50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019

nyris GmbH – Giving people a more natural way to find what they are looking for


“At nyris, we give search power of sight.”

Text-based search is a source of costly friction — especially for companies that manage products, component parts or other items that are essential to customer, supplier or employee success.

nyris is a visual search platform that gives people a more natural way to find what they are looking for. With nyris, companies of all industries realize financial value while improving how people find, discover and get things done. Up and running in minutes, only nyris’ technology is designed and engineered to handle any search challenge. nyris also accelerates time-to-value with ease of integration and customization as well as support.

Based in Berlin and Dusseldorf, nyris serves leading companies across retail & e-commerce, industrial & manufacturing, media & entertainment and financial services. The company serves customers active in 50 countries and representing every continent. Led by respected technology industry veterans, nyris investors include e-Capital and Axel Springer.

The nyris Mindset


The company relentlessly pushes the edges of what’s possible in our pursuit of a more visual way to search.


The company understands that the fastest and most rewarding path to success is one that blends different talents, backgrounds and ideas.


The firm makes customers heroes with their customers — with technology that offers true differentiation.


Every day, we are excited and inspired by the countless ways we can give the search a new look.

nyris visual search for a retail

Search is inherent in nearly every digital experience. But the increasingly visual online world demands more than just text-based mode of searching. Today’s search is ripe for the power of sight. Your visual search index is ready in minutes, not months. It implements a simple API call on your website or app. It helps to:

  • Increase conversions: Drive revenue with more precise and relevant search results.
  • Improve customer experience and engagement: Make browsing, discovering, comparing and buying simpler and more compelling.
  • Enhance cross-selling: Augment cross-selling strategies with recommendations based on visual similarity.
  • Increase order value: Grow the value of customer orders with the right complementary products.
  • Deepen customer insights: Learn more about customers via a new stream of analytic data.

Visual Search for Industry

Accelerate transactions with visual search. Assessing and reporting information regarding spare parts or assemblies usually is time-consuming and non-productive tasks, both for employees, suppliers and valued customers. With visual AI this process becomes faster and more precise.

It is designed to enable different use cases. Industrial & manufacturing customers streamline operations, bringing a new level of visibility across the supply chain.

  • Accelerate transactions: Get products, parts or other assets into the right hands faster.
  • Streamline support: Drastically reduce the volume of inbound requests for parts identification.
  • Reduce downtime: Shorten the wait-time required for part identification and replacement.
  • Reduce errors: Reduce costly errors with greater item clarity and transparency.
  • Improve asset management: Better manage inventory with a visual approach to digital asset tracking.

The API process and documentation

Submit your product data: To create the visual search index for you, we need to know your products. You can submit your product data in any structured data format.

Send a search request: Once your index is created, you can send a search request containing an image with your API-Key against this index. The nyris engine has multiple configurations that you can set globally or on-request time, allowing you to solve multiple visual search use cases.

Add analytics: To know how your customers are using the nyris visual search engine, simply implement the company’s analytics API.

The mastermind behind the success of nyris

Anna Lukasson-Herzig is the Founder and also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of nyris.

“nyris visual search platform delivers industry-leading performance on the measures that matter most: accuracy, speed, scale, privacy, and security. nyris also accelerates time-to-value with ease of integration and customization as well as support and competitive pricing.”