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Powering the Digital Economy: AppDirect


Founded in 2009, AppDirect is the only end-to-end commerce platform for selling, distributing, and managing cloud-based products and services to succeed in the digital economy.

The AppDirect ecosystem connects channels, developers, and customers through its platform to simplify the digital supply chain by enabling the onboarding and sale of products with third-party services, for any channel, on any device, with support. Powering millions of cloud subscriptions worldwide, AppDirect helps organizations, including Jaguar Land Rover, Comcast, ADP, and Deutsche Telekom connect their customers to the solutions they need to reach their full potential in the digital economy.

Headquartered in San Francisco, AppDirect has offices around the globe and works across vertical industries, including software, manufacturing, value-added resellers and financial services. J.P. Morgan, Foundry Group, iNovia Capital, StarVest Partners, Stingray Digital and Mithril Capital Management who have invested in AppDirect.

The Top-Tier AppDirect Products

Cloud Monetization

  • AppMarket

Today’s business technology buyers expect to be able to find, buy, and manage the software they need in the cloud. However, building a robust digital marketplace can take months, if not years, and costs can quickly go over budget. 

With AppMarket, you can easily sell core services or third-party cloud products through digital marketplaces. The service simplifies complex aspects of selling cloud products with automated billing, provisioning, and subscription management. AppMarket offers the speed to market, low cost of ownership, and ability to scale that service providers’ need in their SaaS marketplace.

  • AppReseller

For SaaS companies, the channel is becoming an increasingly important part of a successful go-to-market strategy. Partner programs can not only open new geographies and verticals but also drive a significant portion of company revenue. However, SaaS vendors need the right technology tools to quickly launch and efficiently manage their partner ecosystems.

AppReseller is an automated commerce portal that enables and accelerates the partner management of referral lead and deal registration, pipeline, commerce, and reporting across channel partners. Unlike partner relationship management (PRM) tools that just enable content sharing and marketing collaboration, AppReseller automates partner management and enables you to rapidly scale channel sales. 

  • AppBilling

AppBilling helps companies drive digital transformation by modernizing their recurring billing infrastructure. For new business lines or to replace legacy business support systems, forward-looking companies are implementing AppBilling's subscription billing platform to achieve critical business outcomes such as time to market gains, reduced churn and increased revenue per user. By making no assumptions about how a company should bill for its goods and services, AppBilling’s open and flexible architecture is ready to support even the most disruptive business model or billing metric with cloud billing solutions.

  • AppDevices

AppDevices, the manufacturing division of AppDirect, is the leader in the delivery, management, and monetization of apps and services for industrial manufactures, enterprise electronics, and automotive OEMs through its connected devices platform.

AppDevices provides a secure, proven connected devices platform enabling industrial manufacturers and enterprises to build agile businesses around value-added software and services. It provides manufacturers with the tools to easily manage complex software licensing, entitlements, and provisioning between people and their devices. It comes with the complete billing and merchandising suite needed to empower customers to discover, use, manage, and buy features, apps, and services. OEMs and device manufacturers can rely on AppDirect to easily distribute and flexible bill for any digital products and services, quickly iterating on their business models with an m2m platform that handles millions of transactions daily.

  • AppDistribution

SaaS distribution is one of the biggest challenges facing today’s software developers. Hiring and training a sales team, creating sales processes, opening regional offices—each of these is expensive and time-consuming, adding unnecessary cost and complexity to your business. 

AppDistribution allows developers to overcome these challenges and focus on what matters most: creating the best cloud-based products and services to meet customer needs. With integration to the AppDirect's cloud brokerage platform, developers can distribute their SaaS applications to a carefully selected network of global marketplaces. Dramatically expand the reach of your applications and access new customers worldwide with AppDistribution's app ecosystem.


Cloud Management


AppHelp delivers IT helpdesk solutions that help cloud enablement, onboard, and support technology services to improve market share, mitigate churn and increase lifetime value.


AppInsights provides real-time reporting of data analytics and visualization through KPI dashboard software that will inform, unite, and drive your company towards meaningful action.


Ensure team collaboration by making the best decisions with access to the latest information from across your organization through an integrated search.


With multiple credentials across multiple users, applications, and systems, managing identity and access management are one of today’s primary business technology challenges. AppIdentity helps companies meet this obstacle head-on, giving organizations complete administrative control over cloud consumption while offering users the most secure and convenient cloud experience available today with enterprise single sign-on.

AppIdentity enables companies to drive organizational productivity and security with a powerful set of tools that includes single sign-on, directory integration, user management, thousands of pre-integrated applications, and much more through an identity management platform.

AppDirect Solutions

Resell Office 365

With more than 60 million users worldwide, Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most successful business solutions ever. To drive this skyrocketing growth, Microsoft relies on a network partner to market and sell its cloud solutions. The Microsoft opportunity is massive, but to be successful, service providers and resellers need to get to market with Microsoft quickly and cost-effectively while offering a best-in-class user experience.

AppDirect is the leading digital commerce platform to sell Office 365 and other popular Microsoft cloud products. AppDirect's advanced digital commerce platform can help companies get up and running with selling Microsoft cloud products within a matter of weeks, instead of the months, it can take with other platforms. With AppDirect, Microsoft resellers can choose from almost 100 Microsoft products—including Office 365, OneDrive, Exchange Online, Azure and more—brand a custom digital marketplace, launch, and start selling.

Moreover, the AppDirect platform allows Microsoft resellers to bundle additional applications from AppDirect’s catalog of more than 270 fully integrated cloud-based business solutions, giving them the flexibility to scale their business and meet changing customer demands.

How it works

The AppDirect digital commerce platform automates critical backend functions—such as billing, provisioning, and activation—essential for selling Microsoft cloud products, saving time and money while improving the customer experience.

In addition, AppDirect provides the fastest, most cost-effective route to becoming a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). The CSP program streamlines selling Microsoft products for all types and sizes of partners, and AppDirect provides a complete end-to-end solution for meeting all CSP criteria.

AppDirect already powers more than one million Microsoft cloud users. With flexible technology from AppDirect, now is the ideal time to start selling Microsoft solutions, or improve the Microsoft experience you already provide.

Resell G Suite

More than 5 million businesses have already “gone Google,” the company’s term for adopting G Suite solutions. Formerly called Google Apps for Work, the suite of popular Google applications—including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more—can help companies increase productivity, enhance collaboration, and save time. 

To drive growth, Google relies on partners to help market and sell G Suite apps. G Suite can offer a lucrative, recurring revenue stream, but service providers and resellers need a digital commerce platform that helps them get to market quickly and cost-effectively while providing a superior customer experience. 

AppDirect offers a powerful digital commerce platform for selling Google's full suite of apps, including popular solutions such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive. With AppDirect, G Suite resellers can get up and running in a matter of weeks, instead of taking months to set up and brand a custom digital marketplace, and start selling. 

Not only that, but the AppDirect platform enables Google resellers to bundle additional applications from AppDirect’s catalog of more than 270 fully integrated cloud-based business solutions, giving them the flexibility to scale their business and meet changing customer demands through a digital marketplace.

How it works

The AppDirect digital commerce platform automates critical backend functions—such as billing, provisioning, and activation—essential for selling G Suite, saving time and money while improving the customer experience. With AppDirect, resellers can offer new Google Apps subscriptions as well as import existing subscriptions to give customers self-serve management capabilities. AppDirect also gives Google resellers the option to provide 24/7 support with white-labeled technical support services.

From any vantage point, now is the ideal time to start selling G Suite, or improve the Google experience you already provide, all powered by flexible technology from AppDirect.

Happy Customers

“We're a contributing cloud foundry, which you could sort of think of as the operating system for the cloud and compliment that, we need someone to step up to the challenge of providing the capabilities of really building a services store that developers and service providers can get access to and that's what AppDirect does for us.”

- Paul Maritz, Executive Chairman

“When we decided to partner with AppDirect, we were looking for a next-generation SaaS platform and we wanted a company that decided to bring together a strong ecosystem with partners, that was taking a strong approach in terms of customer experience and was developing we think a platform that we could scale and evolve within the future.”

- Tim Otton, General Manager of Cloud Strategy & Platforms

“Bringing world class business apps to the demanding and critical SME sector is an important development for Vodafone and I believe that this new service will prove to be a flexible and agile way of introducing new capabilities alongside Vodafone’s services to these important customers.”

- Jeni Mundy, Group Enterprise Product Management Director

Meet the Leaders

Nicolas Desmarais, Chairman & Co-CEO: Nicolas founded AppDirect in 2009 with Daniel Saks, and serves as AppDirect's Chairman and Co-CEO. Nicolas is focused on the evolution of AppDirect's product, investor relations, and overseeing the implementation of new marketplaces for our channel partners. Before co-founding AppDirect, Nicolas worked at Bain & Company as a management consultant focused on media and business services. Nicolas holds a bachelor's degree with a double major in economics and political science from Amherst College. In his spare time, Nicolas enjoys outdoor activities and traveling to new countries.

Daniel Saks, President & Co-CEO: Daniel is President and Co-CEO of AppDirect, which he founded in 2009 with Nicolas Desmarais. Under Daniel’s leadership, AppDirect has helped shape the global ecosystem for cloud services and continues to lead with innovative technology and game-changing partnerships. A sought-after expert in cloud and startup innovation, he was named to the 2015 Forbes 30 under 30 Enterprise Technology list and has spoken at numerous industry conferences, including Web Summit, Collision, CeBIT, and more. Prior to AppDirect, Daniel worked in finance and investment banking and has pursued other entrepreneurial projects. He holds degrees from McGill and Harvard universities.

“Whether you're a global brand or startup, our platform can power all your direct and indirect go-to-market channels.”