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Maximizing Business Operations effectiveness in a multi-Cloud Environment: CloudFX

thesiliconreview-damian-crotty-founder-cloudfx-2017Cloud-based services that enable corporations to manage their operational efficiency and effectiveness via open source platforms is what has been describes as a gift of the fourth industrial revolution. Cloud services have enhanced the productivity by providing business solutions to companies across several sectors.

In the huddled market of cloud services, CloudFX is an industry leading, global digital and cloud based multi service platform provider that help corporations integrate various aspects of their business and optimize their operations by orders of magnitude. The company was conceived in Singapore in 2009 as a professional services company providing high-end support for large IT vendors and financial institutions, in addition to telecommunications and several major enterprise clients. By 2013, the company had become a leading provider of virtualization and advisory services and grown into a substantial organization.

CloudFX’s approach to the cloud market

CloudFX has developed two distinct platforms which align with two discrete market opportunities, one known as Cloud Service Brokerage and the other, known as Cloud Management Platforms. CloudFX has had to re-imagine the future of businesses over the past three years as it transitioned from a regionally focused professional services company into a leading Digital and Cloud Platform company that is now global, and partner-driven in its present go to market orientation.

The Cloud Service brokerage market is projected to reach $9.52BN by 2022 up from $4.9BN driven by growing cloud commoditization, rising popularity of multi-cloud sourcing strategy and the ensuing need for cost-effective management of the same. Similarly, the multi-cloud management market size is expected to grow from USD 970.9 Million in 2016 to USD 4,492.7 Million by 2022, at a CAGR of 30.9% during the forecast period. With the increasing penetration of cloud computing and related technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and serverless architecture, the demand for multi-cloud management solutions and services is expected to gain a huge traction.

CloudFX’s open source, agile and multi-purpose platform capabilities make CloudFX one of the most unique companies operating in the Enterprise platform space globally. With a worldwide ecosystem of partners and a global shared services function in India, the company assists customers and partners through their Digital and Cloud business transformation journey.

Challenges faced at the earliest stages

Just like any other technology company, CloudFX has faced challenges such as identifying key talent, recruiting the right people into the right roles to support the strategic pivot made in early 2014 into Digital and Cloud Platforms. Additionally, CloudFX also had to globalize its sales model along with its customer and partner base while simultaneously establishing a global shared services center in Bangalore and a development capability in Vietnam. The hurdles were less about having a clear vision of the company’s future and more about finding the right people to execute on that strategy.

What does the company offer?

CloudFX’s Business Management Platform for Secure, Intelligent IT offers enterprises a simple, affordable, adaptable, secure and modular approach to managing IT infrastructure and cloud services.

CloudFX’s Digital Market Place Platform called CloudSelect provides consumers of multi-cloud services a sophisticated and customizable Self-service SSSO (secure single sign) experience including IAM (Identify Access Management)

CloudFX’s caters to a specific target market

Global, Regional and Large domicile SI’s, Telco’s, MSP’s and enterprises whose current business models are unlikely to survive this unprecedented shift towards digital services and the associated technologies.

Differentiating Factors

The company’s ace in the hole is its technology development strategy that enables its clients to manage their digital services and infrastructure with an intelligent platform management capability across the Digital Market Place and Enterprise ITSaaS.

Some of the features common to both of its platforms are:

Open - All technology modules integrated into CloudSelect are Open Source based, maximizing flexibility, eco-system breadth, investment protection, time to market, security and ease of implementation.

Modular - CloudSelect is made up of 9 primary Open Source modules which are hardened and integrated into CloudSelect’s Middleware layer, where the functionality of all the layers are seamless and exposed to provide users with a single platform to manage their IT environments from legacy, physical, public and private clouds.

Adaptable - CloudSelect in both the DMP and BMP platform formats, are deployed via Containers and can be seamlessly integrated into existing ITSM, ERP, CRM, Finance and authentication systems, amongst others. CloudSelect plug-ins extend and modify the functionality of the platform with existing systems enabling complimentary connectivity via Smart Proxy and Hammer CLI’s.

Manageable - CloudSelect offers a centralized point of Consumption, normalizes the provisioning, automation and portfolio management processes, provides a Single Pane of Glass across all Service types and all Service Vendors, and end of month consolidated billing, supported by advanced analytics.

Secure - CloudSelect offers end-to-end control over the security posture of public cloud environments via a centralized console. As Enterprises grows, so does the number of cloud-native workloads and the IT resources required to manage them.

Roadmap for the future

CloudFX will assess the viability of entering two adjacent market segments; Cloud Data Management (CDM) and the IoT Intelligent Platform Market (IOTMP) segment. As CloudFX expands its platform portfolio to include the CDMP and IIMP segments, the company expands the addressable market opportunity by an additional $17.96BN and entering 2019 without significant R&D investments through the leverage of the core CloudSelect 4.0 architecture.

Here’s a look at the founder and CEO of CloudFX, Damien Crotty

Damian is a highly experienced Technology executive and entrepreneur with global experience in sales, consulting, operations and marketing leadership in the enterprise solutions, cloud and data center computing industries. He has led sales, consulting and operations organizations responsible for P&L, strategy, innovation and the overall growth agenda for global business and technology leaders around the world.

Damian has a diverse, global background and proven track record in leading high growth, mature and start-up technology businesses. He has vast experience in managing large, complex organizations in demanding, result in orientated business environments and over the last 8 years have built one of the fastest growing Cloud Platform Solution Companies in the world.

Damian was voted in the Top 30 Most Influential Executives in the WW Technology industry in January of 2017, one of the 50 Most Admired CEO’s in November of 2017 and one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the World in October of 2017.00

“At CloudFX, we built CloudSelect – our Cloud Service Brokerage and Cloud Management solution – from the ground up to meet the needs of both enterprise cloud customers and IT-Service Providers, enabling them to successfully accelerate cloud adoption and transformation, whilst delivering value-added services which optimize alignment to the opportunities presented by this generation shift to digital and cloud computing.”