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Strengthening your resistance against cyber attacks: MazeBolt

thesiliconreview-matthew-andriani-ceo-founder-mazebolt“MazeBolt believes you can only have a serious defensive security posture when you understand in-depth your current security position and its vulnerabilities”.

MazeBolt was established in the year 2013 by Matthew Andriani. The company is headquartered at Ramat Gan, Israel. MazeBolt was created to proactively and quickly identify a company’s external cyber threats. MazeBolt designed a cyber threat assessment platform to the latest and ever evolving cyber threats and ensure the delivery of the best threat assessment technology available in the market.

Foundation of MazeBolt

There was an understanding that relying only on a range of defensive security products is ineffective in today’s world. What is needed rather, is a dynamic plan of continuous proactive testing and configuration fine tuning of defensive products, guided by a knowledgeable and an experienced professional security partner. Today many small and large enterprise companies rely on MazeBolt’s technology to validate and strengthen their resistance to cyber attacks.

MazeBolt’s first success was DDoS testing—Creating the defacto industry standard of BaseLine and APT DDoS testing methodologies.

MazeBolt’s first customer feedback to its DDoS testing platform was quick and extremely positive. 

Because of the company’s scalable platform and methodology, it quickly acquired a set of medium and large organizations including NASDAQ and fortune 500 companies. The same companies drove MazeBolt to create more threat assessment products and which accelerated the company to expand its threat assessment and awareness products into  the three main areas of cyber threat assessment - which includes not only a DDoS testing platform but also phishing simulations and awareness, and vulnerability scanning too. Each of these products has a well defined and clear methodology proprietary to MazeBolt’s threat assessment and threat awareness practices. 

Phishing Simulation and Awareness -Will quickly begins raising the level of employee awareness to phishing attacks throughout the customer’s organization using the MazeBolt phishing simulator module and methodology.

Vulnerability Scanning- Identifies vulnerabilities on the perimeter of an organization and proactively work to strengthen online services to cyber attacks. The company’s innovative scanning technique automatically avoids false Positives and allows an organization to focus on real threats.

“We strengthen our customers cyber security resistance to cyber attacks through continuous innovation and by addressing the most pressing cyber security issues our customers need to identify and mitigate ahead of time”. It wasn’t the easy way!

The company strived very hard to keep to its vision; the company works directly with its customers to address their cyber assessment and awareness needs in MazeBolt’s products. Customers grew with the company’s product and with that the products MazeBolt’s customer base increased. The company addresses its customer’s cyber threat assessment and awareness concerns more holistically and accurately than competition with other vendors in the same sphere. ‘We can only do this by harmonizing our customers feedback and data analysis with the evolving cyber threat landscape and quickly matching that to our customer needs,’ the SOC team states. 

MazeBolt’s team is considered a world leader in DDoS expertise and has assisted many large scrubbing centers, financial, governmental and ecommerce companies in both validating and designing proprietary mitigation techniques in the DDoS field. 

MazeBolt’s phishing awareness program today is also used by many of the largest multinational enterprises worldwide. Its unique training methodology and unparalleled scalability allows MazeBolt to deploy to the largest and most complex environments. 

Challenges faced by MazeBolt was mainly with the market penetration in the first two years, this continued to be a biggest challenge but over the last 12 months they saw a significant increase of sales which was directly correlated in the awareness of the MazeBolt brand. The company’s methodologies are designed to work with its products to increase organizations resistance to cyber attacks. This led MazeBolt to taste success year on year. 

“Maintaining a solid cyber security company and client base, means adapting to the rapidly changing landscape and carefully monitoring customer’s needs, for both we need an extremely skillful and agile team”.

The road map for MazeBolt’s success is the company evaluates its direction on a continual basis. The company has adapted its product as needed to keep up and in some cases ahead of the cyber threats on which it validates. 

Customers are significantly more secure when using MazeBolt’s threat assessment platform, “we see firsthand, the progress each customer makes in strengthening their resistance to cyber attacks using our platform and methodologies.”

“MazeBolt provides invaluable insight to security personnel to take the correct technological and policy decisions. I’ve seen that customers using MazeBolt, have significantly strengthened their organizations resistance and awareness to cyber attacks,” says Matthew. 

The company assists in improving mitigation vendor technologies simply by utilizing the MazeBolt platform. Many mitigation vendors were not subjected to such scrutiny in the past and when a large organization utilizes MazeBolt’s platform, those vendors are forced to patch previous vulnerabilities in their products. 

Meet the CEO 

Matthew Andriani, CEO/Founder: Matthew’s vision for MazeBolt is to bring customers an unbiased, vendor neutral, clear and realistic picture of their cyber security posture.

Matthew emphasizes that through MazeBolt the customer’s defensive security posture will be evaluated through a sound testing platform and methodology, and not by simply theoretical analysis. Prior to founding MazeBolt, Matthew held various managerial, research and engineering roles in Radware, Corrigon and Checkpoint Technologies.

“Our threat assessment technology coupled with its unique methodology provides a way to globally manage assess and proactively strengthen an organizations resistance to cyber attacks”.