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Manage your employee benefits package with innovative solutions: Clarity Benefits Solutions


Bill Catuzzi founded Clarity Benefit Solutions (formerly BeneFlex) in 1992, over the next two decades he founded several technology companies including Total Pay, and Paylocity of N.J. Bill is active in many nonprofits, a Trustee for First Star Academy and active alumni of St. Peters University where he received a BS in accounting.

Employee benefits are perks provided to the employees over and above their usual wages and salaries. A robust benefit program helps attract and retain employees. Benefits packages include medical, Dental and Vision insurance, profit sharing, Paid Time Off, Health and Financial wellness programs. In fact, benefits are one of the most important things to employees. By offering employee benefits, you are able to show that your company is invested in the overall well-being of your employees and their future. A robust benefits package will help you stand out from your competitors, help improve your bottom line and increase employee satisfaction, and loyalty. Companies like Clarity offer these benefits and make it easy for HR teams to administer all their benefits related programs.

Clarity is a New Jersey-based company that makes use of technology to simplify the administration of benefits, reduce costs, and empower employees. Clarity understands that benefits can be confusing, so their Ready-for-Life solutions are designed to replace frustration with innovation, delivering state-of-the-art programs and tools that are tailored to your needs, easy-to-use, and supported by a dedicated service team. Clarity’s Ready for Life Solutions include Benefits Administration, Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Dependent Care, COBRA, Smart Ride, Wage Parity, Premium Only Plans, and ERISA Compliance.

In conversation with Bill Catuzzi, CEO and Founder of Clarity Benefits Solutions

Running a benefits program is time-intensive. How can businesses overcome this challenge with your solutions?

Our administration technology simplifies the entire employee benefits administration lifecycle with a platform that is highly configurable and designed to automate the whole HR, benefits, and payroll process. We make benefits enrollment and education easy with our automated communication, decision support tools, and compliance support. Plus, employees enjoy a more extensive range of plan choices with more cost-effective options, all while reducing confusion around benefits.

When a company is experiencing growth, employee resources can get stretched. Amidst this, how can companies ensure they can still manage their benefits program and service all their employees?

HR professionals often manage a variety of tasks, including insurance, benefits, and payroll. Our system seamlessly connects with all these third-party providers so that HR managers can maintain all their employee data in one system. Our system also helps these managers sift through complex eligibility rules, costing calculations, and benefit compliance with straightforward tools and dashboards. And, they are able to provide their growing employee-base with a complete benefits package allowing them to stay healthy, engaged, and informed by enrolling online.

Healthcare costs are rising every year. How can employers plan their benefits without increasing the cost?

Employers should shop their options and work with their Brokers or their benefits administration company to craft the right solution for their needs. At Clarity, we work with our clients and their broker to customize a benefits package that best fits their needs and budget.

What are the anticipated trends in benefits administration?

The world has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have had to adapt to remote workforces, Clarity included. This means many companies have had to quickly adapt their technologies and processes to support their employees that are now working from home. While online benefits administration has been around for a while, many companies have not adopted the technology. With the new move to remote status, now is the time for companies to begin implementing this online platform. We can have companies up and running in a matter of weeks to two months. That means we can make sure they are ready to ensure their remote staff can enroll in their benefits online during this year’s open enrollment season.

How do you market your services?

We employ a variety of marketing tactics. First and foremost, we work closely with our Broker community. Providing them the tools, awareness, and the support they need to share our solutions to their clients. We also built APIs with a number of industry leading distribution networks. We recently partnered with ADP and joined the ADP Market Place which enables Clarity to seamlessly integrate with every ADP client.

Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are excited about our recent product launches. The first is our new Clarity Mobile App, it’s going to revolutionize how consumers pay and save for their health care. We have added AI guidance that simplifies how employees spend and save for healthcare. There is nothing like it on the market, and I estimate it can save the average family a minimum of $500 a year on their healthcare.

The second product is a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we call it Ready for Life. We know, due to COVID-19, participants may not have the funds available to pay for all of their health care expenses. So, we created a built-in advance to our HSA platform that employers can provide their employees to cover any surprise healthcare costs. We built the program to be incredibly flexible so that employers can adjust the program as needed. It’s a win-win product. Employees are able to get the healthcare they need and employers can provide a valuable benefit when their employees need it the most.

We have invested a lot in research and development, and we have some really exciting products that we will be rolling out later this year. Our Simply Smarter approach uses technology to create new ways for consumers to get the most from their benefits.

Leader behind the success of Clarity Benefits Solutions

As Founder and CEO of Clarity Benefit Solutions, Bill Catuzzi oversees every aspect of the business, his passion is sales, marketing and vision. Mr Catuzzi’s experience in the industry spans 30 years. He was a partner at Electronic Accounting Systems, a midsize payroll service that he sold to ADP in 1991. Mr Catuzzi founded Clarity Benefit Solutions (formerly BeneFlex) in 1992, over the next two decades he founded and successfully sold several companies including Total Pay, and Paylocity of N.J.  Mr Catuzzi is a Trustee for First Star Academy and active alumni of St. Peters University where he received a BS in accounting.

“Our process has always been to provide meaningful solutions for today’s challenges while creating opportunities for the future.”