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Scheduling and Time Tracking Made Simple: NimbleSchedule

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

NimbleSchedule was founded in 2012 by Peter Swaniker and has grown since then. Early this year, the company secured $4M in funding from SEEK, an Australian based company. The company serves small to medium sized segment of the market and its product allows companies to manage their workforce more efficiently. NimbleSchedule reduces the time spent not only scheduling employees but also provides employees with a self-service option for managing shift swaps, picking up open shifts and requesting time off.

Why NimbleSchedule
NimbleSchedule provides a relevant and timely solution for some of today’s most paramount business issues. Whether it is
about scheduling a large or small team, NimbleSchedule eliminates mundane and tedious tasks inherent to the way the companies are very likely scheduling now. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, NimbleSchedule is at
customer’s disposal. One can schedule and track employees anytime, anywhere using the web or mobile app. And, the remote monitoring and GPS stamping system provides a fully automated online and mobile time-clocking system.

Everything at the right place, at the right time
NimbleSchedule reduces the time spent not only scheduling employees but also provides employees, with a self-service option for managing shift swaps, picking up open shifts and requesting time off. In addition to this, it also provides an easy to use time management platform that interfaces with payroll systems such as ADP.

Super Simple Scheduling: Say goodbye to spreadsheet, notebook and break-room paper schedules. NimbleSchedule is a better way. Quickly view, manage, and approve time off, overtime and shift-swap requests in real-time, all from the computer or mobile device.

Multi-Department and Location Flexibility: Set-up the account with just one or multiple locations and departments. Seamlessly create, manage and share schedules for all divisions within every department. Enjoy at-a-glance dashboard views for fast and easy assessment of employee availability.

Open Shift Rosters: Make it easy for employees to pick-up open shifts with a click of the mouse. Post an open shift and select which interested employee gets to pick it up. Alternatively, set-up open shifts on a first come, first served basis.

Dropped Shift Replacements: Employees who elect to drop a shift or request time off can do so automatically through their employee dashboard. Once approved, the dropped shift becomes an open shift and communicated instantly to the entire team, who can then choose to pick-up the open shift without manager involvement.

Shift Swapping: Nimble Schedule allows employees to trade shifts amongst themselves. Team members can find a colleague to cover all or part of their shift with just a few key strokes. Managers then approve or deny the shift swap request. It’s that easy!

Partner Integrations
NimbleSchedule built its infrastructure on an open-ended API architecture system, allowing for seamless integration with some of the most reputable and like-minded businesses around. It takes pride to have partnerships with the finest companies and have created a client-centric ecosystem for providing a complete business solution to the customers. The company has a strategic partnership between Lightspeed, Kounta, QuickBooks, BambooHR, EPSON, Zendesk, Gusto, SyncHR, ADP and others.

The Client Spectrum
The company targets segments like services, retail, hospitality and sub-acute healthcare. Accenture, Amadeus, Academy of Motion Sciences, City of Chandler are its big clients. It develops the products in a customer centric manner and the feedback from the customers helps to drive the features it develops. NimbleSchedule is investing in machine learning as a way to further automate its scheduling capabilities.

“NimbleSchedule is the perfect solution to our scheduling issues. It clears up a ton of confusion. Thank you so much.”
– Mary D, Ventura, CA

“NimbleSchedule had made scheduling my team a lot easier on everyone. I am working to train other departments too because I am sure it will help them.” – Pete A, Chicago, IL

“We’ve saved a lot of time and money by scheduling our employees more efficiently with NimbleSchedule.”
– Angie L, New York, NY

“I have found NimbleSchedule to be extremely effective for increasing efficiency. A big plus is its detailed reporting and ability to easily schedule people across departments and locations.” – Sheila L, Seattle, WA

Meet the Key Executive

Peter Swaniker, Founder, CTO and Chairman: Peter is the Founder and Chairman of Nimble Software Systems which he founded in 2012. He has been involved in all stages of the product development of the business since then. In particular, Peter has driven the product strategy and led the development of key product lines. Prior to founding Nimble Software, Peter held senior technical roles at various companies such as International Rectifier, Kelley Blue Book and Peter holds a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Statistics) degree from the University of Ghana and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine