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Making business transformations possible: 3i Infotech


3i Infotech Limited is a global Information Technology company committed to Empowering Business Transformation. A comprehensive set of twenty plus IP based software solutions, coupled with a wide range of IT services, uniquely positions the company to address the dynamic requirements of a variety of industry verticals, predominantly Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Asset & Wealth Management (BFSI). The company also provides solutions for other verticals such as Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Telecom and Healthcare. The Company is also focused on value added services such as business intelligence & analytics services, infrastructure management services, testing & compliance, application development & maintenance, consulting and its BPO offerings.

The Company’s quality certifications include ISO 9001:2008 for BPO, IMS, ADMS & BI, ISO/IEC 27001:2005 for Data Centre. The company has embarked on re-appraisal under SEI CMMI ML 5 for some of its software development centers in India. The Company’s Global Delivery Model provides for the best resources to be drawn from its vast talent pool across the globe to offer optimal solutions. The Company integrates its products and services to create customized solutions to allow you to undertake technology-based business transformation that allows reorganization in line with today’s dynamic digital business environment.

Vision and Mission

3i Infotech consistently creates value for their stakeholders, by providing solutions which enable customers to achieve excellence and sustainable competitive edge. With the core values of innovation, insight and integrity, 3i Infotech strives to provide service to its customers with emphasis on continuous improvement, pro-active approach, courtesy, timely response, and accuracy, with a goal of achieving total customer satisfaction.

Flexibility is the key to their offerings, and intrinsic to this flexibility, is the spirit of Innovation that the firm brings to their products and services. These are instilled from the very stage of design to implementation and customer support. 3i Infotech has always prided themselves on the vision, skills, expertise and professionalism of the team. Team members make use of their keen Insight to foresee industry trends and meet demanding customer needs. It is the working of their collective minds in a highly supportive environment ensures that the company’s products and services retain a competitive edge at all times. At 3i Infotech, employees look at the Core Value of Integrity as the very soul of the company. This is reflected in the finances; the trusted relationship that they share with business partners and clientele, and the faith reposed in us by our stakeholders.

A global presence

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, since inception in 1993, the company has been committed to driving business value across all industry verticals. Today, the Company has over 4500 employees in 20 offices across 11 countries and over 1000+ customers in more than 50 countries across 4 continents. With a comprehensive set of IP based software solutions and a wide range of IT services, 3i Infotech has successfully streamlined business operations of customers globally.

The Company has a very strong foothold and customer base in geographies like South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and North America. Among its repertoire of IPR based solutions the flagship products of the company are Premia, MFund, Orion, Kastle ULS and Amlock. 3i Infotech also focuses on value added services such as Business Intelligence & Analytics, Infrastructure Management, Testing & Compliance, Application Development & Maintenance, Consulting and its BPO offerings. The company’s global delivery model focuses on the best resources to be drawn from its vast talent pool to offer optimal solutions for today’s agile business environments.

Timely customer service

The firm is committed to provide the best of services to its customers. Customer Direct was a noble endeavour in this regard. It is a one-stop shop for resolution of all software issues related to products and services provided by 3i Infotech. With this feature a customer is never far away from help, irrespective of their location. One just needs to log on, register their issue and the support services swing into action immediately.

It is this timely response that has made some of the biggest names in the industry partner with 3i Infotech. Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Hitachi and HP are some of its clients.

Giving back to the society

Building an ethical, caring, sustainable world is integral to the firm’s corporate character. That’s why each employee at 3i Infotech strives to ensure that every business action has the potential to positively impact the 3 Ps: people, planet, and profit.

The 3i Infotech Foundation carries out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on nurturing the earth and supporting its people. New recruits are initiated into this caring culture and encouraged to participate in our CSR programs.

The firm offers its time, finance, IT resources, and infrastructural assistance in aid of several social causes like eradicating illiteracy (including IT illiteracy) through education and empowering people living in rural areas. 3i Infotech also works in the health education and healthcare provision sector thereby assisting the less fortunate sections of society. The firm plans to report on their sustainability performance, in keeping with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to help them track and improve the CSR performance.

“We combine products and technologies from global technology leaders and combine them with our best-of-breed professional services to create and rapidly deploy customized solutions for your unique requirements. We have forged strategic partnerships with global industry-leading organizations.”