10 Fastest Growing Data Analytics companies 2018

Spearheading Data Analytics in Business Management: ScienceSoft


In the era of the internet, we constantly deal with data. Whether it is social media, e-commerce or any of online services available today, there is a large amount of user data generated each day. Additionally, businesses generate mounds of data as they carry out their daily operations. This makes data analytics step forward.

ScienceSoft USA Corporation is a Texas-based provider of data analytics services with offices in the European Union and Eastern Europe. In data science for 29 years, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include IT consulting, software development, CRM and loyalty, knowledge management, information security and more.

In an interview with the CEO of ScienceSoft

How did your company go from being an IT consulting and custom software development company to becoming one of the fastest growing data analytics firms?

ScienceSoft has always focused on data analytics. When we incorporated this company 29 years ago, we focused on data science. As far back as the 90s, we had over 35 patents in AI and pattern recognition. But we have not limited ourselves to data analytics only. Our service portfolio has been constantly growing to encompass consulting, implementation and support for CRM and loyalty, knowledge management, information security and 15+ other directions. But throughout these years, data analytics always remained a priority for us.

It’s clear that customer requirements have been constantly changing throughout these 29 years, following the evolving challenges that their businesses faced. We’ve never stopped monitoring emerging trends in data analytics and kept enhancing our competencies to satisfy our customers’ changing needs. That’s how business intelligence became a part of our service portfolio in 2005. And in 2013, we further expanded our offerings by adding big data into it.

To bring in even more competence, as well as technical expertise, ScienceSoft partnered with Microsoft and Amazon Web Services. The partnership with the former was marked with Gold Microsoft Competency in Data Analytics.

How does ScienceSoft propel growth for its customers?

Simply put, we help our customers to convert their traditional and big data into actionable insights and always make our customers’ requirements a cornerstone of our business. We are all set to deliver an all-embracing package of services ranging from big data strategy development to implementation and support as well as join a project for a certain stage. To solve analytical challenges that our customers face, we offer a wide portfolio of services.

For those customers who contact us for BI consulting services, we develop the whole environment or an element of a robust environment that allows clients to make accurate data-driven decisions. We implement a data warehouse and OLAP cubes and strengthen them with a visualization tool. Our organization makes it a point not to miss an important trend and see all the important KPIs at a glance on one dashboard with drill-down opportunities. In addition to business intelligence, data visualization has deserved an individual place in our service portfolio, as our customers frequently request either a health check of their existing solution or an entire data visualization undertaking from scratch.

Data governance is another service that has expanded our portfolio. In order to ensure that data is clean, reliable and accessible by authorized employees only, we develop data governance strategies that cover data quality assurance, data security and data management procedures. If customers have a need for advanced data analysis, we are ready to support them no matter what type of data they need to analyze: customer, sales, marketing or finance. And finally, since 2013, we’ve been rendering big data consulting services, helping our customers to develop a solution concept and architecture to select the technology stack which satisfies their business needs.

What are the technologies that your company works with?

Since we have a lot of different services in our portfolio, the list of technologies that we work with is extensive. Here are some of them:

  • Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Business Intelligence for a data warehouse
  • Microsoft SQL Analytics Services, Oracle Business Intelligence Suite and Sisense for OLAP cubes
  • Microsoft Power BI Tableau, Qlik View and Kyubit Business Intelligence for data visualization
  • Apache Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Redshift for big data analytics

These days, the developers’ communities look at the limitations of the existing technologies or the gaps in the market and come up with brand-new technologies to fill them. Currently, this is particularly noticeable in the big data sector. In light of this, we catch up with the rapidly developing landscape, as new technologies can result in faster data processing or architectures containing fewer components.

What are your thoughts on big data? It seems to be the latest buzzword

I certainly think that big data is not just a philosophical concept, as we have real customers who contact us to address their real big data-related challenges and those who request a solution design and implementation from scratch. This leaves me no room for doubt regarding the practical value of big data.

Meet the CEO of ScienceSoft

With a degree in Business Management, Mr. Brantley has over 20 years of management experience in the financial and IT services sectors. Today, he brings in his strategic planning skills and innovative thinking as the CEO of ScienceSoft USA and manages the company’s business activities in the US and Canada.

“Our mission is to propel growth using advanced data analytics.”