Autumn Special Edition 2021

NantHealth: Modernizing the Way Care is Delivered


The healthcare industry is continually evolving. Smart technology empowers modern healthcare and makes it easier for payers and providers to make decisions in a rapidly changing landscape.

From enhancing collaboration to empowering clinicians to make informed decisions, NantHealth’s solutions help deliver efficient and better care. NantHealth’s products strengthen the infrastructure of healthcare organizations and provide valuable support at every stage. Whether it’s cost savings, workflow efficiencies, or decision-making support, NantHealth’s solutions bring wide-ranging benefits to every player in the healthcare industry.

Headquartered in El Segundo, California, NantHealth empowers the creation of integrated healthcare delivery networks. In developing technology that supports systems and data, NantHealth enables efficiency, personalized treatment, and collaboration across healthcare. The company is recognized by providers and payers for software and devices that live at the intersection of precision medicine and value-based care.

NantHealth’s tools strengthen the relationship and coordination between payers and providers in the service of patients. From treatment selection and approvals to care team collaboration, the company is committed to increasing speed, eliminating inefficiencies, and reducing costs. With the company's innovation, you can be assured you are providing patients with the highest quality care for the best outcome.

Exceptional healthcare is an ecosystem where people and technology effectively collaborate. NantHealth’s solutions power synergy across the continuum of care—uniting payer and providers in the service of patients through improved communication, more accurate and comprehensive information, and evidence-based treatment plans. Each of NantHealth’s leading-edge products is designed to elevate a specific facet of healthcare delivery—and empower healthcare providers and payers to deliver the highest quality care for the best outcomes. NantHealth creates technology to support entities across the spectrum of healthcare.

For hospitals and health systems, the pressure to deliver better, more efficient outcomes at a large scale is constantly increasing. NantHealth is here to help. From enhancing payer and provider collaboration, to empowering oncologists with the precise information they need to make smarter treatment decisions, all the tools in the NantHealth product portfolio add up to a better healthcare industry for all.

The best treatments at the most appropriate cost. Faster, more efficient communication and collaboration with providers. Eliminating spending on unwarranted care. Fewer time-consuming denials and appeals. NantHealth’s cutting-edge products power all of these cost-saving benefits and more—for payers, their provider networks, and the patients they serve.

NantHealth’s tools power more consistent care by putting pre-authorized treatments at providers’ fingertips. That means less time on the phone, shorter wait times for patients to begin treatments, and greater predictability in costs. This way, not only do your members get the best treatment faster, but you stop paying for unwarranted or sub-optimal care.

The future of health care depends on providers and payers working better together. That requires more transparency, less inefficiency, improved communication and collaboration, and increased clarity around prescribing the best treatments at the best price within each patient’s specific health plan—all of which are powered by NantHealth’s products.

When the patient comes first, administrative burdens, disconnected systems, and inefficient processes make it harder to provide care. NantHealth’s tools and technologies are designed to help communicate better, work more efficiently, and navigate complex treatment decisions.

Today, payers are caught in a balancing act of working with providers to give patients the best value care. At the front line of regulation and compliance, payers are motivated to drive collaboration across the industry. NantHealth’s product solutions help healthcare payer organizations streamline operations, communicate more effectively, and continue leading the movement toward value-based care.

NantHealth Eviti®

In healthcare, the well-being of patients is goal number one. At NantHealth, the team is committed to aligning the needs of payers and providers in pursuit of that goal—and Eviti® Connect is leading the way.

As a payer, you are challenged to keep costs low while enabling appropriate care for the members. As healthcare costs skyrocket, how effectively are you managing your spending? If your answer leaves you thinking there has to be a better way, then take a look at Eviti® Connect—a web-based application that electronically connects health plans and practices to verify treatments in real-time.

Eviti® Connect validates decisions with evidence-based medicine and payer policies before treatment begins. The automated process reduces the administrative time involved in obtaining and providing authorizations, aligning all parties around value-based care.

Eviti® is an oncology clinical decision support and treatment validation platform that brings together providers and payers in the care of patients with cancer. By offering clinicians access to evidence-based treatment options through Eviti® Advisor and streamlining the payer authorization process with Eviti® Connect, all parties are assured patients are consistently receiving high-quality, evidence-based care.

Providers are armed with evidence that their treatments are effective—and covered by payers. Payers have a clear picture of the cost and quality of treatment—and so does the provider. Patients, the ultimate benefactors, receive care that is in the best interest of their health. Powering both is the Eviti® Evidence-based Medical Library —a leading, comprehensive compendium of up to date, fact-checked, cancer treatment regimens for all cancer types.

Patrick Soon-Shiong, CEO and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has served as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of our Board of Directors since NantHealth’s founding in July 2010. A physician, surgeon and scientist, Dr. Soon-Shiong has pioneered novel therapies for both diabetes and cancer, published more than 100 scientific papers, and has received over 95 patents on groundbreaking advancements spanning a myriad of fields.

"NantHealth’s tools strengthen the relationship and coordination between payers and providers in the service of patients."