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RedSky Engineering – From Self-Driving Lawn Mowers, to NFTs and Live Video E-Commerce, Building a Broad Range of Technologies from the Ground Up


WordPress, in most cases the ideal hosting for WP websites. Not only does it provide great performance owing to the fact that it is configured to be highly compatible with WordPress, but it also provides a range of WordPress management features. This makes it very easy for website owners to manage and maintain the website without having to allocate additional resources to do the same. A good website design offers your users simple navigation and engaging content. This makes the visitors satisfied with the services of your website. Moreover, the satisfied clients will be a source of more conversions as they will recommend your business to others as well. Apart from this, they will also become more loyal to your business and will come back again. As a result of which, your ROI would increase.

RedSky Engineering primarily specializes in solving complex technology problems that standard development firms struggle with. The company does not build WordPress sites but instead create one-of-a-kind web and mobile applications that meet your specifications. Previous projects include custom e-commerce with multiple third-party integrations as well as embedded hardware projects like a smart phone that is kid safe and a self-driving lawnmower. They incubate their own ideas with engineering firm, which gives them a unique perspective on how a project should be run given budget and time constraints.

Industry-Leading Services Leveraged by RedSky Engineering

UI/UX DESIGN: A good design not only looks good, but it also feels good. The journey should be smooth from beginning to end. They create unique, custom-tailored designs for your specific needs. RedSky Engineering's UI/UX also lets you segment your audience which is very important for understanding the wants of your audience. Most importantly, a proper understanding of the users makes it simple to convert them into loyal customers. As a result, your actual sales will increase.

App Development: Mobile devices have largely replaced the need for computers. Mobile apps permit the users to have functional access to products, information, process, and services that they would demand in real-time. Moreover, it enables the business to send notifications about changes in products and services or something new. Even without the internet, the apps perform simple functions. Apps are now more important than ever. Many of the users would prefer to utilize an app rather than a website. RedSky can create an app to meet all their client requirements. It doesn't matter if it's for Apple or Andriod.

Web Development: A well-designed website is essential for reaching a larger audience and generating more leads or customers. Using a website, you can collect and read testimonials about your products and services much more quickly and easily. Web development and design help to promote a company’s brand name. You will need a website to actually get your business off the ground. RedSky creates fully responsive websites and web applications using the most recent current libraries and frameworks such as ReactJS, NodeJS, SCSS, and Typescript. Its user-friendly user interface on a website will result in a considerably greater conversion rate, which will translate into more business and profits.

Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance is the important part of professional website development that allows a business owner to get a quality website. Website Quality Assurance (QA) ensures that users get a functional user interface and the best user experience when using a web app or website. It examines a website or web application to try and uncover any flaws that might have been overlooked during design and development. No project will ever be perfect, yet RedSky Engineering's quality assurance team will make sure the product they create exceeds your expectations. Their Quality Assurance team will give suggestions for potential features to improve the user experience.

Engineering: RedSky Engineering has auto cad specialists on board who can bring the clients' thoughts into reality. They can determine the optimum material and design for the product through this process. They will prototype every step of the way from start to finish. Their engineering team can develop and construct anything the clients' desire. They have previously constructed fully autonomous lawn mowers that employ GPS tracking, as well as a 3D printer capable of building houses. These are just a few examples of what they can do.

The Leader Upfront

Mckay Christensen serves as the Chief Executive Officer of RedSky Engineering. He is a designer, developer, and entrepreneur who is excited and loves to push the barriers and explore new technologies.

“We offer a wide range of services over a variety of technologies. Our team can take your project through all the phases you need.”