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With its results-driven services, Seek Social is your answer for all the digital marketing problems


For a business’s growth, digital marketing can serve as a valuable asset. It will also help you to establish a compelling online presence and increase brand awareness. The enormous growth of the internet has increased people’s time spent online, and it has become an integral part of life. We can find customers online, so this highlights the need for digital marketing. People spend their time on the internet, checking social media, browsing for products, and making purchases. If you fail to have an online presence, then you might lose your potential leads to your competitor. Digital marketing is an integral part of a business because you can drive better results through campaigns and track the campaigns’ ROI.

Digital marketing is a viable opportunity for your business, and firms like Seek Social provide best-in-class services to deliver valuable results. Seek Social uses all of their digital marketing expertise and experience to deliver amazing products in line with any brief a client may send them. Initially, the company focused on social media services, but now they offer a plethora of services, which include Web Design, App Development, SEO, Online Paid Advertising, Email Marketing Support, and more. Seek Social is a dedicated digital marketing team that will work with you to make your online presence be more than just a web page.

In conversation with Paula Braiden, Co-Founder and CEO of Seek Social

Q. Some companies still observe digital transformation as a blind challenge. Do you think digital transformation is mandatory to create growth and increase business value?

I do feel that any business out there would benefit from going online and into the digital business space, and there are statistics that back that view up. Nevertheless, I also know that there are businesses out there for whom ‘the old fashioned way’ still works - and I don’t see a need to abandon an approach that’s working just because it’s ‘old.’ Instead, what we advise in those situations is to use digital marketing to support and enhance these more traditional methods.

Q. How can SMEs benefit from your digital marketing services? Explain.

The most costly thing for any business is the acquisition of customers. Seek Social are specialists in this area, and we provide great ‘bang for your buck.’ We’ve looked into this with some of our larger clients and found that we can provide the same results in terms of lead generation and conversions with just 3 or 4 people, as a more traditional approach can with 10. What’s more, with conventional methods, you have to go networking, find people, build a rapport with them and then come to an agreement. All of that can take anywhere from one to six months. Online it’s much more immediate – the same agreement can be reached in a week, maybe even less.

Q. Tell us about your branding and content development services. What is your approach in transferring a message to the world about your client about what they stand for?

We take this immensely seriously. It’s not a fast process because you need to first find the truly good ideas for a brand, and then combine those ideas with real-world data analysis that backs it up. If you don’t do this, you end up with something that might look great, but that won’t produce results or stand the test of time. People also forget just how big an impact can be had via social media. That’s great, but with that opportunity comes the need to be your own quality control. Marketing material can be out there as quick as you can think of it now, but if you make one spelling mistake, get the colors wrong on an image, etc., it’s all too easy to destroy what you’ve been building up.

Q. Despite the promise of digital transformation to drive operational efficiency, Cybersecurity is still the top concern of many. How do you deal with increased risks?

We limit risk as much as possible, following cybersecurity guidelines and best practices. We don’t have all our data stored in one place, we limit access to only those that need a given tool or folder, and we use as much core security as we can, stopping all of the common avenues of attack. If someone really wants to get in, despite these measures they will get in eventually. However, we mitigate this by organizing things so that if we detect a breach, we can contain it in one area and stop it spreading.

Q. There are other reputed companies in the market. How are you a better service provider?

In many cases, we’ve worked in our competition’s companies - or at the very least seen what they can do - so we know what we’re up against. That said, we know that there are some amazing talents out there too. We’re not arrogant enough to say we’re the absolute crème de la crème of every digital agency out there, but I would say that we’re a fantastic company and an amazing team in our own right, and that we know we can help a lot of people!

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

With the impact of COVID-19, we’ve noticed email funnels really making a comeback. Now, technically it’s not a ‘new’ service, but with the way we’ve revamped how we use them with data analysis, it really feels like one – and our clients are seeing significant benefits as a result!

Meet the leaders behind the success of Seek Social


The executive level of Seek Social is actually made up of a husband-and-wife team who have worked in the industry for over ten years each. Both Paula (who founded the business) and Dean escaped careers in the corporate world to run their own business in Seek Social.

“We know the struggle of searching for a dedicated digital marketing specialist that can customize the plan to fit your preferences. Our purpose has always been to supply superior results-driven services.”