50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2022

A leading provider of inside sales and multi-channel communication with a combined three decades of experience, superior sales methodologies, and advanced technology: Salelytics


In the highly competitive world we live in, sales outsourcing gives companies the freedom to take advantage of untapped opportunities by leveraging talented additional salespeople and services. The market conditions are highly volatile, so speed, focus, and scalability are important for companies to drive sales effectively and quickly. By working with forward-thinking partners, companies can make use of the latest outsourcing trends. Globally there are various firms delivering excellent services for the sales department, but Salelytics stands out from the rest. Salelytics was founded over 30 years ago to support manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG). From there, it branched into Healthcare to include medical devices & pharmaceutical manufacturers. Some of Salelytics' largest client partnerships today exist in the business-to-business space for financial, logistics, industrial supplies, travel and hospitality, and distribution, to name a few. "Driven by Data, Powered by People" has been Salelytics' mantra since it rebranded to Salelytics almost two years ago. The company believes it really embodies how it best partners with its clients and supports their goals. At the company's core, the focus is mainly on finding hardworking, talented, overachieving individuals. From there, Salelytics leverages a combination of sophisticated sales platforms, enablement tools, and data practices to give them the best tools and resources to succeed.

When the TSR asked Scott Krueger, Chief Operating Officer of Salelytics, about his company's role in helping clients improve their brand recognition through sales, he stated, "We take brand awareness and accountability very seriously. Every year we conduct millions of written and verbal outreaches on behalf of our client partners to help them drive revenues and growth. While we're successful much of the time, not all interactions drive revenue growth. However, the approach, professionalism, and candor we display ALWAYS focus on building our client's brand, image, and standing with every customer interaction."

Success path and key offerings

As a firm, Salelytics is constantly evolving the technologies and processes that intermingle in a cohesive manner to yield positive results for its talented sales and service professionals. Part of the ‘secret sauce’ is Salelytics’ experience and expertise in managing the appropriate mix of tools and technology into the solution to achieve the best possible result. With a seemingly limitless number of options in this day and age, it can be exhausting for sales and service leaders to sift through and organize their options. A major value add many of Salelytics clients speak of is the comfort they have with outsourcing not only the human capital need but also the corresponding technology needs to pair with it. At Salelytics, they can solve for both in a highly customized way. To call out one specific and proprietary solution, Salelytics has developed a patented ‘Super Associate’ application to provide real-time call scoring for associates leveraging its Speech Analytics platform to listen to a selected group of keywords and phrases as specific points within a call. The company doubled down on this application to tie directly into its Gamification platform to provide scoring and tracking to keyword adherence at the Associate level that correlates directly to the sales or service goals of the client. This direct tie-in has dramatically shortened the ramp speed for new associates by up to 50% in some cases.

Salelytics’ unique blend of technology and analytics combined with gritty work ethic has been a highly successful recipe to deliver Sales and Service offerings. Now more than ever, the company’s expertise to execute inside sales solutions is needed to help clients’ businesses adapt and evolve in a meaningful way with the changing times. Salelytics provides five key service offerings to clients, all of which can be customized to drive incremental sales while increasing market share and strengthening relationships with their customers:

Funnel Development: Outbound appointment setting or demand generation (date and time with qualified decision maker)

Team Sell: Clients Field Sales and Salelytics’ Inside Sales resources collaborate to acquire, retain and grow revenues.

Sole Territory Coverage: Salelytics’ Inside Sales Associates independently acquire new customers for its clients.

Account Management: The company’s Inside Sales Associates take over a client’s specific set or segment of customers to retain and grow through Upselling & Cross selling efforts.

Customer/Patient Care: Salelytics’ dedicated care associate supporting Inbound and Outbound needs tied to educating and supporting client’s customer or patient groups.

Leaders behind the success

Brian Seims, President: Brian joined Salelytics as President in early 2019. Prior to being at Salelytics, Brian has been in senior leadership roles for over 30 years in the payment processing and banking industries. He was President of SMS Business Solutions the last 3 years advising payment processing and private equity companies.

Scott Krueger, COO: Scott Krueger has been with Salelytics for almost 20 years, starting his journey in 1999 in Information Technology. In March 2009, Scott was promoted to Vice President of Information Services where he worked diligently to evolve the business with technological advancements in the industry. These efforts enhanced our ability to identify opportunities and propose game-changing solutions for our clients.

Mike Peters, CRO: Mike Peters serves as Chief Revenue Officer for Salelytics since 2020. In this role, he is directly responsible for sales revenues across the company. Mike has more than 39 years of experience in the financial services industry.

Upcoming services and future

All of Salelytics’ solutions can be customized to meet a client’s specific needs. One of the most recent evolutions to its offerings includes a digital human revenue service. Salelytics optimizes a multi-channel approach to customer/prospect outreach to best utilize the right message in the right channel and at the right time to maximize impact. When the TSR asked Scott about the company’s future, he stated that “As many companies re-evaluate the appropriate mix of balancing inside and outside sales, resources during and post a pandemic, Salelytics is uniquely positioned to provide companies guidance, insights, and solutions to move forward in the most effective way to accomplish sales goals.” He furthermore added that “We will continue to prioritize people and treat them as our greatest asset while constantly trying to extend and innovate the tools at their disposal to be most effective. This will be done through a combination of strategic partnerships and internal development to ultimately give the best tools to the best people.”

“From lead management and team selling, to account management and sole territory coverage, we provide solutions that help our partners drive incremental sales, increase market share and strengthen relationships with their customers.”