreview-david-wolfe-ceo--leesaWhat is the one thing that every human has done since the inception of mankind?

Sleeping! Humans just love to sleep, and it’s a good thing. We bury our stress and tension and go to bed. A good night’s sleep is the best boost for all the trials of tomorrow, its hope that everything is going be ok. Friedrich August Kekulé, a German chemist, actually dreamt the structure of benzene in his sleep. The world of chemistry was never the same after the remarkable discovery. 

Everybody wishes to sleep like a baby, with stupid grins on our faces, not a care in the world. Assisting, us mortals in our comfort snooze is Leesa Sleep; here sleep experience is reinvented.

Unraveling the Mastery with: David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein - Founders 

Why was the company set up?

Leesa was co-founded by David Wolfe and Jamie Diamonstein. Today’s traditional mattress purchase experience is filled with marketing gimmicks and sales tactics that create confusion and unnecessary mark-ups. David and Jamie knew that by combining their skill sets, in both the mattress industry and direct-to-consumer products, they could build a better mattress and a different kind of company that would disrupt the old, tired ways and inefficiencies inherent in the traditional industry. 

Tell us about your first product that was launched?

The Leesa mattress was the result of hundreds of hours of design, testing iteration and is the product of 30+ years of mattress-building expertise. We designed Leesa with a universal adaptive feel to meet the needs of almost everybody. Since we launched in 2014, the Leesa mattress has become the preferred mattress of tens of thousands of satisfied sleepers and is the most well reviewed by several mattress industry experts.

The Leesa mattress has three layers of premium foam delivering cooling bounce, contouring press relief and core support. The perforated Avena foam top layer was designed specifically to allow constant airflow throughout the night for a cooler night’s sleep. The memory foam middle layer provides the contouring and pressure relief that has made memory foam so popular. And the dense core support foam provides strength, durability and structure to the mattress. Our distinctive, iconic cover is woven from a single piece of polyester-lycra blend fabric featuring Leesa’s 4-stripes. Leesa is 100% made in America, offers free shipping 100-night risk free in-home trial and hassle-free returns.

What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

Sapira is a luxury hybrid mattress that services an entirely new demo of consumers – one that values spring mattresses and a more luxurious sleep system, but appreciates the ease and convenience of direct to consumer shopping. We’re very straightforward with saying that Sapira and Leesa do not compete against each other. Both are premium mattresses, some of the best you could possibly invest in. Simply put, foam isn’t for everyone. 

What challenges did you face in your initial years?

Some of our initial challenges were around trying to compete head-to-head with the large incumbent mattress brands with large marketing budgets and well-heeled distribution channels. As a disruptor brand, we had to leverage more non-traditional, guerilla-style marketing tactics to gain scale by first tapping into influencers in the social media space and blogosphere. 

Your product is popular because, it is;

Value for money, Superior quality, beautifully designed, simple to purchase, Overall shopping experience; from website to unboxing in your home. 

What learning’s helped you to set this company up?

Jamie’s 30 years of industry experience, David’s direct to consumer expertise and the experience of a seasoned management team that had worked together on several e-commerce ventures contribute immensely to Leesa’s success over the past two years

How do you and your company contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

As one of the top-selling brands on the Shopify e-commerce platform, we continue to push the boundaries of user experience for a disrupter ecommerce brand.

A Glimpse of the incredible personalities 

David Wolfe – Co-Founder & CEO

David is driven by his passion for his family, his friends, his work and a deep-set sense of purpose. He expects a lot of himself and of others, which has been the driving force behind his success. He has helped bring new ideas to life, from his early days as a strategy consultant to the start of his entrepreneurial journey more than twenty years ago. David has successfully built and sold companies and has also been on the investment committee of a private equity firm for 16 years. David describes Leesa as a combination of a great idea, a strong management team, a world-class product, and the best business model he has ever been involved in. It has provided the platform for a highly impactful social program that has long been one of his life goals. 

Jamie Diamonstein – Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

When Jamie serendipitously ran into David in a restaurant in November 2013 he was in his 28th year of working for, and eventually running his family’s 3rd generation mattress business. His passion for product design and development and a lifetime of designing mattresses mean that Jamie is responsible for literally millions of nights of sleep for hundreds of thousands of Americans. He has long believed that the future of the mattress industry was in direct-to-consumer marketing and technology and a traditional family mattress business was not the place to make it happen.  At Leesa, Jamie spends his days (and nights) dreaming up mattress and other sleep product ideas that offer better and more affordable sleep solutions than anything on the market today.

“Giving back to those, who are in need of a better night’s sleep.”

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