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project44 – Leveraging World’s Leading Supply Chain Visibility Platform™ for Shippers and Logistics Service Providers


As the global economy moved into the 21st Century, logistics became a critical part of supply chain management and consumer demand. In less than two decades, logistics management has influenced product movement to meet or exceed consumer demand. Logistics within supply chain management is constantly changing to meet consumer demands and is an essential component of supply chain management. It involves the planning, carrying out, and managing goods, services, and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Logistics aligns the intricate pattern of traffic and transportation, shipping and receiving, import and export operations, warehousing, inventory management, purchasing, production planning, and customer service. Companies see logistics as a critical blueprint of the supply chain. It is used to manage, coordinate, and monitor resources needed to move products in a smooth, timely, cost-effective, and reliable manner.

project44 is the world’s leading supply chain visibility platform, which has helped customers to mitigate relentless volatility, bottlenecks, and logistics breakdowns – including the Suez Canal incident – where customers relied on project44 for real-time visibility into critical events and downstream supply chain disruptions. The company offers the industry's only service level agreement (SLA) around full truckload carrier onboarding that guarantees that 90 percent of a shipper’s contracted truckload carriers in North America and Europe will be live within 30 days of starting implementation. project44 connects all modes of transport across 48+ countries. With more than 800+ ELD and telematics integrations, the industry’s leading carriers and technology platforms have built their modern tracking capabilities and shipment automation programs with its unique Data as a Service (DaaS) model.

Global brands like Amazon, P&G, Starbucks, Unilever, Nestle, Cargill, Lenovo, and The Bosch Group are among the 900+ enterprise customers who trust project44 to provide them with vital shipment information for more agility, automate inefficient manual processes, and, as a result, empower their supply chain resilience.

Revolutionary Logistics Supply Chain Management Solutions and Services Offered

Advanced Visibility Platform™: project44 takes a unique, API-first, and bottoms-up approach to visibility, enabling you to automate processes rapidly, collaborate with stakeholders, and increase performance. project44 was architected to be the supply chain's connective tissue. Over the years, the firm has built the world's most robust multimodal network. The company's approach to global and multimodal connectivity lets you track inventory throughout its entire journey, including truckload, LTL, volume LTL and groupage, ocean, rail, air, parcel, and final mile. The platform automates the complex task of cleansing, normalizing, and enriching data from a variety of network sources into a format everyone can quickly act on it. project44 meets the highest standards of data privacy. Whether your data is in transit or at rest, using project44 strengthens your security. This is a reliable infrastructure complete with numerous redundancies and constant monitoring to ensure consistent access.

Supply Chain Visibility for Shippers: It helps the customers make more effective decisions under pressure with access to high-fidelity transportation data and predictive insights across every step of their global supply chain. The all-new AI-based technology ensures products are available when your customers need them while maximizing throughput, minimizing production downtime, and reducing inventory levels.​ It also helps the customers to make smarter decisions about inventory management, planning, and exception handling using tracking based on the purchase order, line item, or SKU. These insights let you free up cash while streamlining operations. Eliminate costly manual processes. One can continuously track shipments, purchase orders, line items, or SKUs to improve inventory management, resulting in more reliable, predictable deliveries. Grant universal access to transportation data and delivery ETAs by making project44 the single source of truth for your global supply chain. It strengthens planning, reduces dwell times, and eliminates fines by proactively managing lanes, in-transit shipments, and events with custom dashboards and reports.

Advanced Visibility for Logistics Providers: The firm has built the industry's only Advanced Visibility Platform™, so you don't have to. It focuses on helping your customers through market volatility and leaves multimodal carrier connectivity and shipment workflow automation to us. It also helps your customers keep their supply chains on track by removing friction from the process when you share end-to-end visibility insights all without placing any extra burden on your team. With project44's easy-to-use SaaS platform, you can finally retire inflexible, obsolete legacy systems that monopolize development time and require complex integrations. Focus your IT resources on value-added products that will drive more revenue and attract more customers, rather than building and maintaining automation and carrier connectivity.

The Ardent Visionary behind the Success of project44

Jett McCandless is the Founder and Chief executive Officer of project44. He has an overall experience of 20 years in the transportation, logistics space, and supply chain management sector. He has run several supply chain start-ups; his passion for logistics and technology led him to launch project44. Prior founding project44, he was Principal at GlobalTranz, a company with gross annual revenue of $500 million. Mr. Jett's leadership has guided multiple start-ups from ideation stages through expansion.

“project44 was architected to be the supply chain’s connective tissue. Over the years we have built the world’s most robust multimodal network.”