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Taking Cloud Security to A Whole New Level:


We are secure cloud for business. It’s what we do.
Our Cyber Secure Cloud PlatformTM is the only cloud that combines an enterprise-grade architecture featuring multiple Tier IV data centers and a security configuration with intrusion detection and intrusion prevention services.’s secure cloud infrastructure features ISO 27001, PCI 3.1 certification, and HIPAA compliance for cloud-enabled solutions.

We provide “White Glove” Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Security as a Service (SECaaS), and a host of Managed Cloud Services. We are here to provide the solutions and support that allow your company to thrive utilizing the Secure Cloud.

How Ensures Customer Compliance
The guidelines of the HIPAA standard for security and privacy of information are quite broad. WHOA helps empower compliance for healthcare providers by providing access to:

  • Secure Cloud-Based Infrastructure. WHOA’s secure cloud is built from the ground up to provide strong security using industry-leading technology. From best-in-class firewalls, to strong data encryption (at rest and in flight), antivirus & malware protection systems, WHOA’s cloud is purpose-built for protecting data against threats.
  • Advanced Intrusion Prevention Systems. With WHOA’s Threat Observation PlatformTM, healthcare companies can see all inbound data threats, including attack type, point of origin, and threat severity.
  • Suite of Security Services. WHOA’s secure cloud ensures HIPAA compliance services inclusive of Vulnerability Scans, Pen Testing, Web Application Firewall (WAF), Patch Management, File Integrity Monitoring, and Encryption.

Using these and other tools available from WHOA, healthcare providers can meet their HIPAA compliance requirements, all while protecting themselves from growing cybersecurity threats. “This illustrates how is dedicated to Patient HealthCare and the Healthcare Industry as a whole by successfully becoming HIPAA Compliant on all of our Cyber Secure Cloud Platforms,” said Scott Williams, WHOA’s Healthcare Specialist/Cloud Visionary. “It adds formality to reality by making our HIPAA-based solution tangible and transparent as we have dedicated ourselves to protect the most critical of all private data – Protected Health Information – for our customers.”

The Threat Observation PlatformTM
A one-of-a-kind tool designed for our Secure Cloud customers providing visibility and transparency into cloud security.

Our Threat Observation PlatformTM allows customers to see exactly what Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention solutions are doing to protect against attacks.

Our real time intuitive platform monitors threat severity, displays the total number of threats blocked, threat origination by IP address, threat type, time of attack, threat severity, and the result of each attack. The Threat Observation PlatformTM dashboard highlights country origin and provides at-a-glance summaries of threat quantities on a per country basis.

Customers are able to generate and download reports at any time for compliance needs. WHOA goes a step further to provide a weekly and monthly Threat Summary in a user-friendly format.

In conversation with Mark Amarant, CEO

Why the name WHOA?
We wanted to build something that was different and unique, and we happened to like the name so I bought the domain name after I sold my last cloud company. I knew it was going to be something great, I didn’t know what or when. I just knew it was a great domain name and needed to have it for the next big thing.

Can you explain the Journey so far in a flash?
Listening to the feedback of the customers is key for WHOA. Some of our customers have mentioned to us that they wanted to have replication in another state, so we started in Miami and we ended up putting a similar infrastructure in Las Vegas, so that customers could have bi-coastal redundancy. We have since added a third location in Ashburn, VA. This allows our customers to operate in multiple data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes.

What are the advantages and challenges of being in this industry?
Biggest challenge in the IT space is that you have to move fast. Technology changes rapidly… what’s new today can be a dinosaur in 12 months. Finding and retaining great employees is a challenge, which is why our company has a generous employee stock option program. When the company grows and increases in value, everyone’s interest is aligned. People and technology go hand-in-hand. This is technology – be nimble, innovate, offer a differentiated product, and own your platform. We have used best in class vendors on our cloud, and in our offerings.

Coming to the advantages, Cybersecurity is a top priority for every business. Every year more and more data needs to be secured, moved, and stored. As a result, customer needs increase each year. Cyber attacks will increase exponentially as more devices join the internet with IoT. Customers recognize how important the Threat Observation PlatformTM can be in protecting their data.

Does customer feedback affect your product offerings?
Our cyber security platform idea was developed when one of our first clients said that he was considering moving to another cloud company, so I pulled a security report and showed that we blocked 84 threats over the last 30 days on his servers. Our customer then told me, this is super secure, why didn’t you show me this sooner?

From that interaction, I realized that by showing the customer real-time threats we were blocking, was a very powerful tool. That was my WHOA moment!

We then proceeded to design a real-time user portal where customers could see all the threats across our nationwide footprint.

The Threat Observation PlatformTM is a huge market differentiator for us, as cybersecurity is included as part of the solution, customers feel very confident and can sleep well at night because of the transparency the WHOA cloud provides.

What is the reason behind your product popularity?
When you’re providing a solution to a customer, it’s always going to be relationship based. I had relationships with previous clients and vendors that have carried over into WHOA. The basis of all sales is trust. Having a proven track record and credibility always helps.

Where do you see the company a few years from now?
I see us growing over 100% per year for the next several years due to the demand in secure cloud services. Based on future demand, we see international locations on the horizon. We will build based on geographic customer demand.

 “We have built a Cyber Secure Cloud Platform to offer our customers full visibility into their WHOA cloud.”