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TASCET: Identity Infrastructure linking the Past, Present and Future


Providing the crucial technology layer needed to bring identity integrity to blockchain and distributed ledgers.’

TASCET is a digital enterprise risk company providing products for uniquely identifying individuals. The company has developed a Super ID™ (its standardized identification product) for every customer, patient, employee or user through its ICONN™ (Identity Confirmation Number) activation process Super ID™, which applies across industries and technologies in traditional and distributed ledger (blockchain) systems. TASCET serves multiple industries including financial, healthcare, government, education, retail, insurance, travel and cyber. Founded in 2005, TASCET is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

TASCET creates and sells tokens that uniquely identify people, enterprises and things. These Super Tokens™ are issued through the company’s digital identification process, which is unchanging across industries and technologies.

It enable individuals to be confirmed in real time, both in-person and remotely. Super IDs do not change, cannot be altered and cannot be used by others. TASCET creates tokens in multiple industries because transactions – whether allowing access to accounts and information, providing services or conducting commerce – create enterprise risk across companies in all sectors.

TASCET has created an Identity Infrastructure™ that is fundamental for commerce to function in a technology driven society. The company created a foundation to accommodate traditional business models dependent on outdated legacy systems that inadvertently support and promote fraud. This national infrastructure prepares businesses and society for technology advances, shifting business models and changing patterns of consumer demands.

Digital Enterprise Risk Management
Now, more than ever, the reliance on documents and information to know customers, patients and employees is creating significant vulnerabilities within organizations. Companies have to sort through who is opening an account, receiving medical care or conducting commerce using data that could easily have been bought, stolen, forged or fabricated, using tools that analyze vast amounts of this data to arrive at the probability of an identity. It’s left the door open to fraud and synthetic identities, complex compliance challenges and threats from data breaches that occur anywhere.

The company’s process precludes the use of synthetic and multiple identities, within a single database and across industry sectors. It’s a breakthrough capability that allows companies to manage risk throughout the enterprise. Businesses in all sectors can leverage distributed ledger technologies without introducing new and greater identity risks, expand innovations in customer service, offer greater conveniences without impacting security, and protect the identity and privacy of consumers.

TASCET’s Identity Infrastructure™ and Super ID™ software provide the crucial technology layer needed to bring identity integrity to blockchain and distributed ledgers.

Private Blockchain Number™
Distributed ledger technology has the potential to change transactions and operating systems in every industry: financial services as well as healthcare, government, education, insurance and commerce. The question is: ‘What about identity?’ There’s a lot of discussion about how to ‘know’ the parties to a transaction in a distributed ledger, but the solutions being proposed are based on the same flawed approaches that have left companies and systems open to fraud, crime and synthetic identities.

Legacy solutions verify and authenticate individuals based on information that is easily stolen, forged, purchased and fabricated. Applying antiquated solutions to this new technology will mean that individuals will be trusted, but not known. A ‘trusted, but not known’ strategy leaves companies using blockchain and permissioned ledgers at risk, facing difficult regulatory and compliance challenges. Concern over security and criminality will continue to mar the promise of distributed ledgers to lower costs and create efficiencies, and ledgers and operating systems built on this technology will become contaminated by synthetic identities.

Through its unique identification process, parties to a transaction are granted a Super Token™ – a Private Blockchain Number (PBN) – that precludes the use of multiple and synthetic identities and enables the real-time confirmation of individuals, without compromising anonymity and privacy. Identities are trusted and known.

PBNs bring legitimacy and confidence to distributed ledger systems. Identity integrity enables the technology to fully achieve its promise to reduce risk, improve efficiency and ultimately provide better customer service.

Super ID: A Personal Firewall for Consumers
Today everything is digital except what is most important: your customers, your patients, and your employees. They are still tied to paper documents and information that is easily stolen and misused. Consumers and your enterprise are left at risk. TASCET created Super ID to change this.

Super IDs are personal firewalls consumers create where they bank, receive healthcare, shop and receive services. They enable you to uniquely identify them to offer greater security, privacy and conveniences, and to protect them from identity fraud.

With Super ID, individuals are confirmed in real-time, in person and remotely using personal computers, smartphones and tablets. Super IDs let your customers, patients and employees engage with your company in the fight against fraud; and they enable you to proactively manage identity-related risks in today’s digital world.

“Everyone wants to verify and authenticate; no one wants–or understands–how to identify. Relying on third party data to identify, authenticate or verify is akin to shooting the arrow then painting the target. It’s a guessing game. It doesn’t work.”

Meet the Master

Larry Aubol, CEO: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TASCET Identity Network, Larry has more than 25 years of executive management and business development experience. He has led the company’s development in all key markets since inception. Larry is responsible for direction, development, equity funding, stockholder relations and managing day-to-day operations.

He specializes in marketing, branding, valuation, acquisitions and strategic direction. Larry is also experienced in charitable giving, estate planning and business exit strategies.