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Smart Companies using Salesforce Win with WisdomEdge

“Headquartered in Orange County, California, WisdomEdge enables others to fly on the Salesforce platform by transforming knowledge and experience into wisdom & delivering it in a way that makes a difference.”

WisdomEdge, formed in Oct 2013, is a Salesforce Professional Development Organization (PDO), Cloud Alliance, and AppExchange partner. Having completed hundreds of CRM projects independently since 2001, the Company is now onboarding its 50th CRM customer and 12th ISV Customer. Sixty years of combined experience and with over 500 projects delivered, WisdomEdge is nothing short of a veteran in the field. The average lifecycle of a CRM project is 2-3 months for a single phase, while an ISVs v1.0 engagement is 4 months. The majority of customers engage
WisdomEdge for a minimum of one year to ensure transition and full adoption to the Salesforce cloud ecosystem.

WisdomEdge Services

CRM Expertise: This includes implementations and optimizations on the Salesforce platform, ranging from initial onboarding to multi-phase rollouts and support, maximizing platform capabilities and extending the platform with custom development and integration services.
ISV Enablement: This includes complete product lifecycle delivery built or integrated with the Salesforce App Cloud including initial ideation through Security Review and ongoing roadmap support, both OEM and public / private AppExchange offerings.
Cloud Advisory: This includes specific guidance in developing and delivering projects with internal staff teams. Ranging from CRM strategy, KPI evaluation, role development, platform innovation to ‘user & device’ experience.

Outstanding traits of WisdomEdge
The WisdomEdge way includes deep principal engagement, helping educate, translate, and engage leadership. The personal UX focused approach delights leaders and users. The Company’s broad expertise in the growing Salesforce ecosystem, as both a CRM and PDO partner, sets them apart from competitors. Also, with Salesforce’s certifications and required maintenance exams, WisdomEdge has staff members going through some type of exam at least once a month to gain and maintain credentials. Committed to maintaining a 100% certified team, unlike many of their contenders, ensures that all the WisdomEdge team members maintain their certifications and are always working towards gaining additional certifications in developing areas of expertise.

TimeValue is Among the Delighted Customers
With an impressive Customer Sat Score of 9.2, WisdomEdge surveys active clients monthly during their engagement to ensure satisfaction. WealthHub, FaceFirst, Articulate and TimeValue are a few of their happy customers. As an example, WisdomEdge assisted TimeValue in bringing TValue for Salesforce [integration of Salesforce and TValue] to market leveraging the flexibility Salesforce provided within Sales and App Clouds. Having already established product maturity over 30 years as the desktop leader, TValue was seeing an opportunity to enhance the customer experience for Salesforce customers. TimeValue selected WisdomEdge based on their combined ISV and CRM experience which added great context for a stellar end-user experience within existing business processes. The Salesforce integrated solution will help thousands of mutual TValue and Salesforce customers sell faster by eliminating errors, automating quoting and enriching data with the customized time value calculations.

“The WisdomEdge team provided the knowledge, expertise and guidance needed to arrive at a solution that would enable Salesforce users to access the flexibility and power of TValue calculations. We are very excited about the result of our collaboration and feel that TValue for Salesforce will provide a powerful business tool for our TValue customers using Salesforce for their CRM.” – Jeff Roberts from TimeValue

Wisdom Shared
WisdomEdge’s experience enables clients to leverage a wide range of capabilities on the Salesforce platform and ecosystem which in turn provides better value, a great user experience, and an accelerated path to revenue. For an ISV, the Company helps them utilize the Salesforce App Cloud to build their product – as well as – build their marketing, sales, and support business around the product on the #1 CRM. Whereas, for a B2B company, WisdomEdge helps maximize the Salesforce platform for their data security, business process, and mobile enablement while providing deep expertise in integrations, web services, and the complimentary apps in the ecosystem – some of which were brought to market with the help of WisdomEdge.

Client Dimension
WisdomEdge serves smart companies, creating an impact on customers, employees, vendors and even partners. The Salesforce ecosystem serves all customers – internal and external and the Company focuses on helping clients achieve high customer adoption. The Company aligns best with SMB organizations who see themselves as technology companies, regardless of their industry and supports their commitment to the #1 CRM platform, accelerating the best user experience, innovation, and value their customers and partners demand. Clientele includes great ISV brands like Help Scout, Wistia, SpecRight, and WealthHub adding value to the AppExchange ecosystem to others like CrossFit, Articulate, and FaceFirst who leverage CRM for their own ecosystem of customers, partners, and vendors.

The Future To-do List
WisdomEdge looks forward to launching new offerings geared to improve user adoption and the client’s customer experience. This includes a focus on change management as Salesforce customers and partners make the switch from Classic to Lightning, from desktop to mobile, and from a centralized control to a collaborative culture.

Supporting these initiatives:

  • Upcoming UX lab to provide hands-on demonstration and training on multiple devices
  • Enhanced Strategic Partner Program focused on offering more complementary solutions
  • Launch of the WE Advisory program to enable leaders to collaborate on key initiatives
  • Product Quick Starts for accelerated ISV client success across sales, service, release and renewals


Fig:- Left to Right : Amy Murray, Founder & President; Ethan Weitz, Customer Success Manager

Meet the Executive

Amy Murray, Founder & President – Amy is a Founder of WisdomEdge and has focused on helping clients optimize relationships for over 20 years. Recognized as #275 in the First 500 Program for Salesforce Certifications, she has been dedicated to the platform since 2001. Leading companies in their CRM approach to incorporate the platform into their overall marketing and sales strategy, from process re-engineering and system integration to numerous business turnarounds, Amy provides strategic guidance to ensure customers achieve quantifiable results.

“We work with clients to deliver exceptional outcomes with integrity and innovation on the Salesforce platform.”