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Rely on Logbull’s Cloud Based Solutions for Exponential Business Growth

 “Our motto is reliability, high value quality service, and customer satisfaction.”

LogBull IT Solutions Private Limited is Cloud IT services and Solutions Company which is a Cloud Computing and Cloud Based Solution and Services provider. Founded in the year 2012, LogBull is focused on Architecting and Executing reliable, secure and optimized business ready Cloud solutions for its High-Tech customers in various domains like Media, Education, and E-Commerce. The Company offers end-to-end, turnkey solutions for enterprises, small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to worldwide and multi-national customers. LogBull partners with Customers to optimize their Application based on Java, PHP, and MySQL on PHP frameworks, ensuring high performance and memory optimization in Cloud and get the optimal leverage of their investment in Cloud.

LogBull has progressed to be AWS Advance Partner this year based on its previous years track record of
success in Architecting and production deployment of medium to large Customer Cloud setups. The Company Basically enables Customers efficiently to have Amazon Cloud as their backbone and helps them to effectively leverage the benefits of a robust, reliable, secure and on demand Cloud infrastructure.

LogBull Services

  • AWS Cloud Consulting – LogBull IT Solutions given its team of expert cloud engineers will evaluate the setup and the advantages and challenges in adopting Cloud. The team can also estimate the effort and time requirement for Cloud adoption and suggest some module from the application stack which can be converted and implemented as a proof of concept.
  • AWS Cloud Engineering – The Company gets a complete review report of present IT setup and propose a detailed plan for migration to or adoption of Cloud setup which helps clients make proper Cloud strategy. The technical review covers all the major layers of the system requirements, such as DNS, CDN, load balancers, web, Cache, application layers, database, storage, security, internal/external integrations and alternate approach, monitoring, backup, deployment, and background programs in the AWS infrastructure.
  • Performance tuning in AWS – LogBull IT Solutions has a team of experts, in performance tuning; they analyze the Cloud setup in an efficient methodical manner both statically and dynamically and identify the root cause of the slow performance. The team also reports what kind of load the setup can handle successfully and scope for other performance improvements.
  • Cloud Managed Services – The vast experience the Company has with end to end AWS technologies and comprehensive deployment expertise helps clients avoid the common and serious mistakes with respect to Application needs; which enables the team to take a holistic approach to resolve issues efficiently and effectively resulting in high availability of Cloud setup. Additionally the process and tools will significantly reduce time to adopt AWS cloud.
  • AWS Contracting Engineering – LogBull IT Solutions can provides a team of skilled AWS engineers on contract, the engineers work at various level for Cloud implementation, this includes working with the client’s technical domain experts to bring the missing Cloud strategy part Or helping them with the details of the plan with respect to Cloud.

Salient Features

  • LogBull provides services which ranges from consulting, architecting, implementation, deployment and support using remote administration.
  • It operates as a single source to provide solutions at all levels including support services, integration, monitoring and management.
  • The Company offers 24x7x365 support with a well defined automated process of alerting, messaging, backups, snapshotting, fast turnaround time on issues etc

A Paradigm for Systematic approach
The Company’s approach first begins with understanding the customer requirement and needs; hence they carry out multiple iterations. LogBull proposes a high level solution where it addresses the need by breaking into smaller sub tasks which includes the time needed to fix the sub tasks and the logical order in which the sub tasks should be taken up. Once the solution is approved, we focus to implement and deliver the project in a timely manner. It ensures regular update. Once the project is towards completion LogBull shares implementation details in project report format, also gives reasonable amount of time for customer testing and bug fixes. Basically they take a process oriented approach and their communication is world class.

What lies ahead
The vision at LBIT is to provide innovative Cloud IT services and solutions to customers with integrity to create a longer term relationship, which enables customers to rely on them. The Company considers serving customers with innovative, efficient and profitable solutions in a cost effective manner so as to provide highest value to its clients as its mission. The Leadership team has a vast experience in serving worldwide customers on-site and offshore across most global geographies and the technical team has more than 25 years of experience serving worldwide and multi-national customers in the areas of Cloud Computing, IT infrastructure, Java Application development and optimization.

“We are focused on providing world class services and solution in the AWS Cloud.”

Knowing the Key Executive

Rahul Prasad, Co-founder & CEO – Responsible for taking decision s at managerial level, Rahul is been also serving the position of CEO at LogBull apart from being the Co-Founder. An alumni of Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Vishwavidyalaya, he has worked in companies such as Apache Design Solutions, Sequence Design and Cadence Design Systems before co-founding LogBull.