30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2020

Securing Industrial Networks - CLAROTY


Clarity for OT Networks

The company was born and raised in the world of Modbus, Profibus, and DeviceNet. It thinks in S7 and dreams in DNP3. CLAROTY goes beyond Ethernet/IP into the realms of the most arcane fieldbus and serial protocols. No corner of the ICS network is dark to it and no event remains misunderstood.

We’re not just ICS cybersecurity experts. We’re native OT speakers and fluent in every protocol,” says CLAROTY.

CLAROTY’s Platforms

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform

Claroty’s integrated ICS suite protects the safety of people, assets, and critical processes from cyber attacks. The platform provides security teams with extreme visibility into industrial control networks, real-time monitoring, network segmentation, control over the employee and 3rd party remote access, and integration with existing SOC, cybersecurity and network infrastructure.

Continuous Threat Detection

Gain extreme visibility into ICS networks with the most comprehensive threat and vulnerability monitoring available. Automate network segmentation and leverage investments in existing NW infrastructure for advanced OT protection. Zero impact on underlying operational processes.

Secure Remote Access

A single, managed interface through which all remote users connect and authenticate before performing software upgrades, periodic maintenance, and other system support activities. Safeguard your network from threats introduced by unmanaged and unmonitored remote access.

Enterprise Management Console

It is a centralized management interface that aggregates data from all Claroty products across multiple sites and displays a unified global view of assets, activities, alerts, and access requests across complex SOC deployments.

Security Posture Assessment

It is the ideal tool for consulting and security teams wanting to conduct an assessment of a plant or operational environment. This solution ingests a network capture (PCAP) file and generates a comprehensive report detailing the industrial network, its assets, and deep insights including CVEs, configuration, and other weaknesses.

Advanced CoreX Technology

Claroty's advanced CoreX engine powers the Claroty Platform and is the foundation on which Claroty's integrated suite of products is built on. It was specifically designed to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations in large, complex industrial networks.


CoreX establishes a high-fidelity baseline model of the OT network and employs advanced, behavior-based anomaly detection, coupled with a powerful intrusion detection engine to rapidly discover known and unknown threats. The system continuously monitors OT environments for changes and analyzes the network to uncover vulnerabilities by engaging Claroty’s proprietary knowledge base.


The sophisticated visualization engine depicts network nodes and communications pathways down to the lowest levels of the OT network–down to the serial and fieldbus networks that control physical processes. Advanced filtering combined with active animations delivers a complete picture of the network and how nodes are communicating.

Data Collection

With multispectral data collection, CoreX analyzes industrial networks and provides nearly 100% visibility into the OT environment. Using proprietary dissectors for all major IT and ICS protocols and configuration files, the system safely extracts fine-grained details about both IT and industrial assets in the OT network, discovers how the assets are configured and communicating, and deciphers the automation system conversations across serial and IP-based networks – all the way down to the I/O level.

Precise Data Collection

A precise understanding of the OT network is a foundational requirement and Claroty’s multispectral approach leverages multiple data collection modes to safely provide nearly 100% visibility even in the most complex use cases. With multispectral data collection, customers can employ one or multiple modes to meet the unique technical, operational, deployment and cost requirements present in different industrial environments.

Scalable Architecture

Claroty's advanced CoreX engine was specifically designed to ensure safe, secure and reliable operations in large, complex industrial networks and is fully tuned to support multiple use cases, technical constraints, and environments including sites with limited computing power, requiring a smaller physical footprint, and scenarios where communication over low-bandwidth links is necessary.

The Leading Man

Amir Zilberstein, Co-founder & CEO
Amir Zilberstein is the Co-founder and CEO of Claroty and a pioneer in the OT security market. Before Claroty, Amir co-founded Waterfall Security Solutions–a manufacturer of high-end security gateways for the critical infrastructure markets.  Earlier, Amir co-founded Gita Technologies and before that he managed a team of exceptional researchers and developers in an elite cyber unit of the Israeli Defense Force. Amir is the inventor and author of more than ten patents, most of which are in the field of cybersecurity. He holds a BSc and an MSc in Computer Sciences and Mathematics with Honors from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, Israel.

“Claroty was conceived to secure the safety and reliability of industrial control networks that run the world from cyber-attacks. The Claroty Platform is an integrated set of cybersecurity products that provides extreme visibility, unmatched cyber threat detection, secure remote access, and risk assessments for industrial control networks (ICS/OT).”