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“Our vision is to play a key role in shaping technologies of tomorrow, today through our innovation and product engineering capabilities”: Altiux Innovations

thesiliconreview-shyam-vedantam-ceo-altiux-innovations-2017Altiux Innovations is software and product engineering services organization focused on developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world. It works with product makers, system integrators and service providers across verticals such as consumer electronics, smart homes, intelligent buildings, smart cities and industrial automation. The company’s deep domain expertise along with the off-the-shelf IoT solution accelerator toolkit enables competitive differentiation for its customers by accelerating time to market, reducing costs and future proofing investments.

Vision and Mission

The company’s vision is to play a key role in shaping technologies of tomorrow, today through innovation and product engineering capabilities. Driven by the desire to identify, understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers, the company’s mission is to be the number one product engineering services company for a smarter connected world.

What distinguishes Altiux?

Altiux Innovations is a software and product engineering services organization focused on designing and developing Internet of Things (IoT) enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world. The company was founded in 2013 by senior leaders with several decades of experience in building and managing technology businesses for Fortune 100 MNCs and startups. Altiux is funded by Bit Chemy Ventures, seed capital & technology incubation arm of a $1B group with presence across 10 countries and 8 industry sectors. The Altiux clientele spans verticals like Consumer Electronics, Smart Homes/Buildings, Smart Cities and Industrial automation. Also its flagship offering - IoT Toolkit – is a comprehensive suite of ready to use software frameworks for IoT implementations. It helps the clients to offer differentiated solutions while accelerating time-to-market, reducing overall product development expenses and future proofing investments.

The Altiux Principles

At Altiux the core priority is given to the way they do business. The best solutions come from working together with both colleagues and clients. At Altiux they believe in fostering and driving a spirit of collaboration and partnership with the customers, employees and business partners. Thus the employees all understand the responsibility that they bear and work together toward helping customers design & develop innovative products for the connected world of people, businesses and things. It focuses on the importance of innovation and agility in today’s fast changing world, and is committed to the success of its customers.

Cloud and Mobility services

The cloud application development services cover application migration, enhancement, custom enterprise application development, and integration with IoT service platforms. The services include feature developments like device management, data modeling, cloud connectors, workflow integration with enterprise services etc. It also provides native and cross-platform mobile apps development services to create transformative and secure applications on hand-held devices.

From Consulting to Maintenance

It offers specialized Product Engineering services across the entire IoT product development cycle, from consulting, device engineering, cloud and mobility application development, data analytics, and support and maintenance.

Consulting Services: The Company’s consulting services are designed to guide its customers through the labyrinth of technology, standards, and best practices that exist in the IoT spectrum. Using the knowledge and expertise, it help map the industry ecosystem, provide industry insights, build business cases and even assist you in validating them.

Analytic services: Generating meaningful insights using data generated from an ever increasing number of connected devices, sensors and industrial monitoring systems is critical to the successes of IoT. Altiux offers a wide variety of machine data analytics solutions and frameworks to help clients generate actionable insights from vast amounts of machine and sensor generated data. The capabilities and services include manufacturing & process analytics, predictive Analytics, big data offerings, product analytics, edge analytics etc.

Integration and Support services: Building IoT solutions typically involve bringing together a heterogeneous mix of IoT endpoints and integration with platforms, back-end systems and data. Ensuring interoperability, high availability, scalability and security is paramount and every vertical solution presents itself with its own challenges. However, the true value of an IoT solution lies in its data and the insights it provides to ultimately improve business processes. Altiux works with you for not only developing smart devices but actually integrating them with larger business processes and systems.

Backed by BitChemy Ventures

Altiux Innovations is backed by BitChemy Ventures. BitChemy Ventures is a technology incubation initiative of a large conglomerate operating out of West Africa and India. Its parent company has a turnover of over $USD 1 Billion operating in more than 10 countries and 8 industry sectors, and have been in operation since 1985 in Hyderabad, India.

Moments of Glory

ALTIUX ENABLES SMART AGRICULTURE SOLUTION IN JAPAN: The Analog Devices K.K’s recently piloted Smart Agriculture project in Japan was supported by technology from Altiux Innovations. Altiux provided software technology for sensor nodes and gateway devices by utilizing its ready-to-use software framework called BoxPwr.

ALTIUX DEMONSTRATES THREAD BASED PRODUCTS AT CES: Altiux demonstrated its IoT device middleware framework that incorporates Thread protocol, and enables seamless interoperability between devices running different application layers including Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Open Mobile Alliance's LWM2M at the Consumer Electronics show 2017.

Meet the Trailblazer

Shyam Vedantam, CEO: Shyam is a senior executive with a strong legacy of building businesses and launching multiple technology products and platforms across the Industrial, Automotive, Mobile and Wireless domains for large MNCs as well as start-ups. His previous roles include P&L, technology and general management at Harman International, General Electric and KeyPoint Technologies. Shyam holds an executive MBA degree from IIM Calcutta and a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from Osmania University.

“We take this faith placed in us seriously and provide customers with superior value through our global presence and commitment to quality.”