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Revolutionizing Sales Training: Matrix Achievement Group


Founded in 2001, Matrix leverages an innovative, comprehensive world-class portfolio of solutions based upon human behavior research.” 

Established with a mission to assist companies in creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Matrix Achievement focuses on getting results. They inspire participants, through the use of innovative content, facilitation and technology, to adopt new behaviors.

Research shows that 75% of CEOs believe that sales and marketing are a constant focal point. However, sales training methodologies have become outdated and ineffective. While sales training is a $20 billion a year industry, research shows that between 70 and 90% of soft-skills training is forgotten within 12 months.

Today’s learners want:

  • Mobile: You want the information when you need it.
  • Microbursts: Information should come in what is commonly referred to as snack bites. Provide the information quickly and make it accessible.
  • Peer-to peer best practices
  • Video – best way to learn quickly

Since opening its doors in 2001, Matrix Achievement has become the client’s first choice because they thrive to provide what today’s learners need to improve skills and increase sales. They provide a tailored development plan that is proven, practical and powerful. Matrix Achievement focuses on getting results. They inspire participants, through the use of innovative content, facilitation and technology, to adopt new behaviors. The company is widely applauded for keeping a focus through the lens of ROI. They build hard-dollar business case analytics, practical application and overall motivators for users and executives.

Located in Memphis, TN, Matrix has a global client list with some of the biggest brands on the planet.

Matrix’s Unique Offerings
Many organizations are faced with the growing challenges of: reduced budgets; remote teams; smaller staff; and a changing selling environment (research shows that buyers are already 70% of their way into the buy cycle before sales people are even contacted).

In order to increase sales, drive margin, build customer loyalty and retain employees, a company needs to be magnifying their single greatest competitive advantage – their sales talent and the skill of effective communication.

Matrix Achievement Group is a world-class provider of comprehensive “end-to-end” integrated solutions platforms that provide cost-effective and measurable results, including:

  • Candidate selection instruments
  • Diagnostics for the sales force and sales person
  • Customized content from industry experts
  • Mobile learning solutions to remotely reinforce and refine skills
  • Resources to equip and engage managers to develop their teams
  • Tailored ongoing development
  • Live facilitation of more than 26 selling skills programs and leadership programs
  • Consulting and coaching

Matrix inspires learners to drive results. They are one of the few development companies that provide a comprehensive one stop shop of sales force development initiatives including:

  • Sales training content
  • Sales management content
  • Diagnostic assessments for sales teams and individuals
  • Hiring instruments
  • Innovative remote development technologies
  • Reinforcement technologies

MX Sales Coach
Sales people aren’t identical, so their training shouldn’t be either. MX Sales Coach is your customized microlearning solution. The company’s proprietary Sales Obstacle Assessment will identify development opportunities and drive the automatic creation of a personalized development plan for each team member. Managers utilize MX Sales Coach to quickly gain insight into individual and team competency development needs and have the tools necessary to coach efficiently and effectively. Customized, microlearning modules deliver selling skills curriculum to mobile devices for on-the-go development.

Company Timeline
In 2001, Matrix Achievement acquired additional content and expertise from a leading development consultant.

In 2002, they acquired research and training content from the estate of D Forbes Ley. This expanded the research, training content and the foundational selling process. The research on human decision making behaviors continues today as buyers continue to shift their buying habits.

In 2003, Matrix Achievement commissioned behavioral scientists to develop a behavioral interviewing instrument (LIGER) for talent selection that now has a database of more than 5,000 sales professionals for benchmarking new candidates.

In 2004, they expanded the client engagement process (sales force diagnostic) into a stand-alone solution that helps companies identify impediments to revenue production and commercialization excellence.

In 2010, Matrix Achievement invented the world’s first web based personalized sales training platform. This platform provides automated development plans that populate premium content from a library of 96 micro learnings.

In 2013, they developed one of the world’s first asynchronous mobile video coaching platforms, known as MX Skill Master. The patent is currently pending on the technology.

In 2013, the company achieved Inc 5000 status.

In 2015, the company entered into a strategic partnership that will enable some of the biggest brands on the planet to achieve cost-effective skill development.

Facts & Figures
13,000 interviews of top sales people and performers have been conducted to date.
Matrix enjoys a 90.32% client retention rate driven by performance results.
More than 90% of attendee’s have rated Matrix courses “the best ever”.

Client Testimonials
“Matrix’ negotiation programs give our sales team a competitive advantage to educate our customer before, during and after negotiations.” – Jill Combs, Medtronic

“Matrix provided an excellent program to add science to the art of sales. It would be impossible to walk away from this training without a strong understanding of how to improve our own sales process. Time and money well spent.” – Keri England, International Paper.

“If you don’t currently use a development tool that brings value to your sales people, they will never grow completely to their potential. Matrix helps make the great salespeople even greater.”
– Peter Paulsen, ZimmerBiomet

The Future Sight
The management team at Matrix has a strategic vision of growth for days ahead in business. They strive to innovate cost-effective remote skill development solutions that meet the needs of sales teams today and tomorrow.

Get in touch:

“We leverage an innovative world-class portfolio of solutions based upon human behavior research in order to inspire and accelerate talent development.”

Servant Based Consulting

Todd Zaugg – CEO/Author/Inventor/Serial Entrepreneur/Sales Performance Expert- A near death survivor, Todd leveraged that experience by removing false limitations created by fear. He has shaped his business by combining his experience as a sales executive in Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial early stage companies (one company was sold for $30 million). He helps his clients apply entrepreneurial insights and focus in order to accelerate sales performance with large sales forces. He likes to tell people “learn from my mistakes”.

MX Sales Coach’s features:

  • Personalized eLearning and tailored development
  • A customized micro learning solution with 96 podcasts
  • Consistent messaging, effective product launches and on-boarding
    • Sustainable sales results by enabling managers to create a habit and then, a culture of development