February Edition 2021

SevenPoints Consulting – Bringing business know-how and Salesforce expertise to solve your businesss problems


Salesforce is a vast cloud-computing platform, and just figuring out where to begin with it - can be a daunting task. It has multiple implementation partners, one of which is SevenPoints Consulting. They are passionate about the transformative power of cloud-computing technologies and are convinced that many companies will move the majority of their business applications to cloud-based platforms over the next decade.

SevenPoints was created to guide the customers to cloud technologies that are right for their businesses and to derive maximum value from their cloud technology investments. SevenPoints is a implementation partner and experienced in delivering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and projects. Their certified Salesforce consultants and experienced delivery teams excel at providing solutions that drive the sales and support operations to new levels of excellence.

The company’s experienced team helps you define an implementation roadmap, complete with goals and detailed requirements to get their clients to the desired destination. The clients can build their own solution on SevenPoints’ Agile-based development process with multiple prototype reviews during development. SevenPoints pride themselves in their problem-solving ability using the platform and all it's related applications. Here are a few areas in which they are excellent.

Sales & Marketing Automation

The sales and marketing teams usually need to work together and stay in alignment with each other to win most deals. SevenPoints has the best experts who can help define best practices for marketing automation using Pardot, forecasting, quoting, and ordering solutions to meet your business needs.

Customer Service With Service Cloud

Finding the right customers is a long-term task, and retaining them is a even bigger challenge. You have to keep delighting them with outstanding customer service with reliable, transparent, and fast resolution of issues. SevenPoints has an experienced team that shows its clients how to stay on top of issues, keep customers happy, and engaging them through the support lifecycle through multiple communication channels.

Custom Apps For Your Business Needs

Every business is unique, and it cant be met with generic software solutions. Enterprises must always have customized solutions for their customers, offering them a personalized experience to stay ahead. SevenPoints' experienced architects and developers are known to design solutions to fit client’s needs while taking advantage of the robust and secure platform.

Empower Your Customers

SevenPoints believes in deeper collaboration and staying in touch with its clients’ customers and partners. You can create more worth by allowing your collaboration partner more freedom, allowing them to be a part of your eco-system by letting them contribute to issue resolutions, knowledge articles, and so much more. They should be able to self-serve without waiting on you because information must be available readily. SevenPoints delivers with this too.

About the Founders

Raaj Shinde, Co-founder

Raaj brings over 30 years of international sales experience and software development to the table. He is a skilled technologist and strategist and loves to help clients chart a path to success with He is a well-accomplished change agent, visionary, and leader with 20+ years of leadership experience in Technology, bearing direct revenue responsibility ranging from startups to $75M. Raaj has a broad background in all aspects of domestic & international business, including R&D, Sales, Service Delivery & Operations. He has the ability to grow revenues, reduce costs, and turn-around operations, and also has a track record of building and leading high-performance sales/technology teams and creating environments to drive exceptional results.

Jim Mcgrath, Co-founder

Jim is passionate about the value of cloud computing and how will help your company market, sell, and retain customers better than ever before. He has over thirty years of broad business leadership experience in the enterprise software and professional services industry. He is well versed in sales process optimization and sales operations management across a global Salesforce. Jim has been a technology and sales executive with a proven track record selling and delivering complex technical solutions and managed product-related professional service delivery and project/program management for global multi-million dollar lines of business. He has accomplished operational executive with organizational and business process standardization and optimization expertise.

“Our experienced team will help you define an implementation roadmap, complete with goals and detailed requirements to get you to your desired destination.”