November Special Edition 2021

The next generation insights and management platform for your IoT ecosystem – in a single pane: Simetric


The world is full of software platforms, and new ones pop up daily. The Internet of Things isn't any different. Various market analysts expect the IoT market to grow over 10% annually until 2026. The growing adoption of IoT technology across industries, such as manufacturing, automotive, and healthcare, drives the market's increase. The progress requires flexible IoT platforms to manage the devices and connectivity. In the world of connectivity, "IoT platform" usually means a connection life-cycle management platform. It's needed to activate a SIM card, change data plans, manage billing, monitor service, or deactivate a subscription. In general, a connectivity management platform (CMP) is a combination of connectivity services and management tools that enable IoT and M2M projects worldwide. The goal of an IoT connectivity platform is to reduce complexity. In 2017, the Simetric team recognized an underlying need in the IoT industry- the lack of fundamental support and expertise in IoT cellular connectivity management. The existing connectivity platforms deployed by operators were built with a proprietary focus impeding any company’s ability to effectively manage their IoT instances across operators. With the initial focus of many IoT efforts being largely automation, the limitations of competing IoT platforms was not fully recognized.

How Simetric works

At the forefront of Simetric’s original vision was the customer. The company created a new platform that encompassed a unified management pane that established for a company – of any size and any type – to centrally manage all connectivity needs. In 2019, the company looked broader at the what the next phase of IoT could become to unify connectivity and device performance to enable companies to not only unify non-conforming IoT platforms, but also to move IoT business process execution to the device effortlessly across all the operators’ IoT platforms. Simetric then enlisted proven executives from Microsoft, Cisco and Verizon to further accelerate Simetric’s thought leadership that unified the strengths of the cloud with the network and efforts of operators. The knowledge across these varying businesses and IoT strategies enabled Simetric to extend the platform substantially to support customer IoT efforts from the back of the network to the front. With the global IoT market scaling into billions of cellular connections and the next horizon of needs driven heavily by 5G and autonomous driving, companies will need an IoT platform that is highly extensible and analytical for them to evolve their businesses with these technology advancements. Simetric’s comprehensive ability to unify connectivity and device management is quickly being positioned at the forefront of modern IoT efforts positioning them to take advantage of 5G.

For IoT Solution Providers

What defines work procedures is always changing as technology becomes the underpinning for almost every business. In the first wave of IoT it was all about automation. In today’s world as IOT devices scale in deployment across numerous operators’ wireless networks, the need to complement device control with analytics and actionable insights become critical to executing IoT successfully. Enterprises need greater operational efficiencies with near real time insights to steer their businesses and Simetric enables that across a global network of operators with bilateral integration into operator and client systems creating operational efficiencies and a lower cost of execution. Network virtualization is redefining relevance for the value-added reseller as technology shifts from network segmented architecture to cloud-based, virtually controlled edge devices. Often split between the interests of the operators and IoT equipment providers the IT channel has been unable to capitalize on IoT as a managed service. Simetric Command Center enables new opportunities for the channel, unifying management across connectivity to device performance. Simetric effortlessly connects into your network management environment, creating new predictable revenue streams, branded services, increases ARPU, reduces churn, and optimize the customer experience through a deeper understanding of your customers’ IoT environments. By turning products (things) into connected devices, business value shifts from the products themselves to the data collected and services delivered through those devices. As IoT solutions scale across operator wireless networks, the need to complement device control with intelligent network insights and analytics is critical to IoT solutions. Simetric enables companies coupling device management, applications and connectivity greater control and insights into the performance as your business evolves. With Simetric’s Command Center, integrate with your existing systems, both in device control and operator connectivity, enabling instant provisioning, rate optimization, anomaly detection and process automation driving increased profitability.

Meet the leader behind the success of Simetric

Allen Boone serves as the CEO of Simetric after a distinguished career with both Cisco and Microsoft and several start-up efforts. Allen has focused on developing and using analytics to support decision-making regarding pricing, licensing, go-to-market bundling and business execution. After being recruited by the head of Cisco’s digital transformation efforts, Allen was charged with moving Cisco towards a software-centric approach. Leading pricing and licensing strategy (as well as go-to-market approaches to subscription-based services), Allen was a part of the team that acquired the Jasper IoT platform. At Microsoft, Allen extensively contributed to the evolution of Microsoft’s channel strategy and implementation. He was also involved in the development of cloud-based analytic capabilities and has acquired a depth of expertise in the evolution of cloud-based business strategies.

“Simetric simplifies the complex data streams from large scale connected device ecosystems into a single dynamic view. Get instant clarity about issues and opportunities across your footprint.”