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30 Innovative Brands of the Year 2022

Dr. Michael Everest, Residents Medical Group Founder, Chairman, and Chief Academic Officer: “We are the only organization that educates and integrates our candidates into a residency program, helping you achieve your dream residency in that program.”


People aspiring to become a doctor spend most of their UG years deciding where they want to study medicine. The question, however, doesn’t end there while you get your acceptance letter from a medical school. To be more precise, a major new question will arise: Where will you do your residency? For someone who has watched an episode of Chicago Med or Grey’s Anatomy, you must’ve come across various stories about the trials and tribulations medical residents go through. Resident physicians are those who have completed their medical degrees but have not yet received their license to practice. In the US, the completion of medical residency is crucial to be board certified by the American Board of Specialties. Globally, there are various firms that help medical students find excellent residency opportunities, but the Residents Medical Group stands out from the rest. Residents Medical Group is the only organization that educates and integrates its candidates into a residency program, helping you achieve your dream residency in that program.


Residents Medical’s concept was created by Dr. Michael Everest, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Academic Officer’s deceased father, Dr. Edwin Everest, but not fully realized due to his untimely death in 2008. Dr. Michael decided to take the concept and grow it into a global footprint. He took a $1500.00 loan and rented a small office, and had one employee. Dr. Michael worked hard and developed the business from the ground up and at the same time founded the Everest Edwin Foundation to memorialize the tremendous philanthropy and dedication to helping future doctors. Dr. Michael grew up in medicine, a Dual doctorate degree holder with a Ph.D. concentration in Education. Upon the one-year anniversary of Residents Medical, he had helped over 20 of his students and candidates achieve U.S. post-graduate medical residency positions. Dr. Michael had ten employees and first-year revenue of over $2 Million Dollars. In addition, The Everest Foundation had pledged well over $1 Million Dollars to various medical schools and teaching hospitals across the country. Year after year, the organization has grown in size and financial strength. Residents Medical is now the leading force with a global footprint in helping future medical students and graduates. RM employs a global staff and has grown fiscally year after year. The Everest Foundation also supports dozens of hospitals and medical schools as well as Veterans programs, endowing millions of dollars annually. Not bad for an organization that started with a $1500.00 borrowed investment.

Unique offerings

There are many prep organizations like Kaplan Test Prep or organizations that offer piecemeal expensive courses but do not get the medical student or graduate to the finish line of achieving a medical residency or fellowship. Residents Medical is the only organization that educates, prepares, and helps integrate its cohorts into a teaching hospital. This helps the candidate with much-needed exposure, and through its network and collaboration with The Everest Foundation, assist in helping deserving candidates obtain an interview and residency position. Residents Medical calls it placement, meaning the company gets its cohort to the finish line and achieves their goal of post-graduate training. When the TSR asked Dr. Michael Everest for one of the company’s case study he provided the following information.

Dr. Akshay Joshi- Dr. Joshi came to RM, a graduate of medical school in Nepal. He was a ten-year-old graduate that did everything he could (joining Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Hospital doing cutting edge research and shadowing some of the top doctors); he was unable to achieve medical residency. His Board exam scores were good. There is just too much competition, and on top of it, he needed a Visa sponsorship in order to even do a medical residency in America, which greatly limits his prospects as many residency programs do not offer visa support, one must have a Green card or be a US Citizen. We helped him with clinical preparation, accent reduction interview preparation, and research. He achieved residency at one of the top University training programs, the University of Alabama, in internal medicine. He went on to achieve resident of the year, ran the whole Covid-19 unit. After graduating from the three-year program, he went on to do a Heart Failure Fellowship, very specialized training at the same institution. He is now a board-certified specialist helping humanity. Before he started residency, his wife was diagnosed with Cancer; throughout his residency and fellowship, he was also taking care of his wife.

Path Ahead for Residents Medical Group

Residents Medical is expanding its presence by starting a new subsidiary called Residents Medical Consultancy. RMC will focus on starting new medical residency and fellowship programs to help alleviate the doctor shortage, which is a true problem. RMC will also focus on helping foreign governments improve their healthcare outcomes. Residents Medical Consultancy is also focusing on improving the current residency program by addressing violations that a current residency program may be involved in. Dr. Michael Everest stated that “As a company, we are the defacto innovators of new concepts and ideas in the arena of medical education and hospital management. We have been growing double digits year after by creating new products and improving current products in the medical education sphere of influence. We are constantly innovating and improving; by doing such, we are leaders and are growing stronger quarter after quarter.”

Leader behind the success of Residents Medical Group

Dr. Michael Everest was born in Houston Texas. From a young age he excelled in school, achieving awards in middle and high school in mathematics and reading. At the age of 16 he received an award from Pepperdine University for creative writing and future leader in innovation. Dr. Michael Everest graduated from Liberty University with a master’s degree and a Doctorate in Education. Due to the significant work, he has done to improve medical education globally he also achieved a Medical Degree in Honorarium from Dow Medical College. He successfully runs the largest Graduate Medical Education non-profit in America and the top medical education consultancy in the States. He is the proud father of four children and happily married to his beautiful wife Agata Everest with whom he works hand in hand running The Everest Foundation.

“Our innovative model uses a network of residency programs affiliated with top U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals to collaborate with The Everest Foundation* in support of GME programs throughout the nation.”