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Miebach Consulting Group – Implementing revolutionary and brand new strategies in the supply chain consulting business


Companies continually need to adjust to global competition and changing customer needs. Supply chains need to evolve to adapt to these altering circumstances. Also, efficient procurement, production, and distribution networks are natural areas for regular reviews. In return, the proposed changes and realignments offer a chance to turn these challenges into success stories. Where a supply chain is affecting capital productivity, total logistics costs, and customer satisfaction, the transformation offers opportunities to ensure growth targets are achieved and spending reduced. Additionally, when different objectives are considered, the supply chain transformation offers a high potential for dynamic improvement in customer-related areas such as research and development or sales.

Miebach Consulting Group is one such firm that provides supply chain consulting and engineering services in logistics and production for large and medium-sized companies on a global scale. They have a worldwide network in key regions of Europe, North and South America, and Asia, ensures optimum and effective support to their international customers based on local background knowledge. The firm design strategies develop cost-effective feasible concepts and determine IT solutions and technical equipment right down to the last detail. They take over responsibilities and implement the solution. Their service model is built on three main pillars that offer the integration of different capacities: Supply Chain Transformation, Engineering & Implementation, and Operational Excellence. Miebach Consulting provides consultancy services to a broad range of industries. They believe that specialization is a must to gain a detailed understanding of the customer-specific requirements and processes.

Revolutionary services and solutions offered by Miebach Consulting Group

The company's services span the complete supply chain. They develop concepts that define the integration of all relevant services. Their consultants and engineers plan, design, and implement network structures, effective processes, and sustainable installations upon these concepts.

Change management: The quality of a system depends on the people who work and live it. Therefore, Miebach Consulting actively participates and integrates the staff as they are the key to a successful change in culture, leading to continuous evolution. Every change management project objective empowers the team to understand and accept the need for change—involvement and motivation foster active support to achieve your new organizational structure or processes.

Engineering and implementation: Miebach Consulting saw the need for an unbiased firm to design distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing sites, independent of suppliers of equipment or buildings.  Since the development of this approach, the firm has supported some of the first automated warehouses and robotic applications in the industry, constantly looking for innovative ways to improve operations. The company's methodology is not focused on how to introduce automation to a procedure, but instead designing sound strategies and processes objectively analyzing the adequate level of technology and identifying possible areas for its application. Miebach's expertise goes beyond design. The company supports clients with specification development, tendering, implementation, training, and ramp-up and acting as their technical advocate to the successful go-live. This technical expertise and experience support the design efforts, ensuring the business case, timelines, and risks identified.

Operational Excellence: Drawing on the range of experience and implementation capabilities across multiple industries, Miebach Consulting is committed to operational excellence as the key to creating added value. It attains excellence through various steps that mitigate risks through the supply chain and IT improvements leading to a significantly higher operational efficiency. All solutions are tailored to the client's specific needs. The firm mainly focuses on excellence across activities and workflows. Identifying critical processes, designing compatible workflows, and implementing best practices supports clients in developing accurately defined structures within their organization. Communication channels are an essential part of any company's structure. Consistent and clear communication between all departments is crucial for the operation of a successful supply chain, which is why Miebach considers its client's organization as a unit and transform strategies into practical concepts that are comprehensible and convertible.

The Valiant leader behind the success of Miebach Consulting Group

Jürgen Hess is the Managing Director and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Miebach Consulting Group.  Shortly after starting his career at Miebach Consulting in 1992, Mr. Hess became Head of Supply Chain Structures and developed its international activities. He then successfully led the Logistics Service Provider market segment. In 2001 Mr. Hess was appointed Chairman of the Management of Miebach Consulting Germany, and in 2003 he became CEO of the Group. Mr. Hess studied at Technical University Darmstadt and has international project experience in Australia, China, India, UK, and the USA. He is an Advisory Board member of the LogiMAT trade fair and a Member of the German Association Materials Management Purchasing and Logistics.

"Our reputation stems from our expert team's proven capability to deliver thought leadership within complex projects."