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Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation: The most advanced and secure M2M & IoT platform Provider

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” Stephen Hawking

Internet of Things (IoT) is a very popular market segment with participation from 300+ companies across hardware, software and services. 95% of the IoT Market participants have been formed in the previous two years. IoT is an extension of the lucrative and fast growing Machine-To-Machine (M2M) market. While IoT is concerned with traditional IP protocols, M2M is concerned with cellular SIMMs companies such as Vodafone M2M and GE who have been generating revenues of $1B from Machine-To-Machine (M2M) and the industrial version of the Internet of Things (IioT).

Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corporation was founded at NASA Research Park in 2006 with the aim of applying “intelligence” to simplify and accelerate computer services. Nearly a decade later, M2Mi is the leading provider of the world’s largest M2M and Internet of Things Platform; M2M Intelligence®. While M2Mi was the first company to introduce many of the leading innovations in the M2M and IoT market, M2Mi is world renowned for their modular award winning platforms approach to connectivity, analytics, monetization and notably cyber security for critical infrastructure protection.

The M2M Intelligence Platform
Machine-To-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi)’s M2M Intelligence® provides a modular platform delivered as a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution; ideal for rapid on-boarding. Each of the seven platform modules, services and monetization options (payments, invoices, and settlements) can be accessed via a self-service portal. The platform provides global 24/7/356 coverage for M2M (cellular SIMM), IP (IoT) and Whitespace (open frequency) requirements with near real-time updates. Alternatively, the M2M Intelligence® platform can be hosted on customer premises or with leading cloud providers. M2Mi is a multi-award winning leader and provider of an advanced platform that comprises of seven discrete modules all applicable to M2M, IoT and Whitespace communications.

It is this comprehensive capability that distinguishes M2Mi in the market place. M2Mi has repeatedly delivered ground breaking innovations first to market from security through to Monetization.

Standing out amidst the Crowd
An obvious differentiator between M2Mi and other competitors is that M2Mi has historically been first to market with ground breaking technologies. It was the first company to introduce a platform that combined M2M, IoT, Cloud computing and Telecommunications companies. While M2Mi leads the M2M and IoT industry in terms of Privacy and Security, it is the depth, maturity and robustness of the M2M Intelligence® Platform that stands out head and shoulders above the competition. The company addresses the business pain point of providing a highly available secure SaaS service that allows the monetization of further software services associated with machine devices. This could be as simple as providing a self service monetization portal through to securely accessing communications services via 600+ telcos anywhere on the planet. M2Mi‘s inherent “intelligence” is the key technology that automates complex and time consuming activities. Other than Security, the integration between Operational Technology (OT) such as industrial SCADA systems with Information Technology (IT) is considered to be a hallmark challenge of the industrial internet of things. M2Mi was awarded a Gartner Cool Vendor for their OT/IT integrations technologies, termed as “FlowChains”.

Product & Service Offerings
M2Mi offers the award winning M2M Intelligence® platform – the only M2M and IoT platform that offers integrated global connectivity, device management, cyber security, in stream analytics and monetization from a single solution.

The company’s patented Lockbox cyber security technology protects each and every asset, transaction, data access and API call. Lockbox dynamic policies provide multi-level privacy by enabling multiple participants to share data securely across the M2M and IoT ecosystem. Its ability to control and track each access and transaction allows for data provenance – thus ensuring data integrity and trust across the IoT environment. M2Mi is recognized as a Gartner “Cool Vendor” and has been awarded the IoT Excellence award for innovation 2015, IoT product of the year 2015 and M2M/IoT World Innovation Winner for Security.

The M2M Intelligence® M2M and IoT platform provides the following three groups of essential modules-

Infrastructure: The control-plane components enable clients to globally connect, manage devices, and secure the connected infrastructure.

Insight: The data-plane components help in managing device data, analyzing it in-stream to generate insight as well as tracking and controlling data sharing to ensure privacy.

Monetization: The business center component enables clients to meter, bill, report and monetize their connected assets to increase ROI.

The platform’s modular design means that one can start today with a subset of capabilities – and add the rest as the business expands. The open system architecture supports API, CLI, Webservice API calls along with an attractive user interface.

M2M Intelligence® Platform

Connection Manager: (Easily connect to devices across diverse global networks)
It provides the ability to completely manage all aspects of global or local connectivity for M2MI SIMMs, IP and whitespace. The connection manager provides support for large scale device bulk deployment along with provisioning and decommissioning.

Device Manager: (Zero touch device management)
In an M2M & IoT environment, devices and sensors are often mobile, in harsh outdoor environments and connecting across different types of networks. M2Mi’s device manager makes it easy to remotely manage these devices, keep them updated with the latest software and ensure they are healthy and performing optimally. Device manager provides a clean automated way to instrument new or uncommon devices into the M2M Intelligence® platform.

Security Manager: (Lockbox security polices protect every message device & transaction)
Security is considered the top challenge for most organizations as they look to gain value from connected solutions. M2Mi’s patented Lockbox security is purpose built to address the scale and unique architectural requirements of the diverse M2M & IoT ecosystem. By ensuring that each access to a resource meets Lockbox security policies, M2Mi protects each and every asset, device and transaction within the connected ecosystem. Traditional security systems are akin to letting a stranger into your home and while he sat at the table, you examined his credentials. This approach is the hallmark of most common security vendors. M2Mi’s approach is based on highly secure classified networks where the stranger would not even know where the entry to the home is, without the permission of the system.

Data Manager: (Get the date to where it creates insight and business value)
Data is the most critical asset within the M2M & IoT ecosystem. Therefore it has to be easy for applications and analytics engines to access this data. The platform data manager manages the logistics, protocols, aggregation and transport of data – so that data can be quickly accessed by applications and analyzed to create business value.

Data Privacy & Provenance: (Enable secure sharing, multi-level privacy and control data access)
The M2M & IoT ecosystem is a very diverse one – device manufacturers, telecoms, cloud providers, enterprises are just a few among them. Privacy becomes important when the data is being shared among the various constituents. M2Mi’s unique Lockbox security ensures multi-level privacy as well as controls each and every access to data thus ensuring data provenance, secure sharing with governance and compliance.

In-Stream Analytics (Generate timely insight from data for actionable intelligence):
The true value for a connected business is the insight generated from sensor and device data that helps an organization make optimal decisions. The M2Mi platform includes FlowChain templates for distributed lightweight in-stream analytics to alert, observe trends, and visualize insights in order to create actionable intelligence for the business. M2Mi’s architecture enables a distributed analytics capability – thus providing insight closer to the data source or wherever the optimal location is. The analytics modules can be consistently executed to gain insight at the edge device, a gateway location or back in the cloud. M2Mi enables the use of simple drag and drop capability to combine analytics modules and create custom FlowChains. This, combined with the ability to customize existing standard FlowChains, enables an organization to build specific analytics solutions to fit their particular scenarios. The M2Mi analytics engine can look at the incoming data stream to perform trend analysis. This includes analyzing the data to determine if there are any trends, update trend lines, monitor changes in trends, and compare multiple trends for relationships.

Business Monetization Center: (Monetize connected business and increase ROI)
Connecting business assets gains insight and this in turn results in increased efficiencies, productivity and a better customer experience. The business center helps monetize and manage clients’ M2M and IoT project. It enables them to meter usage, bill for services, settle/accept payments and report on business metrics to improve ROI for the connected business. M2M and IoT value chains are diverse with multiple participants. M2Mi provides a role-based organization and user portal with a hierarchical capability that can support multiple companies/departments/VARs. The dashboard provides relevant information (usage, devices, data shares, billing and alerts) based on the role and organizational structure. By using the resource metering capability, M2Mi can track usage across users, departments, device groups. This enables the business to charge, accept payments and pay bills for resource usage based on these groups, users or organizations. Custom rate tables could be built for the different levels of roles within the platform – organization, VAR, or end user. M2Mi has integrated with the top payment platforms to enable organizations to complete their transactions online via multiple options such as credit cards, bank debits. Monthly subscription billing and pay bills can be enabled and setup the payments distribution across the value chain.

M2Mi’s Robust Client Base
Oracle, Intel, IBM, Ericsson are all customers of M2Mi. Although M2M Intelligence® is the leading IoT solution on IBM SoftLayer and resold by IBM, Oracle has had a large impact on the company as a customer. Although initially M2Mi started with on-premise perpetual licenses, its SaaS business is growing at an impressive rate with a fantastic focus on small to medium size businesses. Connected Car, Oil & Gas and Aviation are very strong verticals of the company.

Future Road Map
In January 2016, M2Mi will release the 6th generation of its platform in under just 10 years. While the company has driven down the cost of security and global communications, it is the monetization platform that is most attractive to customers. The ability to use M2Mi’s M2M intelligence® to generate revenue via SaaS is an element that is completely missing in the M2M and IoT market. It represents a new way to monetize other than selling data derived from the inherent network.