August Edition 2021

Secure your website seamlessly with Reflectiz’s robust cyber security solutions


In the digital world we live in, it has become very challenging for businesses to keep their personal and customer data secure on the web. Web security plays a major role for businesses because it is extremely important for them to prevent cyber thieves and hackers from gaining access to sensitive information. With no proper security solution in place, businesses are at risk of attack on their website, escalation of malware, and network vulnerability. If a hacker successfully executes an attack, it can spread to other computers, making it very difficult to trace the origin.

Globally there are various cybersecurity firms delivering excellent solutions to keep businesses safe from miscreants, but Reflectiz stands out from the rest. Reflectiz empowers businesses to make web applications safer by mitigating their digital risks without any website impact. The company’s proprietary website security sandbox creates a completely digital application inventory in minutes — the first of its kind. This inventory displays all the external applications used on your website, third party, and beyond. With immediate visibility into every single app, you can map and detect any risky or uncommon behaviors these apps perform. You can also see where your risks are coming from, including all internal or external domains, all of that, without adding a single line of code. Security teams can now really manage the various threats with actionable insights and not just fill their alerts bucket with more unaddressed notifications like they already have from so many other alerts tools.

Reflectiz innovative technology creating solutions for new markets –

The Reflectiz solution can fit any company with online purchasing processes or clients’ login area using sensitive data - from eCommerce, banking, finance, healthcare, and more. No matter if you have one website or thousands. The onboarding process is also a breeze, thanks to the nature of the solution they have created. No code installations are required, and nobody really needs to be trained extensively. Everything can be up and running within days, if not hours. It’s really that simple. Reflectiz’s innovative product provides value from day one without requiring its clients to do anything. By scanning thousands of assets globally, Reflectiz is able to create the biggest web application intelligence inventory. This allows Reflectiz to quickly detect the anomaly and malicious behaviors before they create any damage to clients. Reflectiz generates smart alerts to your security teams for any relevant issues, from supply-chain attacks to unapproved vendor changes. Your security team can then assess and decide which actions to take to mitigate the risk and exposures identified, ensuring your websites are secured.

Reflectiz can scan any given website around the world without a single line of installed code and without any prior configuration, while alternative or competing solutions are currently not providing the full set of capabilities that the Reflectiz solution offers and always require some installation. Reflectiz is planning to stay in the game by giving its clients everything (and more) the competitors are trying to give, but without requiring a single line of code implementation from their side. Simple and secure. Fast and effective.

Anticipated developments

Reflectiz had a successful 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The company is currently in the process of hiring more developers, marketing experts, and sales professionals to prepare for the next stage - hyper-growth. Reflectiz is primarily focusing on the US market, with further organizational expansion expected in late 2021 and beyond. Besides that, Reflectiz is also expanding its reach in Europe with the help of our strategic partners. Reflectiz has recently signed a big deal with Air France-KLM. Lately, Reflectiz has expanded its new website domain security abilities allowing clients to control and manage all of the domains organizations communicate with from one centralized dashboard instead of using external tools. Reflectiz is very dynamic with its feature roadmap because the cybersecurity space is so unpredictable. The company’s main goal is to continue enabling secure digitalization with a holistic approach to managing digital risks and meeting compliance requirements.

Meet the leaders behind the success of Reflectiz

Idan Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder - Idan is a former Cyber IDF officer, with over a decade of Information Security expertise and Penetration (Pen) Testing experience. Following a cybersecurity role in the IDF, he was the CTO of the biggest offensive security company in Israel – Bugsec. This was followed by a stint at Cynet, a blooming XDR startup.

Ysrael Gurt, CTO & Co-Founder - Ysrael is an ultra-orthodox and a well-known ethical hacker with extensive experience in product development and complex problem-solving. Ysrael was ranked at number 22 in Google’s Hall of Fame and his “résumé” includes revealing attacks on Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft and more. In 2018 Ysrael was included in Forbes’ “30 under 30” for his unique hacking abilities and cybersecurity skills. Ysrael is a former team leader at Bugsec.

“Reflectiz keeps online businesses safe by mitigating security and privacy risks resulting from next generation digital applications threats on your website, without adding a single line of code.”