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Acting with high moral character: R2C, Inc. commits to providing the highest quality, responsive solutions to its clients to support the Warfighter


The aircraft industry is undoubtedly continuing to remain the healthiest industrial segment of the economy. There was a brief hiatus in the third quarter of 2010, but aircraft deliveries maintained an upward trend after that. Both military and the civil markets are set to grow through the end of the decade and suppliers with diverse program exposure will continue to enjoy modest top-line growth. Growth of the military aircraft avionics market is propelled by growing defense expenditures of several countries and increasing procurement of newer generation military aircraft.

Significant market shifts will take place within the overall picture of the growth of traffic and aircraft demands. R2C, Inc. provides the highest quality products and services to their clients to ensure its warfighters receive the most advanced, technologically superior tools to perform their mission by which they defend the freedom of life to meet these growing demands. Building on the formula of superior service plus significant cost savings, R2C, Inc. realized its vision of supporting the mission-critical needs of America’s Warfighters in many areas. With extensive capability in systems engineering, integration, program support, testing and evaluation, logistics, modeling, training, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing, R2C, Inc. is poised to support the United States Federal Government, state agencies, and other commercial entities.

In conversation with Robert R. Wilson, Founder and CEO of  R2C, Inc.

Q. How do you feel serving the nation through the different roles of your personal and professional lives?

We are fortunate to live in the greatest nation with the greatest freedoms on this planet. I feel extremely fortunate to be allowed to professionally support the defense and infrastructure of this nation. On the personal side, I have always been an extremely patriotic and loyal citizen. One nation under God are words that inspire and drive me every day.

Q. The supply chain is one of the significant challenges to deal with in the aviation and aerospace industry. Is digitization the answer to better relationships and a more streamlined supply chain?

Digitation is an enhancement of supply chain management. However, nothing will ever fully replace relationships. A good mix of a constantly evolving management process and great relationships will continue to affect supply chain management positively. Understanding we live in a global economy and consistently reviewing processes and procedures for quality management will provide an evolutionary process for an ever-changing global supply chain.

Q. The cyber threat to the aerospace industry is very real. It is strongly linked to the defense industry, how do you make sure you have the most advance security tools to fight cyber-attacks?

The world we live in changed so much in the last thirty or so years. Cyber threats are one of the greatest challenges in the defense industry.

We follow the government’s guidelines. This allows us to look for innovation in monitoring and interacting within our defense community to stay current and improve our processes. These threats evolve rapidly. Staying in front of them is a business challenge. We can only do that with responsive interaction within our community along with experts in the field.

Q. To match the rapidly evolving scope of technology, manufacturers will need to upskill their engineers and designers quickly. Do you have the diverse talent to build and maintain the next generation of aircraft?

We will build upon the reputation we forged as a solution-driven company that provides exceptional value in both our products and services. As we continue to perform at this high level and are easy for our customers to access, we will continue to be successful. It is, therefore, imperative to retain and grow our most important and precious resource, Our People. We will build upon the award-winning corporate culture we created to design a workplace culture that allows our team members to thrive. By building these highly skilled and talented internal teams, we will increase productivity that will catapult R2C, Inc. to future growth.

Q. Do you encourage your employees to involve in community service? What is your contribution to making the world a better place to live?

I believe that with God’s blessings of success, we are meant to use our time and resources to create and sustain strong and vibrant communities that allow for the betterment of all people and provide opportunities for individuals to follow their dreams. For this reason, our R2C, Inc. team members seek opportunities to support professional and charitable organizations at both the local and national levels. We strive to be a good steward of God’s gifts and the taxpayer’s funds and thereby give back to a broad base of organizations.

Q. How do you market your services to have a global presence?

Our primary marketing strategy is a competent mix of good old fashion network and referral approaches. Our reputation along with our people, processes and products speak for themselves and are truly the best marketing tools. We also utilize some gorilla marketing techniques to stimulate our presence in new markets. We are utilizing human interaction, media, and multi-media along with a strong social media presence allowing us to move into a greater presence of global market space.

Meet the leader behind the success of R2C, Inc.

Mr. Robert R. Wilson, a combat Veteran, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of R2C, Inc., an award winning Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business headquartered in Huntsville, AL.

Mr. Wilson provides strategic leadership and oversight for all aspects of the business. He ensures compliance of laws, regulations, and other applicable obligations in which R2C, Inc. conducts business. Mr. Wilson formulates and determines the company’s values, mission, vision, and short-term and long-term goals. He facilitates the integration of the company into the fabric of the community by using effective marketing and communication activities. Mr. Wilson leads and motivates team members to develop, establish, and maintain the company’s award-winning corporate culture which ensures employee engagement and a high performing team.

“We strive to keep pace with technological advances; Quality is our watchword. We are always working to improve our processes, procedures and personnel.”