10 Fastest Growing Software Testing Companies 2016

One of the Most Solely Dedicated Testing and Automation Companies: Quality Service Group

silicon-review-qsg-logo“No amount of testing can prove a software right, a single test can prove a software wrong.” – Amir Ghahrai

QSG (Quality Service Group) is an independent software testing and test automation company. They started in the year 2005 and are located at Bangalore, the IT Hub of India. QSG provides complete set of quality assurance, testing and test automation services to software development firms. They work closely with development teams all over the world to supplement their expertise with development skills to create sophisticated software products and applications. Their skills and methodology, an appropriate mix of experienced and young qualified professionals and hunger for knowledge have enabled us to offer simple, elegant and effective quick solutions to their client’s quality needs. The company provides quality by being proactive, visibility by being simple and transparent, Productivity by understanding priority and importance of tasks and finally dependability by being simply available when you need it the most.

Years of experience and deliberate practice have endowed us with a wealth of practical and intuitive skills to seek solutions to known and unknown problems. Dedication towards quality is a factor that drives us forward. With flexible team sizes tailor made to suit small and medium sized business needs, they form a perfect fit for client’s organization. Whether you are looking for an extended QA team, outsourcing QA or for a customized QA package, QSG can efficiently provide and implement the most cost effective solutions to cater to client’s needs.

The skills they have acquired over the years have helped us to discover ideas, tools and methodologies that enable us to dive deeper into applications and focus on areas that require most attention. They possess many years of experience in Software testing and test automation over a variety of domains that range from ERM, Emergency preparedness & Healthcare, Telemedicine, Insurance, Media, Finance, eLearning, Device interfaces to Mobile apps. Being exclusive offshore QA partners for many of their esteemed customer organizations, they work towards building long term relationships, than acting as a mere offshore testing team.

Quality begins here

QSG provides testing services at all stages of development, deployment and maintenance of the software. Further, their testing covers all layers of software namely, the code, the databases, interfaces with other software components, device interfaces and finally the user interface and user experience. Their testing methodology and test design ensure that business logic behind each user scenario is well understood and all its possible scenario are thoroughly tested.

Test execution closely follows development schedule and priorities to support committed deliveries.

They test:

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile devices – iOS, Android, Windows
  • Device Interfaces – MFP / Fax / Telephone Alerts

They have vast experience in testing variety of domains – Healthcare, Telemedicine, eLearning, ERM (Electronic Record Management), Media, Insurance and Finance.

Test Automation Services
Test automation was traditionally thought of as automating manual tasks once they were frozen. They have moved far away from this static world. In a world where changes occur every moment and change is regarded as agent for improvement, the philosophy of test automation needs to honor and adapt to this new reality. In QSG, they understand this better.

Their model of automation encourages automation to begin in parallel with development. Automation tests different layers of software, be it back end, the code or the UI thereby giving feedback on different aspects of quality. It does not merely convert manual test cases into self-executable scripts. It seeks to achieve manually impossible testing tasks without human intervention. As they consider software change as an improvement evolutionary step they welcome it and build change management into their automation architecture.

Cloud based testing
Cloud computing is a fast growing aspect of technology that has computers and mobiles alike, in its grip. Reports from popular mobile trends developers and communities like the Eclipse community have quite predictably pointed out that cloud computing is the future of web technology and mobile development too. End users access cloud based applications through a web browser or a light weight desktop or mobile app while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. Cloud application providers strive to give the same or better service and performance as if the software programs were installed locally on end-user computers. This trend has significantly reduced the costs in purchasing and maintaining physical machines and hardware resources in bulk to carry out testing activities like load and performance testing. They have experience in using cloud for all types of testing; functional, cross browser, performance, load and scalability.

Meet the Master
Prakash Nayak, CEO: Prakash has diverse experience in Total Quality Management at Indal Electronics, Sharp Bangalore in Software and is currently the CEO of QSG – Quality Service Group, a Software Testing and Quality Engineering company, providing its services to global software development firms, software buyers and others who desire their software products and solutions to be tested and validated by an expert team. Prakash worked on numerous projects, he and his team is Well-known for always exceeding client’s expectations. Prakash is a proud alumnus of Karnatak University.

“Their strength comes from focus, experience and dedication to Software quality. Being an independent Software testing company, their focus on quality is sharper”.