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Brad Nietfeldt, Founding Partner and Principal of Omaha Media Group, LLC, Speaks to The Silicon Review: ‘Our Goal is to Change the Agency Industry Forever by Working Seamlessly with Big Tech and Acting as a Centralized Conduit to the Various Types of Consumers Who Need and Want to Utilize Digital Marketing for their Businesses’


“We are known for pioneering some of the world’s most astonishing digital marketing strategies for a wide array of client types, which is exciting.”

Omaha Media Group, LLC, a faith-based creative management firm, designs and develops intuitive web, mobile, and SEO-friendly applications to help companies take advantage of social and business collaboration, cloud computing, mobile applications, and next-generation tools for enterprise businesses.

Omaha Media was founded in 2010 and is based in Omaha, Nebraska.

Interview Excerpt: Brad Nietfeldt

Q. Effective SEO means you rank high. Sites that rank high are targeted by competitors who want a slice of the SEO pie, which means you’re always on your toes. How do you manage to keep yourself ahead of the curve?

We use several different metric monitoring and planning AI methods that help us stay on top of the competitive landscape while identifying strategic opportunities for our SEO-managed clients. These technologies bridged with our Monstrous.IO LABS platform allow us to keep in constant communication with our clients to communicate and execute opportunities with them, not just for them.

Q. Tell us in brief about your web designing and mobile application development capabilities.

From the initial design to the final semi-colon in the code, our website design and development experts provide our clients with a mobile-friendly, responsive website that leaves the searcher wanting to learn more. Our mission is to provide a quality web design that complements our high-end web development and consulting services to all of our clients. Our expert team of web designers and developers provides our clients' business with the technology it needs and deserves.

Q. Tell us about your content development. What are the factors that will contribute to the engagement level?

Knowing that Google ranks quality content over everything, a great deal of effort is put toward writing existing, informative, and custom content for all of our managed content. Knowing which targeted keywords and search phrases are drawing in organic search traffic helps us prioritize targeted keywords and key phrases within our range. Using a precise SEO strategy, we can grow domain authority around the brand to help our clients rank within search engines.

Q. What are the advantages of outsourcing website design and development projects?

The greatest advantage in hiring an agency that specializes in website design and development is it frees up your own time to focus on your own business. An outsourced agency can also help you keep your needs and wants aligned with reality and maintain a managed pathway for the project to follow, which in most cases reduces all associated costs. Finding the right outsourced partner can make or break a project, so it’s important to find one that will stickwith you through all stages and then be there for the on-going support of your project.

Q. Outsourcing can require significant planning and ongoing communication. Tell us about the importance of communication while working with a client.

Communication is essential to project success. When you have multiple levels and lines of communication (email, SMS/text, phone calls), requirements, goals, objectives, and other necessary project tasks can easily be mistranslated, misunderstood, etc. For this very reason, we created our own SaaS agency platform called that keeps all project-related requirements, communication, tasks, milestones/deliverables, assets in a centralized place. This keeps the focus where it needs to be, and all parties who need to be involved engaged.

Q. How do you source quality individuals to maintain the quality of your services?

We look at historical evidence of performance and check references. In most cases, individuals working with us internally or as an extension of our team need to have the desire and will to want to become better than they are/were, and at the same time, help us learn and grow. Educating our team members on why we’re doing what we’re doing for the clients is the sole reason any of us exist, which usually sets the right stage for our clients to do their very best. We succeed by helping our clients achieve.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We operate both an email campaign /marketing automation platforms and digital marketing research, scheduling, and syndication platforms both suitably named and Monstrous.Digital. Both platforms are essential to conducting marketing research, scheduling, and reporting our digital marketing objectives for ourselves and our clients. Probably the greatest platforms we’ve ever created is our Platform, a.k.a. “Labs,” which is a SaaS platform that allows us to work as a seamless extension of our clients’ businesses, as well as become a back-office for other agencies, freelancers, and general businesses around the world. Labs is best explained as a virtualized McDonald’s where anyone can walk through the door and order from a menu of our agency’s services for any purpose. If you’re a business and you need a specific service, you just order it; we survey requirements and give estimates in most cases in a real-time fashion. You pay for it; we do the work and deliver it and send you on your way. You come back whenever and as often as you desire. Labs is currently being piloted in a closed-beta format within the United States.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Our goal is to change the agency industry forever by working seamlessly with big tech and acting as a centralized conduit to the various types of consumers who need and want to utilize digital marketing for their businesses. We are known for pioneering some of the world’s most astonishing digital marketing strategies for a wide array of client types. We’re incredibly excited about how our Labs software helps streamline digital marketing to the everyday business owner, so they can focus on what they’re good at, which is operating their own businesses.

The Resilient Leader at the Helm of Omaha Media Group, LLC

Brad Nietfeldt, the world’s pioneer of ‘creative management’, is one of the most sought-after digital marketing gurus in America. His entrepreneurial career involves writing ans producing music, thriving tech startups, working for several Fortune 500 companies, and in his early 20s, he was one the first handful of IT Support at PayPal in its infancy becoming a lead developer at eBay. Currently, Brad has a few brands that give 100 percent of their profits to charity, and he runs a faith-based creative management firm based in Omaha. Brad has offices in Austin, Denver, Miami, and New York City.

With nearly two decades’ experience in software engineering, web application development, and as a leading digital marketing pioneer, Brad Nietfeldt has a diverse background and experience that has enabled many companies to grow their business, spanning from medium to Fortune 500 enterprise businesses ranging from healthcare, banking and finance, e-commerce, travel and automotive, logistics, to national defense.

“Labs is best explained as a virtualized McDonald’s where anyone can walk through the door and order from a menu of our agency’s services for any purpose.”