30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

Redmap: True innovation and automation


“Creating lean, mean process automations that transform businesses, just like yours; Which is how we have helped over 50,000 companies around the world improve to become better in so many ways, since starting back in 1998.”

Automating document production increases efficiency and compliance of large organizations. Organizations that implement document automation save time and use their resources more wisely, as employees can focus on higher value tasks, knowing that their documents are taking care of themselves. Automating document creation and processes will have a brilliant effect on your business. With automation, you can use fewer resources to generate documents quickly.

Redmap started as a small document management business in 1998, and is now an international leader in document automation. Redmap is a software development company founded in 1996. Redmap manufactures software and systems for enterprise content management, electronic document management, and email archiving. It is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia and there are offices in North America, and Asia. Redmap began in 1996, founded by Earl Woolley, Peter Ramensky, AfshinBaktashi and Kurt Carlsen. It started by making document imaging and document management software for the financial services and transport industries in Australia. The focus was initially about providing solutions to small and medium enterprise market.

In 2003, Redmap expanded its offering and launched ManagePoint, a secure, collaborative enterprise content management system. It also entered the email archiving market when it launched CaptureMail.In 2006, Redmap opened offices in North America and Asia.

Arenas it impacts:

Aged Care

Let’s face it. In the Aged Care industry, there is enough to do, enough to worry about, and a shipload of compliance to work through.Efficiency is the dream ticket – and automation is the key.In the past 10 years Redmap has been helping Aged Care business become more and more efficient, pushing efficiency forward so that they can spend their time delivering amazing service and lifestyle to their clients. Imagine only having to interact with 5% of the total invoice volume that you might be having to wade through today.

Here’s how it works technically:

Redmap AP Automation sends invoices for approval based on the location for which the service is delivered, or the role that is assigned to manage that Vendor. That means that the AP / Finance doesn’t need to be across every single invoice approval – allowing them time to focus on so many other opportunities.


The construction industry paperwork trail can be like a massive, tangled ball of string that can easily unravel at any time. Ultimately of course, any construction project is about making a profit, and to get that right, tracking the individual project costs is key.That’s where Redmap comes in. Manually processing invoices? No thanks.

And then there are the costs that weren’t even quoted, keeping compliant with the Security of Payments Act, not to mention the increase of activity at the end of the month… it can be a One Big Hot Mess. Redmap’s solution to automate the vendor invoice processing relies on the PO data in ERP to check invoices. If there is an invoice that doesn’t match the PO, it is sent to the relevant party for authorisation.


The mining industry is one unlike any other.There are myriad moving parts – people and machinery flying in, and flying out, and of course having to manage remote locations out the back of nowhere.So knowing where any one invoice is at can sometimes be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Then there is the challenge of mines status’ changing – from feasibility to production, to care and maintenance. And when these things happen, invoice volumes can explode. That’s not an ideal situation. The Redmap AP Automation for Mining means that our customers can see instantly where their invoices are at.

Meet the CEO Ben Woolley

Ben is obsessed by a few things, but the one he’s most famous for is Customer satisfaction. And golf, that too.He’s often quoted as saying that his role is a blend of firemen and arsonist. While he’s adept at quickly and efficiently putting out fires, and even pre-empting them, Ben is also an expert in lighting a flame to get things moving faster, better, and stronger for our customers. Ben was instrumental in the development of the AP Automation Strategy, and its’ subsequent execution.

There is very little Ben doesn’t know about stripping waste from customers’ document driven processes, and nothing he likes more than seeing a business improve, with customers being amazed at the hours, dollars, and amount of stress they have saved with Redmap’s products and integrations. Ben developed and implemented an OEM strategy for Toshiba worldwide.

“Now that we are well and truly a leader in cloud software, and a preferred Pronto Partner for AP Automation (they don’t give those away too easily), it could be a great time for you to get lean and mean, and transform your own business.”