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Scaling the Broadcast Video and Content Delivery Market through Its Versatile Products and Services: DVEO


DVEO (Digital Video Extra Ordinaire) is a well-respected supplier to leading broadcasters, Telco TV/OTT and cable operators around the world. DVEO has a single branch located in San Diego and focuses on IP Video and thus providing broadcast streamers, modulators, demodulators, low latency encoders, and more.

Founded in 1982, the company is still moving ahead in the market and has always been a private, wholly owned operating unit of Computer Modules, Inc. The sales have been between 5-6 million dollars in the last few years and it is evident that the company will soon move into the global market either directly or indirectly through a combination of independent distributors in various countries, system integrators, and OEM partners.

The founder and other decision-makers were passionate about the potential of personal computers and hence DVEO was set up to help other companies use microprocessor-based products that were developed to revolutionize the computer industry. DVEO set out to create microprocessor peripherals that could be used as “add-ons” to existing computers. It succeeded in this endeavor and in the process became a highly respected pioneer of the computer industry.

Why the Company Is Now In an Infinitude State            

The first product was an accurate real-time clock for computers that kept “human time.” This was a niche it “lucked on to” and thus the company did not realize that computers needed a dock for scheduling tasks at human time slots. Over time this became its specialty. Later DVEO branched off into computer data communication until Cisco came along. DVEO still remains on the market even today because of the high-quality products it produces.

Its first customer was 200+ NBC TV stations across the USA. DVEO felt extremely lucky and amazed at the “take up.” This big order within 3 months of the product intro launched the company to become the next big thing. Customers were amazed at the products and services offered by the company and gave great feedback. But, DVEO also kept its ears open for all those negative feedbacks because it feels that the actual gold is in these feedbacks. Also, DVEO is very open to customizing its products. The company has created a range of unique systems for demanding professional applications that often start out being engineered for a customer’s specific need.

DVEO has been reinvented four times now. At first, it was in the computer peripherals industry. Later the company migrated to the data communications industry and for the last ten years it made a name for itself in the broadcast industry. Presently, DVEO is pivoting into the cloud-based content delivery industry. This shows the evolution of the company and why they are on track to grow to a different level in a new industry.

Future Expansion of DVEO

Being a privately held company, it has 20 full-time employees around the world. Also, DVEO has 11 people in San Diego. Not to mention the four excellent software teams that work-out-of-home and reside in Ft. Lauderdale, Boston, Princeton, and San Diego.

DVEO has traditionally created computer-based video encoders, decoders, and transcoders that will help the company shape itself into a better organization in the future. The latest products are focused on cloud applications in order to meet industry’s requirement. These days it is cheaper to deploy new functions and applications in the cloud than to do it “on premises.” One of its early successful cloud adopters recently said that his organization can deploy new data storage facilities in less than a day and it would take him many days to do the same with on-premises equipment. DVEO’s key individuals said, “To be brutally honest if we didn’t migrate to the “cloud” we would likely be out of business in three to five years”; a brilliant example of the accurate planning of DVEO.

The company is well positioned for the future as it had seen the inevitable migration to IP infrastructure inside television and telco head-ends many years ago and created a family of IP oriented products that will be well suited to this new market for the next few years.

The Innovator Who Opened All Doors for DVEO with His Key Skills

Laszlo (Les) Zoltan, Founder: Laszlo specializes in the Digital Television market. Laszlo has a tendency to stay at the cutting edge of the market by following products and companies via reading many trade publications, attending major trade shows, and maintaining many relationships. This is how he developed his company and created a path for the company to provide disruptive solutions in Digital Television. He has extensive knowledge through his education, including EE and MBA degrees, that is clearly visible in his career.

Ever since he was a child, and even now, he was passionately interested in electronics and computers. Thus, he knew his future path early and followed it. He became the Sales Engineer for Intel and AMD in the late 1970’s. After which he became a Sales Manager for Matrox in the 1980’s. Soon he started being an Independent Sales Rep and Distributor for Matrox, JVC, Hitachi, Panasonic, Pulnix, Discrete, Adobe, and others in the 1990’s.

Laszlo then decided to form his own company while being an independent sales rep in 1982. He saw major growth in his company from the last 10 years that made DVEO a well-known brand in the Broadcast and Content Delivery Industry.

He always follows his goal to stay the course and enjoys the independence he has procured and will procure. He worked his way through the market’s obstacles and challenges for over 25 years now. He will still go on to scale more market share and he says, “You have to drag me out of this place!” This proves his conviction, passion, and dedication for the work he does.

“It’s not the size of a business that counts in today’s business world. What really makes the difference is the relationship oriented service and specialized know-how born of 25 years of successful activity.”