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“Our engineers are experienced in creation of art assets, video editing, creation of walkthrough videos, and creation of online / interactive training programs”: Neti software

thesiliconreview-neti-software-2017Introducing Neti Software

Setup in 2011, with its development center in Hyderabad, India, Neti software is focused on delivering quality and value in Software Products and Consulting to its customers and partners. The main areas of interest are IoT, Internet, mobile and testing.  It focuses on product development and outsourced product development. Featured in Silicon India's top 25 most promising global outsourcing companies (March-2015), Neti software is a part of NASSCOM 10000 Startups programme. The main products include products include NConn - browser based video conferencing platform and NLight - Smart Streetlight Management system.

Delivering the best solutions

Neti Software solutions deliver the best solutions in software development, multimedia and other related fields.

Software Development

In order to understand the business requirements and develop solutions to meet your needs, Neti software employs latest technologies and will work with you. It follows agile processes and methodologies and encourages participation from the clients to ensure that the results are in line with the expectations.


If you need your software to be independently tested, the team can do it. After understanding the requirements and design, it will perform independent testing of the product / project. This will help in uncovering the bugs in the software that are usually overlooked by the development teams.

Setting up ODCs

The company has expertise to setup and manage Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) for its partners. ODCs can be setup for product development as well as services engagements. In addition to yielding cost savings, ODCs accomplish the objective of attracting additional talent from the local market. Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) can help the organizations to leverage the skills, manpower and price advantage available at the offshore location, if done right. The advantages that can be accrued from an ODC are  availability of an extended development team, benefit from the skills available at the ODC, location, which can supplement the organization’s team  Lower cost of operations, potentially faster turnaround (in steady state), more time to focus on core activities / innovation and so on.

Check what’s new in technology

The belief in human creativity marks the success of the company. Developing innovative products, dependable services and delivering appreciable value to its customers, partners, employees and society at large are the factors that lead to its success. The technology can help you with the setting up of Offshore Development Centers. The teams are very experienced in the ODC setup and making sure that the center is optimally running. The founding team has helped in setting up the ODC for several large organizations and ensuring the successful transition. Also the team understands the process of setting up ODCs and has the right partnerships and contacts to setup an ODC. It can also manage the ODC and maintain it through the duration of company’s engagement with customer’s team.

The video conferencing platform

NConn is a Video Conferencing & Collaboration Platform developed by Neti Software Services. This is available for Corporate as well as for Individuals. For existing web applications, NConn can quickly add the Video Conferencing capability. NConn is available on the web / cloud or can be setup as an enterprise instance. Bandwidth requirements vary; depend upon the quality selected and the number of parties in the video conference.

NCONN – Corporate: This software addresses the corporate video conferencing needs. Employees within an enterprise (and their customers) can connect from remote locations and have a video conference. The call can be recorded for future use. Administrator can define the call restrictions and call quotas to restrict the calls as well as the permitted call time for each employee as per the corporate policy. The analytic reports will give the administrator a detailed view of the call details and volume.

NCONN – Recruitment: This software is customized for recruitment teams and solves the problem of conducting interviews of the candidates remotely. Candidates can join the interviews from any location just by using a PC / laptop with an internet connection and Chrome Browser. Up to 3 interviewers can interview the job seeker. The interview of the job seeker can also be recorded for future reference. NConn – Recruitment also supports offline interviews and assessment.

Moments to cherish

Neti Software's recruitment team put in extra efforts when we wanted engineers at a very short notice and successfully closed the open position with the right candidate within the price range we were looking for. We would always come back to Neti Software for all our future requirements.”

- Jaideep Vinakota, Founder Grandvin Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Greet the Founder

Suresh Kumar, CEO: Prior to starting up, has worked for about 20 years in software industry in various geographies. He played several roles in product development as well as custom projects. Has built and worked with large teams. Has expertise in account management, setting up new practices, project management, setting up development centers, risk management, process audits, mentoring teams etc. Holds B.E. Computers (Bombay University) and M.B.A. (Annamalai University).

“We have the expertise to setup and manage Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) for our partners”